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From pop-rock to indie to EDM to a boy band, we salute the country's most promising contemporary music. Today is February 6, which means that it's Waitangi Day, better understood to Yanks as New Zealand Day, celebrating the 174th anniversary of the signing of the country's founding document.
The online extension of Billboard Magazine, is the essential online destination for the music business. Richie McCaw captains the side and is now only one World Cup appearance away from matching England's Justin Leonard on 23 appearances.
The All Blacks remain strong favourites to win the tournament after last weeks win over France in Cardiff. A panel has whittled down more than 10,000 suggestions for the new design of the New Zealand flag.
A Government-appointed panel reviewed 10,292 flag designs suggested by the public, which will be whittled down to four in September.
The selected design then moves into Referendum Two in March 2016 where the public will be able to vote between adopting it or sticking with the current flag. Of the options on the list, just one features a reworked version of the Union Jack, which is present on the current flag. New Zealand is currently one of four sovereign states to still include the Union Jack on its flag: of the others, Fiji and Australia have both debated making changes. Fiji’s Prime Minister Voreqe Bainimarama announced his intention to create a new national flag earlier this year.
In Australia, some commentators have called for the country to follow their Kiwi counterparts by offering up a series of new flag options for the public to vote on.

A panel will select four designs from the 40 to be put to voters in a referendum in March 2016. New Zealand is currently one of four sovereign states to still include the Union Jack on its flag.
The Black Jack design (bottom left) is the only one to feature a reimagined version of the Union Jack. The designs feature a variety of shapes and most notably the fern, which is an iconic emblem of the country. Former textiles worker Valentina Tereshkova became the first woman in space when her spacecraft Vostok VI blasted off for a three-day mission.
It seems as good a reason as any to do some digging into the recent contributions of a country that has often been historically overlooked for its pop music. The new creation will be unveiled on October 11, the 45th anniversary of the country's independence from British rule. New Zealand has not originated too many worldwide superstars on the level of neighboring Australia -- like Kylie Minogue, Olivia Newton-John or the recent surprise breakout Gotye -- or even an easily identified sort of unofficial national anthem on the level of Men At Work's enduring '80s classic "Down Under." Of course, another recent surprise star might end up changing that.
Lorde: The Billboard Cover StoryWhile Lorde is the country's biggest success story at the moment, she's far from all the country has to offer in terms of pop riches.
Here's a look at some of the other artists doing the Other Land Down Under proud in recent years -- some of whom have already made an impact on American shores, and some of whom you might yet be hearing more from in months to come.
The Kids had their biggest pop hit with 2009's boisterous "My House," but have since matured their sound into the polished, diverse synth-pop of 2012's "Modern Love," with the Little-produced groover "Tucan" perhaps being the album's standout cut. The producer has already found a new act to work with in Auckland brother-sister act Broods, whose self-titled EP -- led by the haunting "Bridges" -- follows in the vein of the emotive, minimal, ice-cold pop heard last year from the likes of Banks and Twigs, with a touch of the XX's vocal interplay and the warm synths of CHVRCHES.

They're probably not too likely to become as big as Lorde, but then again, neither was Lorde herself, so keep an eye on the duo in 2014.
Singer-songwriter Ginny Blackmore had a hit in her home country with last year's compelling "Bones," a lover's call-to-passion which sounds like a cross between a Ryan Tedder power ballad and some of JoJo's more recent, adult R&B fare. Blackmore has yet to release her debut album on Epic Records, but seems to have the talent and personality -- as well as the industry connections, having written songs for Christina Aguilera and Adam Lambert -- to find further success, already scraping the Adult Top 40 in the U.S. David DallasNew Zealand is particularly famous worldwide for its contributions to hip-hop, but it does have a number of successful native rappers, of which the Samoan-European David Dallas is one of the biggest of the last few years.
The bluesy "Runnin" gave Dallas his first hit, and its Willie Beaman and Al Pacino references prove "Any Given Sunday" to be an even bigger international touchstone of a movie than previously imagined.
Eden, who came to prominence in the early '10s with the oft-remixed "Sierra Leone," a song so textbook when it comes to the genre's most recognizable hallmarks (whirring, off-kilter bass hook, simple and catchy vocal samples, heavy use of build-ups and drops) that it's no surprise it became a dubstep standard. The duo has since released the "Walking on Air" EP, including further wub-wub-heavy anthems like "Air Walker" and "Chasing," as well as an orchestral version of their signature track.
The Phoenix FoundationThe Phoenix Foundation aren't exactly Top 40 megastars in their home country, but they're a rightfully acclaimed album artist, with their most recent album, 2013's "Fandango," rightly drawing raves (and a spate of New Zealand Music Award nominations) for its expansive and transmutable brand of indie rock. In addition to Mraz, the group shows influences from R&B groups like Boyz II Men, and of course late-'90s American boy bands like 'NSync and Backstreet Boys that the group are barely old enough to have grown up with.

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