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I know, you want to make a citizen's arrest of anyone whose menu lists Idaho potato baked in it's skin, but you can't.
In a citizen's arrest many steps must be completed properly before restraining a person for their crime.
By notifying the authorities, to see if there are other witnesses besides yourself, and you must be really careful during the process of making an arrest. When a crime is committed, you have the right and responsibility to make a "Citizen's Arrest".

If the answer to any of these is "[hiccup] No," call Popeye and hide behind elderly bystanders.
But keep in mind that you need to witness or have some knowledge of an arrest able crime.How can you take him down you ask? If you can't wrestle up a posse to intimidate the perpeter into submission, you may have to get physical. Distract his attention, and then throw him to the ground on his belly and his arm behind him while applying your knee to the small part of his back.

Your going to expect some grumpiness-felons consider a citizen's arrests a professional embarrassment.

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