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To create the artwork for a jacket, it’s important to work closely with your book printer. For instance, the width of the spine is determined by the bulking of the specific paper used for printing your book. Some printers will supply you with a template from which you can build the document that will become your book jacket. Using this template, you can see how the dimensions your printer gives you will help create your own jacket artwork.
Normally in the development of the book design, the front cover is designed separately, and well before the rest of the jacket. Whether you want to do your own dust jacket or not, if pays to know how they are put together.
Please explain how to make a profit from self-publishing a large format, full color, perfect bound hardcover coffee table style tome when the cost of printing them through websites like Blurb is ridiculously high? The important thing to remember is to allow enough bleed around the design, also on paperbacks most printers add a score front and back about 6mm in from the spine to make the cover open without pulling the spine.
How do i figure the width of a catalog spine once I receive the bulking information from the printer. Why did they even invent book jackets and why not for paperbacks as well as hard covers??????
If you are printing at Lightning Source, I strongly advise using the templates they generate.
Jackets are wrapped onto the cases after the book blocks are bound into them, usually by machine but, in the case of odd or large sizes, sometimes by hand.
Here in the UK we work in mm and offer the same layout sheets for covers, PPC’s and jackets making allowances for the rounding and backing or square back of the case. Moreover, these free software also comes out with few basic templates and theme which can be use instantly to create a photo book without hassle.
In this post, I will share to you how to make photo book by using your very own customized layout and template using Photoshop. Before designing your own layout, it is important to define and set first your canvas size, color mode and image resolution accurately. Since we get this question all the time, we’ve made a detailed video reviewing just how authors should go about setting out their book cover layout. One of the great advantages of our current age of technological advancement is that now, more than ever, more people have access to technologies such as the computer and consequently, the Internet. Authors have to be involved with each process of their book’s publication: from the content, to the editing, to the publishing and distribution. Programs like MS Publisher can be used; but, they will not give you professional results and lack many features. Our blank comic book templates feature 30 page layouts and lots of styled speech bubbles and shapes – making it a great way for kids to make their own comic book for free.

The file you download is a compressed zip file that contains all the resource files, usually in PDF format. Many of the crucial pieces of information you’ll need are only available from the people who will manufacture your book. Even with precise measurements, each printer has their own favorite paper stock, their own bindery equipment, their own cloth or paper covers for cases.
It helps me visualize the various elements of the jacket and verify that the measurements are correct. And if you have any questions about how this works, leave them in the comments and I’ll try to help out. Then you simply multiply the number of physical pages in the book by the ppi to get the spine width. I mean, the covers are already hard enough, so why do they need a jacket, is it just so they can retain their value or look pretty? I also like the downloadable templates you provide on your website and will link to them for publishers who are using metrics-based standards, they are quite good. Nowadays, there are numbers of photo book printing company that provide free software for user to design photo book layout and template using their own creativity and styles.
However, I found that the default photo book layout are quite plain and static for professional photographer and I think is it quite efficient to create our own layout using Photoshop.
This layer will treated as a mask to hide other images which are not necessary and not needed to be shown in the design layout. The cover needs to match the content of your book, but it needs to do so in a way that makes a potential reader want to pick it up and want to purchase your book.
This makes the dissemination and attainment of information so much easier for many people today. When it comes to a book’s final look prior to printing, it is the publisher and typesetter who determine the final layout based on a company’s templates.
Based on the premise that you can't judge a book by it's cover, do you believe the cover even really matters? If your budget is limited when it comes to software, you can use a free open source software like GIMP to help make your cover.Color Management and ImagesTo make sure that the printer can match the colors you see on your monitor, make sure you set the color mode of your cover file CMYK.
But if you pay too much for the books, of course you will price yourself out of the market, that’s just basic business sense. In my experience, the book under the jacket is usually pretty enigmatic as far as cover titles go. In this tutorial, I will design the layout by creating few simple boxes and fill it with white color. If you are not targeting your covers to match your audience you are missing a large part of a potentially huge market. As an author, you should be familiar with the best book layout templates so that you can still play an active part on this part of your book’s journey.

I do know people making a profit on Blurb books, but they have a business model that allows either a very high list price, or they use the books for an ancillary purpose and make their profits off other products. While we’re talking about books, why do a lot of books have two or three blank pages in the beginning and end of the book? Blanks are added at the end of a book to correct the pagination for offset printing, which is done in multiples of 16 pages. Interiors are more likely to be 50-60#, so it is quite a bit heavier, and the coating, necessary for color printing, also gives the jacket stock some extra heft. Take a look at the paper possibilities available in offset printing and you’ll see there are dozens, if not hundreds of choices.
This knowledge could also be very helpful if you are just about to submit your manuscript to prospective publishers. It is the final “selling point” in getting your book out of inventory and into the hands of a consumer and reader.When we are consulting with authors as to what they would like for an image on the cover of their book, I am always astounded that almost none of them have give any thought to what the cover of their book should look like. But a dust jacket needs to take into account the thickness of the boards that make up the case, and the rounded corners of the case. You can produce a full color coffee table book but I would not print it at Blurb if you want to sell them commercially. Blanks at the front of casebound books are usually flyleaves, and not actually a part of the book itself. A manuscript that already gives the impression of a published work can earn you higher points from editors and publishers.Publishing houses would usually not be too strict about templates for submitted manuscripts, but they may always go for a certain look for their published volumes. In almost every case they have absolutely no idea in terms of colors that should be used or any inkling ofwhat the cover could look like.Perhaps in some ways this is good. Any lower will cause your cover to pixelate when printed.Cover BleedWhen any image, color or any content on your cover needs to go to the edge of the cover you need to extend it past the trim (cover) edge. Contests tend to have very strict rules about the templates for the entries that they will receive.
The process insures that the element goes all the way to the cover edge without leaving any white border. Download cover templates here.Making a “print ready” PDFWhen your cover is done, it’s time to make it ready for the printer. Some printers many accept native files, but the only to guarantee that the printer will print exactly what you see on the monitor, is to send them your layout in PDF format.Remember when making your PDF, that all of the cover elements must be made into one single file, that includes the front cover, back cover and spine .

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