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For those who used to make your own Nike shoes, you should try to design your own KDS shoes. Step 1: First of all, go to Nike official website and click on the CUSTOMIZE button on the top bar. Step 4: Continue to design your shoe for each part of the shoes including quarter, upper, strap, Swoosh, medial Swoosh, dynamic Flywire, lining, lace, midsole, airbag, and outsole.
There are many shoe websites that sells KDS shoes online but they don’t custom build one for you like Nike.
Shoes that tagged with “Customize It” are the models that you can build and order, for example, Nike KDS KD7 iD.
For some KDS shoes like the KD7 iD, you are allow to choose an outsole type among solid, translucent, XDR outdoor, or Multi.
However, there is a chance to customize your own KDS shoes if you want a pair of Kevin Durant Shoes that look different from others. After completing your work, you may try to customize your own Jordan shoes and LeBron James shoes. This is how you can look very different when you walk to the basketball court near to where you live.
It will be ideal to add in a pair of custom Keven Durant shoes to your collection if you already have custom Kobe Bryant shoes and customized Jordan shoes. The sample shoe will change accordingly every time you select a color on each part of the shoes. Nevertheless, the KDS shoe you customize it with your own creativity will look new even in 2017 or 2018.
There are several legitimate online money making sites today that are providing people all over the world with the right platform to do online tasks and earn money from these tasks.

Of all the numerous sites that help make this possible, I particularly I’m interested in Amazon’s Mechanical Turk or MTurk because I think it is by far the best among the rest.
There are literally thousands of tasks all the time on MTurk for workers to complete and get paid for the tasks. Some of these numerous tasks include such simple things as giving opinions, reviewing products, answering questions etc.
The amount of money that you stand to make depends on the amount of work that you are willing to do on the site.The second way to make money online is by writing articles and getting them published on the internet. This is not the first time I am writing about this way of making money online, and I don’t think it would be the last time.
Today we all know that content is king on the internet, and that is the reason why several online writing sites are in constant need of people who would write good and quality articles for them.
It therefore goes without saying that there is constant demand for writers and their content.
If you are interested in writing or have the flair for writing then don’t hesitate in visiting great online writing sites like Hubpages, Triond, and Expertscolumn  among others and start writing for them and you will be amazed by the amount of money you will soon start making online. Who would have ever believed that there would come a time when someone can make money by just expressing their opinions? Well today that is happening – companies are paying people all over the world just to get their opinions via surveys.
Normally these online survey companies pay you money just to take surveys about products and services. My word of advice to you is not to join any survey company that asks money from you before joining. These survey companies normally end up being scam sites.Another great way to make money online is by joining the site JustAnswer and giving advice.

JustAnswer is an online site that pays members to give their expert advice on issues such as health, law, business and so on and so forth.
People in need of answers to their questions register with the site and for a fee, these customers get answers to their questions. You can register there as an expert and start making money by answering people’s questions. For example, if you are a professional such as a nurse or a doctor, you can use JustAnswer as a platform to supplement your monthly income by just answering the pressing questions people have about their health.Join get paid to post forums. Get to paid forums are online forums and social networking sites that pay you a certain amount of money for every post that you make.
Personally I think that joining these sites is one of the easiest and fun ways to make money online.
All you need to start making money on these paid to post forums is your computer and an internet connection and a Paypal or Skrill account. You would also need to have the ability to ask questions and reply to other people’s questions and comments to make money on these forums, which I guess isn’t much of a difficult thing to do.
The more posts you make, the more money you make on paid to post forums.There we are with some of the best easy ways to make money online.
It takes a great deal of hard work, dedication, perseverance and patience to make good money from the internet.

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