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Cleaning service companies for private households often dust and polish furniture; sweep, mop, and wax floors.
Building cleaning workers in large office and residential buildings, and more recently in large hotels, often work in teams consisting of workers who specialize in vacuuming, picking up trash, and cleaning restrooms, among other things. With a professionally designed cleaning service business card, you're gaining the upper hand over your competition. As a business owner, you know the importance of maintaining a great reputation with your customers. If you need cards for your staff, please call 858-292-7715 to take advantage of our Card Management services.
Have you ever considered why other business card suppliers can give you free business cards or very cheap business cards? 6 quick and easy actions you can begin today to become massively successful in your carpet cleaning business. So if you’reĀ sitting around wondering when the phone is going to ring, here are 6 things you can do right now to make things happen! Hi this is Kelly with Strong Carpet Cleaning Systems, and today I like to talk to you about some local canvassing marketing and what I like to call the guerrilla grassroots marketing system. The end result of any marketing system, is to make money, and be the only carpet cleaner that comes to mind when your customers are asked “Hey do you know a good carpet cleaner”? So let’s look at 6 quick easy things you can do now to make money and drive local traffic to your business! Gift cards, every door direct mailers, door hangers, add words marketing, a custom letter for Realtors are some of the tools you may need to perform the following strategies.
Number one: A great way to drive business quickly is to talk to somebody who deals with carpets on a daily basis?

My experience is that every time I plan to visit all the Real Estate office in town, I always end up getting a job that day! Number two: Using the same Strong Gift Cards visit all your local carpet installers and offer referral program to them for any business they send your way, such as a $20 referral fee for every job they bring you. Number three: Also using your gift cards equipped with the referral card on the back that you can purchase right here at Strong. Number four: Using your Strong Door Hangers, canvas your top niche neighborhoods also your neighborhoods you plan on launching your every door direct mailers to ensure proper coverage and branding to your top demographic neighborhoods.
Number five: getting on the Internet can take time, especially organically or into the local Google places pages.
Number six: using Strong Carpet Cleaning Systems every door direct mailers, you can target the specific mail carrier routes in your city, that meet the criteria for your target demographics. If you do these six things and put theseĀ marketing assets to work, one thing for sure is you won’t be sitting around just waiting for that phone to ring. Supervisors conduct inspections to ensure that the building is cleaned properly and the team is functioning efficiently.
We offer you high quality business cards and we never share or sell your personal information or the information on your business cards. I want all my customers to be able to answer that question “Yes” I do know a good carpet cleaner! Most carpet cleaning businesses are not doing this and it’s a great way to get a new steady stream of incoming work. Saturday is my favorite day to pass out door hangers, because homeowners tend to be home and available. Call the experts at strong dry carpet cleaning systems today and let us design a custom Google ad words campaign for your business.

Planning and charting all your routes out, by simply online using the United States Post Office website, and reach your target clientele within days.
Online Business Card request forms, Approval Processes, Photo and Completed Card Uploads give you the options you need when ordering cards and automation ensures you get what you ordered.
This area will allow you to continue developing your card by entering your personal information (credentials, phone number, email address, mailing address, etc.). Armed with some of your Strong Gift Cards,and going directly into real estate offices, offering a demo and passing out gift cards to all the Realtors in house, is a great way to drive business and initiate your customer referral plan.
Maid and janitorial services are cleaning inside of people’s homes all day every day, and if given the right incentive such as the $20 referral fee, this can drive a steady stream of clients to you as well.
If you can talk to them in person and offer a demo, you can probably get the job right then!
Google ad words is the fastest way to get online presence until your organic marketing can take effect. The Strong Perpetual Marketing Program is designed specifically to tie all these pieces together, to help you build a money making marketing machine. Most maid services employees tend to make pretty close to minimum wage, so a $20 referral fee basically equals about two hours worth of hard labor for them for simply making the call. General houseworkers also may take clothes and laundry to the cleaners, buy groceries, and perform many other errands.

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