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The setting of this magnificent restaurant is a fabulous old Moscow palace that was built in the year 1889 as the personal residence for the Count Altuphev, who was a general of the Russian army during the reign of the Russian Czar, Alexander III.A A As one enters the Great Hall of the palace, he is instantly overwhelmed by the great vaulted ceiling, the massive hand-carved wooden staircase, the gorgeous stain-glassed windows, and the imposing and awe-inspiring chandelier that was bequeathed to this building many years later by the dictator Joseph Stalin.
All of this adds to the opulence and magnificence of this historical place a€” which makes an evening spent in fine dining here nearly overwhelming.A A When guests from the West come to visit, you would enjoy taking them to this restaurant because it is such a unique experience to have dinner in an actual Russian palace.
However, what makes the occasion even more impressive is the level of service provided to each customer.
A client can hardly breathe before an attendant shows up to courteously ask how he can serve you better or provide anything that is needed.A A When dinner finally arrives, it is carried to the table by servers dressed in tuxedos and white gloves. Each plate is covered by a glistening, pure silver dome that conceals the entree until the appropriate moment.
Once all the plates are set in place, the servers stand to the side of each person at the table. All at once, in perfect unison, they lift the pure silver domes from the plates to reveal food that has been meticulously prepared for each diner. He also marries Elizabeth ______ during this time and has at least two, if not three children by the time of his arrival in Virginia. Peter Cline eventually migrated to southwest Virginia and later, across the border into Kentucky, settling on a Creekknown today as Peter's Creek. Hence, these were well-trained, highly refined, cultured,A high-class servants who served with sophistication and finesse.
Think about it a€” why would this level of excellence be expected in a high-class restaurant but not in Goda€™s Kingdom?A As Goda€™s servants, we should be well-trained, highly refined, cultured, and equipped to minister to any need with which we are confronted. There is nothing more important than what we do for the Lord, so God expects us to serve with the best attitude,the finest appearance, and the highest form of service and professionalism we can render in His name.A It must be distressing to God when He sees believers tolerate a standard in the Church that is lower than the one found in the world.
Therefore, shouldna€™t our standard be the highest, the one by which all other standards are measured?
When people come to the Kingdom of God for the first time, shouldna€™t they be shocked to see a higher level of excellence than they have ever beheld before?A As Goda€™s a€?servants,a€? we should set the example of excellence in every sphere.

Here are just a few examples where the worddiakonos in the New Testament lets us know that an excellent attitude and a high level of professionalism was expected by the Early Church leadership. The phrase a€?ministering to the saintsa€? referred to the giving of that offering, but the wordA a€?ministeringa€? is the wordA diakonos.
Paul prepared and served his messages with painstaking care.A The occurrences of the wordA diakonos depicting the ministry and the preaching of the Gospel are numerous throughout the New Testament.
They served Him likeA deacons, or like waiters whose supreme pleasure was knowing they had attended well to the needs of their Master. This clearly means angels have a God-given assignment to a€?servea€? believers with meticulous,A detailed attention. He was so committed to fulfilling the assignment given to Him thatA He was even willing to a€?servea€? to the point of sacrifice. His a€?servicea€? would demandA the highest level of commitment, dedication, attention, and excellence.A Think of it!
However, dona€™t think that a higher position will alleviate your needA to keep serving, for wea€™re all called to serve, regardless of our status, rank, or position.A So keep in mind that God is watching you today.
From the evidence, it appears that Michael established a common law marriage with Nancy Elswick Clevinger and possibly Margaret "Peggy" _____.
Whilethe exact number of wives and children is probablynot accurate and most likely exaggerated, what is important for William Cline Johnson researchers is Michael'sposthumous reputation for having had many relationships that resulted in many children. In fact, God is happyA that I am His representative because my life shows forth an excellent image of who Jesus isA and what He stands for in this world. Can you honestly say that you are serving in your business or church with a high level of excellence, or have you permitted your performance to slip to a mediocre standard that is unacceptable for a child of God?A 2.
1800 in Montgomery County, Virginia, and died April 30, 1892 in Gilbert Creek, Mingo County, West Virginia. HENRY TUCKER3 CLINE (MICHAEL2, PETER1) was born August 18, 1797 in Montgomery County, Virginia, and died 1860 in Pike County, Kentucky.

He married ELIZABETH "BETSY" BAILEY abt 1833, daughter of ARCHIBALD BAILEY and NANCY GODFREY. She married (1) DAVID CHARLES, December 8, 1823, in Pike County, KY, son of GEORGE CHARLES and CHRISTEAN MICHAEL. MARGARET "POLLY" CHARLES, born 1830, Pike County, Kentuckyiii.NANCY CHARLES, born 1828 in Kentucky iv. MICHAEL CLINE, JR (MICHAEL, PETER), was born 1813, Cabell County, VA (Mingo, WV) and died abt.
He married (1) TAZEWELL "TAZZIE" BAILIEY 1838 in Tazewell County, Virginia, daughter of ARCHIBALD BAILEY AND NANCY GODFREY. MOSE CHRISTIAN CLINE (MICHAEL, PETER), was born 1818 probably in Kentucky near the Tug River, and died 1889. Clines land on a branch of (Summs) in a bend ofPeter Creek on the upper side thence at the upper end of an island near theupper end of the Long Bottom also (four) borders a maple and (Sommwood) sideof Peter Creek at the mouth of a small hollow first hollow above the end ofthe long bottom thence running up said creek including all the land I hold,on said creek to each back line up to a certain conditional line made by WmT Cline which is an oak standing at the mouth of the Church Branch thencewith the (???) branch to the back lines of my land on said creek to herduring her natural life and then to her heirs forever2nd I give to my daughter Jane Cline a tract of land on Peters Creekbordered as (???).
To wit beginning (???) conditional line made at the upper(???) above mentioned track (??) running up said creek including all theland I hold on said creek up to a conditional line made by Wm T Cline whichis (posted) on (?? I desire that said personal part ofmy estate be divided equally between my two above named sons Jacob and Pearyto them and their heirs forever.Lastly I do hereby constitute and appoint E. Tiller my lawful executor ofthis my last will and testament as further I appoint said E F Tillerguardian for to take care and charge of my children who are under age saidappointment to take effect at my decease. In witness (whence) I have hereuntoset my hand and affixed my seal this thirtieth day of March A.C.

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