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Place a pipe cleaner on the end of the tissue paper, leaving a little extra to wrap around.
These traditional decorations are great for casual parties and celebrations -- and they make great teacher gifts, too. It doesn’t matter to me whether it is fresh flowers or artificial flowers as this sentimental gift is every girls and woman favorite gift ( besides gems and jewellery!

You could choose gift wrappers, newspapers or magazines to boost the uniqueness of this paper flowersNext, you need a bottle of white glue to stick the flower petals together. When the flowers are dustty, just brush from the dust with feather duster or just blow off the dust.Cost Nothing-You have to fork out money to buy flowers. While Paper Rose Fllowers have the freedom, you make them with left-over materials and recycle papers into beautiful gifts.
You may make as many flowers as you like and cut costs at the same time.Useful for decoration-Both fresh flowers and Paper Rose Flowers are helpful in decoration for any occasion.

Basket flower gifts, decorate flowers in vase on dining table, side table, prayer alter and bedroom.

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