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For a personal voicemail you can usually make do with a simple answering machine, but in a business setting, a business voicemail with more complex features is required.
And speaking of greetings, there are several must-dos when you leave your business voicemail greeting. Your normal business voicemail script must contain your name, company or department, your message or status, and schedule when you can be reached again. It is important that you know exactly the content of your business voicemail greeting depending on your availability status. In full on-premises deployments this will require Unified Messaging to be installed, configured and enabled in the Exchange Server topology. However, when your environment or customer makes use of Office 365 for Exchange functionalities as E-mail, Unified Messaging of Office 365 could be leveraged and your Lync or Skype for Business topology will be updated to a true “hybrid” situation! This particular hybrid deployment is nothing new, as it is possible since Lync 2010 already; however, this blog posts reflects the changes and describes the situation as it is of now. For a start, we will log on to the Office 365 Admin Portal, and browse to Admin > Exchange.
Now we’re done at the Office 365 part, we will continue in PowerShell on the Skype for Business server.
Voicemail, you probably have a love-hate relationship with this technology, especially if a caller blocks his or her ID and you don’t know who it is. According to Business Insider, which reported the news, it’s a productivity and generational thing.
From a productivity standpoint, it takes much less time to read an email of a transcribed voicemail message than to listen to the recorded message itself.
From a generational standpoint, older users prefer listening to voicemail, while younger users don’t.
Called iCloud Voicemail, the new service will use Siri to answer your call if you are not able to talk. As the computing power of mobile devices continues to increase and 4G LTE networks finalize their deployments, voice services of all kinds via smartphone are likely to become more and more effective. The new iCloud Voicemail is scheduled to be released in 2016, but don’t get your hopes up yet.
In this comical experiment conducted by deputy technology news editor of the New York Times David F.

Michael Guta is a Staff Writer for Small Business Trends focusing on business systems, gadgets and other small business news.
Cloud Voicemail will presumably function in the same way, sending the raw voicemails to Apple, and Siri will then transcribe them and make them available on your iPhone.
Founded in 2003, Small Business Trends is an award-winning online publication for small business owners, entrepreneurs and the people who interact with them.
Together with hundreds of expert contributors, Small Business Trends brings you the news, advice and resources you need. Because almost everyone have their own voicemail number, whether for personal or business purpose, it is important to maximize its full potential at all times. This will not only save your callers’ time and effort but will also encourage them to effectively leave a message for you or to call you back on the time you specified.
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Then we don’t have to assign this policy to the individual users, as we will explain later on. Make sure the Extension is similar as in Skype for Business or at least unique to other users. OR if you get an error on this stage, it could be because the intended user is not assigned a valid Office365 Plan (E3 or Online Plan 2 or higher, remember?). But, it is a useful tool and companies have been trying to improve how customers use voicemail by bringing it into the 21st century.
The tech giant will be using Siri to transcribe your voicemail messages so you can read instead of listen to them. The recorded message is sent to Apple’s servers and it is converted to text, which will be promptly sent to your iPhone in an email.
The reason for that may be driven by Microsoft’s Cortana, now available in Windows 10, and Google Now.
Google Voice, launched back in 2009, has had a similar service for years now, but the technology has sometimes left much to be desired. That is the company that makes Dragon Naturally Speaking, so I see it being just as good, maybe even better if Apple adds its own technology. However, there’s a big difference between having your personal voicemail number and one for your business- in terms of approach, content and greetings.

You can check out the RingCentral voicemail number, or other voicemail providers for the features and services they offer.
It can inspire or influence callers to leave you better and more useful voice messages that lets you know what to expect when you call them back. This will guide your callers on what exactly they should do or what message they should leave for you. Large providers would usually allow you to customize the package even up to the nitty-gritty, like the attendant or voicemail greetings.
Before you record your business voicemail greeting, it is important that you draft first your voicemail script. For example, your IVR can say, “Press 1 for sales, 2 for support” etc and route their calls to the relevant team with no manual intervention.Call Recordings All your calls, both incoming and outgoing, are recorded and will be available inside your Exotel dashboard. Write down everything that you need to say and rehearse the business voicemail script a few times. Use these recordings to understand exactly how your business functions over your phone system. Especially for training, these recordings are invaluable.Actionable Insights Reporting is a major functionality for building a smarter business. We give you all the key metrics, data of callers, time, type of call and date and optimize your teams efforts and understand your customers behavior. And building this call flow is as simple as dragging and dropping the right commands.CRM Integration You can now access all your call data and call recordings of your customers directly in your CRM. Call for enquiries: +91 8088-919-888About ExotelExotel is one of India's largest cloud telephony companies.
Our aim is to help businesses, both large and small, manage their business phone system via a virtual phone system.

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