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According to City of Asheville spokesperson Dawa Hitch, the city offered Burris $18,300 for his .14-acre riverside properties, a purchase that would connect the two parks and let residents walk the existing greenway freely.
In 2012, the county explicitly stated that it will not acquire land for greenways by condemnation. Its not a grudge, his family has owned the land that they have been using since before the park was there, to enjoy the river. Honestly, I thought that Asheville was a city that was supposed to be open and fair minded to all people. Seems to me that the problem isn’t really the particulars of the price, but the methodology of putting up a chain and a rude sign about the fight. If he had just negotiated with the city directly, he would likely have gotten a better price, none of us would know his name, and people wouldn’t be posting angry messages about him on the internet. And really, it is absurd that he’s asking a price so substantially higher than the assessment.
The assessment, offer, and asking prices have been shifting all over the place in this article – Author: can you please at least leave a record (using strikethrough) of when you change it?
Sorry, Orulz–some confusion still over which of the Burris parcels the city made an offer on. I know parents pass a lot of things down to their offspring…but passing a grudge down to the next generation is a new one.

It actually sounds reasonable to me – it was his land long before the parks were created.
Burris has every right to ask whatever he so desires for his property, and the city has every right to offer the amount or not.
The only posts I see on here are from close minded people who only want what they want regardless of how it effects other people who obviously have been part of their community for a long long time. Burris should basically give his land to the City of Asheville — maybe you should volunteer your time and throw a few fundraisers to raise $$$ for the greenway. As an alternative, why not build a trail around the Burris property and bypass the whole situation? From what it seems to me, the city should bring their offer in line with the $225k-$287k offers for other land acquired near Carrier Park.
He's made this city home and has vowed to never stop fighting to keep it as weird & unique as possible.
Burris to obtain an experienced attorney who deals with condemnation in our state, so he can get fair market value for his property.
I do not see it as him being a jackass, and to be honest if the City decided to just take the property from him because its in the middle of a greenway and they do not want to purchase it, then they are thieves. Grow up and realize what you are saying about a man you hardly know and then post something that is not disrespectful.

Then the City can acquire his property in a legal manner and you will not be trespassing on private property. Maybe if they tried to get somewhat closer to his asking price he would not mind taking less.
So to have the City of Asheville say sell it for the pittance they offered is laughable at best when this man has been paying property taxes on his land over the years! Just because you don’t agree with how he is handling the situation does not mean you have to say rude things.
The city should make an offer closer to his asking price, since it’s in the same price range as property they bought nearby. He does have a point though if they paid that much for the EDACO land, I understand him for asking for more money.
The citizens of Asheville are not entitled to have access to the property unless the city owns it.

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