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Connected Home Blog - AllconnectSave on home utilities and learn more about moving, smart homes and green energy. We found instructions for making a fireman’s costume — complete with fire truck, an iPod costume , lots of Thomas the Train costumes and even a bulldozer costume!
The Flickr Cool Costumes group has some great examples, including Barbie, Rubik’s Cube, iPods for multiple kids, and a robot. Allconnect can assist with your move to a new home, by offering free mover quotes, an online change of address form, and help transferring your essential home services. Wanting to create a cheap raised garden bed for growing your own fruit and vegetables this spring? Surprisingly, even a small raised garden can end up costing you over $100 after lumber and soil expense.
Step 1:  Create a square with you cinder blocks and if you really want to make this project inexpensive, use cardboard for the bottom. If this if your first time planting a raised garden, you’ll be amazed at the amount of food that you can harvest from such a small area. You can also fill candle wax in glass jars and make patterns with tape on the jar in similar way. Gift DIY coffee mug made with your own hands and heart to your friends, teachers and others during snowy holidays. If you are looking for some gifts for kids then DIY edible Christmas gifts are the best choice.
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See the pictures shown below where colorful paper strips of equal size are used for making paper flowers. Join five paper hangings shown above to make Christmas snowflake for tree decoration or to make roof hangings. This entry was posted on October 30, 2014, in Home Decor, Living and life style, Miscellaneous and tagged Christmas crafts, DIY Christmas. If yes then you can find quick and easy ways for making DIY Christmas decorations and crafts on low budget in this article.
These paper decorations and hangings not only look beautiful but they are proved to be very affordable and cheap. If you are planning for making some creative inexpensive DIY Christmas Gifts for your loved ones then some of my homemade Christmas gifts ideas 2014 will surely inspire you. For making this first candle gift buy red candles and wrap thin scotch tape on the candle to make pattern of your choice. See my post on DIY gift boxes for Christmas to get gift boxes and gift packing ideas for Christmas. I have number of ideas for making DIY Christmas crafts and ornaments out of different and cheap materials for you.
If you are looking for some DIY Christmas tree decoration ornaments then you can make these paper hangings easily at home with colorful papers.
Consider marking your plants with steaks and seed packets or just simply use spoons with permanent marker as we did. I have added some unique ideas for making DIY Christmas gifts at home with things easily available at home and in market.

To make your handmade gift more exciting fill coffee mug with chocolates, marshmallows, fruity beans, dry fruits etc. These Christmas decorations not only decorate your house but you will enjoy making these Christmas decorations as well.
You can also wrap this filled mug or for simple decoration tie a ribbon bow around the mug.
Here are some edible gifts made with chocolates packed to make Santa, angels, reindeer etc.
Handmade gifts require creativity and time for making so DIY gifts are considered more valuable as compare to other gifts.
For tutorial of making these paper flowers visit my previous post on paper flower tutorial. You can also pack chocolates, marshmallows, candies etc to make snowman, ice cream cones , wreaths etc. If you want more paper flower making ideas visit our post on Paper flower tutorial step by step.
So lets see our first section of DIY Christmas crafts and decorations in which paper ornaments are displayed. You can hang these paper ornaments individually or you can join two or more ornaments together to give it different look.

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