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Inside each Make Your Own Gummies Kit, you’ll find sour mix, colored and flavored Fair Trade sugar, powdered seaweed, dried seaweed, simple instructions, a story about carrageenan, and molding starch to make all kinds of shapes.
First you wash the seaweed and boil it for a few minutes, until the carrageenan is extracted.
We are all used to eating food from plants that grow in the earth – carrots, corn, raspberries… But how about food from plants that grow in the sea? Even if we are not used to collecting and eating whole seaweed, it is there hiding in many things that we eat and use every day – like toothpaste! It’s pretty simple, actually— first, they take some sticks and poke them into the sand on the bottom of the sea, tying nylon fishing lines to each one.

It grows really quickly, and when the plants are big enough to harvest, Divina cuts the seaweed back so that it can grow again. So, with lots of products needing gels, Divina’s family and thousands of other families like hers can make money selling carrageenan. Then you take out the seaweed, mix in the sugar, boil it again, pour it in molds, and add the sour mix. They live near the shore of an island and her father, like most of the people in the area, used to make a living by fishing.
Then, they wade out into the water, pluck some sprigs of a special seaweed plant called Eucheuma cottonii, and tie them to the nylon lines. Most gummy candies are made from gelatin, and lots of other foods have gelatin in them, too.

But nowadays, there are so many people fishing, it’s getting harder and harder to be a fisherman.
But seaweed is also really important because it naturally contains a substance that makes liquids like water and milk get thicker or even become solid.
A fun activity for classrooms, scout troops, birthday parties, home schools, date nights, and more. Just check the ingredient list on your toothpaste, cottage cheese, deodorant, dog food, pudding, even salad dressing or sandwich meat, and see if they have seaweed in them!

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