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With a few empty soda bottles and some PVC pipe, you can build a high-performance water bottle rocket. I’ve been a big fan of model rocketry since I built my first Estes Alpha back in third grade. Instead, you can use 2-liter carbonated drink bottles to build an inexpensive, reusable water rocket. Steve LodefinkAn inveterate tinkerer and "broad-spectrum hobbyist," Steve just can't say no to a cool project.
Im going int this competition for water rockets and i really need a goo design, anyone know one? The thrill factor is surprisingly high, and you can fly them all day long for the cost of a little air and water.
At 3, he was already reverse-engineering the peanut butter and jelly sandwich: "I figured out where all of the parts were, found a good tool, and built one.
But flying those one-shot solid-fuel rockets can burn a hole through a young hobbyist’s wallet faster than they burn through the atmosphere, and with today’s larger, high-powered rockets, locating and traveling to a safe and suitable launch site can require substantial planning and effort. It’s the perfect thing for those times when you just want to head down to the local soccer field and shoot off some rockets! A 50" tube will make a launcher that’s a convenient height for most adults to load from a standing position. I've been doing it ever since." He lives in Seattle with his wife and two sons, two cats, five tarantulas, and 24 African cichlids, and thinks that one of life's great pleasures is a really sharp aged cheddar cheese.

The ?" Schedule 40 PVC pipe fits perfectly into the neck of a standard 2-liter soda bottle.Install the O-ring. Mark the O-ring position by fully inserting the launch tube into the type of bottle that you plan to use for your rockets. Rotate the launch tube often while you work to maintain an even depth of cut, and be careful not to go too deep. Insert your bottle’s neck into the release assembly and determine the distance of the bottle’s neck flange from the end of the bottle. Drill three evenly spaced holes through the release collar and release body together, and thread the three eyebolts into these holes. If you won’t be tapping them, drill the holes just undersized, and the bolts will cut through the PVC just fine. The spring should be roughly V-shaped.Make a retainer clip for the spring by drilling two holes in a scrap of ?" pipe. This keeps the spring closed above the bottle’s neck flange, holding the bottle in place.Tie a 15' trigger line to the clip.
The launcher is installed in the field using three stays, each consisting of a 72" length of light nylon cord.
Stake one end of each line to the ground, and clip the other end of each stay to the eyebolts on the launcher.Pressure-test the launcher.
Fill a bottle to the top with water (this way, if the bottle fails this pressure test, it will not explode).

Chute deployment is by the passive “nose cone falls off at apogee” method.Cut 3 or 4 fins from a light, stiff material such as balsa, thin plywood, or Plastruct sheeting. Roughen the surface of the bottle, where the fins will attach, with some sandpaper and then glue the fins to the bottle with epoxy, or a polyurethane adhesive such as PL Premium. When the cement is dry, turn the nose over and epoxy the 2" eyebolt to the inside tip of the nose cone.
It also adds extra mass to the nose section, which will help to pull this section off as the rocket decelerates, exposing the parachute.Make the nose-stop. Cement the rim onto the rocket’s lower “motor” section such that it allows the nose to sit loosely and straight on the rocket. Apply paper reinforcement labels to both sides of the chute, where the shrouds attach, to keep the chute from tearing.
Cut a 4' connecting cord and tie it between the nose cone eyebolt and the parachute-anchoring ring.

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