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A letter of business proposal is a letter that is sent to someone proposing a business idea. Explain how you will market your business, such as print advertising, social media, or radio spots.
Don’t make inflated claims or false promises, back up any projections with data or reasoned estimates based on observations. I am writing to you with a new business idea I have been developing over the past few years. As requested here is an overview of my business proposal for a Mexican themed restaurant along Rembrandt Blvd. This location has lots of heavy pedestrian foot traffic in the daytime from the neighboring shopping strip to the north, and at nighttime from the bar and nightclub strip to the south. I believe that we can get the best of both worlds, while being the first to offer Mexican food in the area. Due to the high amount of foot traffic I believe the main factor in marketing the restaurant will be the  high quality service.
Please find attached startup costs and monthly sales projections, based on 10% of average daily foot traffic measured over a 3 week period. Whenever a start up business is trying to attract investors or gain a business client they will first send a proposal to the prospective buyer. Secondly can you or readers help us obtain a pattern for the making of said item or contact someone who makes them at a more reasonable cost? I would think that unless you were somehow playing a role in the wedding, it would be more appropriate to wear a suit and collar (no plastic tabbies).
I have read that abito piano is actually not supposed for priests below the rank of honorary prelates but that should priests, regardless, craft abito piano for themselves, it would consist of the cassock and the fascia with the black wool ferraiolo.
I seem to recall that there may also be a distinction in the cut of the garment used by a simple priest or monsignor and those worn by true prelates.
However, they will make it for you in black (or in any other color you desire) upon request. As a former seminarian (who left on good terms and is now a happily married Catholic layman and soon to be father), I will tell you what my friends told me when I was in seminary: Be careful. Also, make sure they aren’t expecting you to sit in choir, if so you would wear a surplice of course with the cassock and no ferriaolo.
A former pastor and now a vocation director, had a complete set of Roman vestments.(fiddleback). Unless the seminarian in question is a tradition-minded order where traditional attire is fostered, I wouldn’t do it. If you merely have one in your closet, and anyone sees it, assume everyone will hear about it. I follow this rule: if the bishop or a prelate is there in pian dress, then I wear the habit. But from my shopping of clerical garments I have not found the pricing to be absurd when compared to men’s clothing of comparable quality. It only seems outrageous if the comparison is made to low-end, off-the-rack American menswear.
Not to be argumentative, but I don’t think your comparisons really catch the reality. To spend the amount of money that a lay person pays for a suit (bespoke or unbespoke) would be to purchase something used only for formal occasions, on the account of the cost of dry cleaning alone! In short, people, if you want your priests to wear a cassock, you might want to offer to buy one and give it as a Christmas gift. For any other clergy who wish to buy one…we gave one to our Rector (yes, in an Episcopal parish) as a Christmas present about three years ago. I have also worn the Ferraiolone along with Casock, biretta, fascia etc, for the conferral of Eighth Grade Graduation Diploma’s. I have just forwarded this post to a good friend who happens to be both a Permanent Deacon and a master tailor. When he left seminary, a classmate of similar height and build gave me a greca, a black watered silk fascia, and a cappa nigra (we were the same height and build). You may think the generation of priests who view soutanes as divisive and clericalist are wrong on that point. When I was a DRE, a first-year priest dressed himself up in pleated alb and violet cope to lead the first grade CCD from the parish school to the church for first confessions.

That said, there is no point in committing vocational suicide by provoking the wrong crackpots. As to things like little girls crying because they think the priest looks like dracula or people giving off their little sneering coughs when the priest brings out the incense, etc. I hear these stories about the awful experiences for people who mistake a seminarian or a deacon for a priest, but I have a hard time seeing the reasoning that follows: namely, that the wearing of the clerical attire is to blame. Who thinks it awful when cadets in military academies wear uniforms, and spiffy ones at that?
Yep, I did describe folks who have their own issues and brought their own prejudices to my clothing.
My brother went to a military academy (The Citadel) and I’ve got a great photo Halloween photo of my dad dressed up in the uniform he found in the attic, balancing a granddaughter on his hip. Also I’m not a tailor, but the cassock looks like a much more difficult thing to make than a suit.
For example, if you had a good business idea, you may consider writing a letter of business proposal and sending it to potential investors to raise money. If you’re asking somebody to invest their money, they will want to know that you have thoroughly researched the market and can present them with facts and figures. What makes your business stand out, why would it be particularly successful in your chosen location? This number is negotiable, but I think that amount would allow us to get started on the right foot.
I therefore propose two distinct target demographics – daytime shoppers who want lunch or larger meals towards the evening, and late night pedestrians going to and from the bars and clubs. The low quality takeouts tend not to do well in the day against the up market restaurants, though those same restaurants close in the evening giving their business to the takeouts. Many people will be willing to try us on such a busy street, but for them to return we need exceptional food. You can make any modification to each part of this to create a proposal for your business. This template has been created to print it out on an A4 paper size. and the seagull logo are registered trademarks of The Apache Software Foundation. A classmate and I will be attending separate weddings and both were asked to wear our cassock.
While you are a major seminarian, you aren’t yet a cleric, and so should forego the cassock and cape, in my humble opinion.
I can’t imagine that seminarians, particularly when they are not tonsured, ought to pretend to use the abito piano of the clergy, however. His mother repaired what was necessary and he looks very different from the other priests (group pictures). I am wearing a cassock at the moment, and I would like to acquire one of these–and then have an occasion to wear it.
An experienced tailor or seamstress would likely spend 8-10 hours constructing such a garment. For example, I can order a custom, made-to-measure cassock from Hansen’s or Barbiconi for between $500 and $1000, depending on trim options, etc.
One known popularly as the Ferraiolo, the garment that wraps around the shoulders somewhat, is technically called the Ferraiolone, according to the Church Visible authored by John Noonan. Thus a pastor, even a simple priest, would wear the wraparound garment in black wool or some other material not watered silk, etc, but other clerics not holding jursidiction would have recourse to the “Ferraiolini”? I have been sewing for many years and I think it would be a great ministry area in which to participate. I still own a soutane, cloth fringed fascia, some clergy collars, and a roman surplice; they are much borrowed by friends come each October.
I can tell you from my experience, though, many of those men are wise, experienced and powerful and it isn’t a good career move to alienate them. I am not kidding: one poor little girl, already over-wrought by having to tell a priest in number and kind of her naughtiness, burst into tears.
It was so much more relaxed hanging out with Trad orders that didn’t make a big deal about his stuff, it seemed so much more healthy and less weirdly self-conscious. Its too bad we have to put up with stupid things like this, but in the present climate you really have to choose which hills you want to die on. And when I was a first-year seminarian, I wasn’t the right person to confront those issues.

More than a decade passed beyond that before I decided Catholicism also wasn’t for me. On top of this, print advertising and flyers will be distributed locally on a monthly budget, with customers prompted to use our social medial profiles for special offers. I know there is the Vatican Bookstore, however, I am curious if there is anything else out there. A lot of them are these days are getting them for after they are ordained or for special wear before hand (if they are going to the March for Life, etc.).
But there is another garment similar to the Ferraiolone that is different and was required to be used by students in Rome at least when the late great Msgr. It would be such a blessing to me to be able to help out the priests the who serve the Lord in so many beautiful and amazing ways. I had people call me father, kiss my hands, ask for blessings, want confessions heard–and then who felt awkward no matter how gently I explained why I was wearing a roman collar.
When we were consoling her we discovered she thought Father Watkins was dressed like Dracula. Eventually when the right people take over, this stuff will hopefully not be an issue any more.
Thankfully, cassoccophobia (soutaniphobia?) is ebbing; they are returning to seminaries and parishes, so it may be that seminarians wearing them to a wedding might be just fine. I wore clerical attire to class every day of Major Seminary, and wore cassock and serplice when appropriate. I never found the occasion to wear any of them, thought them oddities and in the end I gave them to a permanent deacon who did a lot of fundraising events with our Cardinal. On one memory Christmas banquet occasion while wearing my soutane I was given a lengthy, detailed and angry sexual history from a someone who would not be interrupted for the length of time necessary to inform her I was merely a student. I always got the feeling that these people who looked down on traditional garb were just ashamed of how unCatholic they really were and didn’t want all these young whippersnappers showing them up. However, I don’t see that happening anytime soon, Americans are too sloppy in generally anyway. If we kowtow to the various silly or straight up stupid issues people have with what is traditionally Catholic, is it any wonder that we are in the horrid state we are today with matters liturgical?
I think it will be a good thing when we can again have occasions for clergy (and seminarians) to dress to the nines.
This can be used as a guideline to ensure the composition of a good proposal with positive results for your business.
Importantly, even he told me that he had never found the occasion to wear those things, either. Save getting the ferraiolone for another occasion when you want attention drawn to yourself. The people responded favorably (Catholics and non-Catholics) by and large to the cassock or at most didn’t know what to think about it because they never saw it before. The neo-cons that have been taking over from the liberals are not much more friendly to actual traditional expressions of Catholicism. While the seminarian is supposed to wear clerical attire, that is quite different than wearing such formal attire while just attending a wedding. About the only ones who got their britches in a bunch were ossified liberals who had worked so hard to destroy all that they saw as being represented by the cassock et al. The wider garment, the Ferraiolone, was not worn by him at this time even though he was a priest.
Later on when he was named a Prelate of Honor he wore the scarlet Ferraiolone that belonged to his predecessor at the parish Church he was assigned to in Saint Paul along with a black biretta and scarlet pompom. I only said it would be wiser to wear a nice fitted suit and a real collar, not a cheap tabbie! Strictly speaking I am not sure if Prelates of Honor were allowed this after the the simplification of Church Vesture caused by Pope Paul VI.
As to why he wore some of the older garments I believe is due to the fact that the Papal Household actually approved the title Monsignor and Domestic prelate prior to the reform of Pope Paul VI, after the Internationale Consociato Musica Sacris convention held between Milwaukee and Chicago in 1964.
Thus the title supposed to have been given him sometime after the convention in 1964 did not arrive until he was a Pastor in his own right at the great St.

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