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Among over 1000 authors surveyed in the Taleist self-publishing stats earlier this year the 41% who went with a professional book cover designer reported that cover design alone improves your sales by up to 18%.
So I ask you this question: Do you think it’s important to have a well-designed book cover? Authors are intelligent, skilled workers and writing books gives you the mind set you need. A lot of book covers have overcrowding of elements and images and type that are all competing for attention. If it is a character, a symbol, an object – use this as a single image to bring strength to your cover. Again this is where you can reflect on number 2 and look at how others have used font faces on their book covers. Just like your book there are things about your cover you can’t see that others can- and that’s why you need feedback. How to Make Money in Stocks by William O’Neil is a classic investment book that outlines a relatively straightforward methodology you can follow to find stock ideas on your own. That’s because the investing methodology described in How to Make Money in Stocks also has a strong fundamental component. How to Make Money in Stocks does not encourage looking at metrics like Price to Earnings or Price to Book ratio. How to Make Money in Stocks keeps things simple and encourages you to look for companies that are offering new products that improve consumer standard of living. While this approach wasn’t totally compatible with my value investor methodology, there are definitely aspects I could appreciate and integrate into my investing style. This more-quantifiable backdrop that How To Make Money in Stocks provided really helped me understand the nuances of growth and momentum investing.
Don’t get me wrong, How to Make Money in Stocks is a great book for growth investors.
How to Make Money in Stocks is a great book that does an excellent job quantifying some of the growth investing methodologies outlined by Phil Fisher.
This book will go a long way in helping you integrate fundamental and technical analysis, whether you’re a long term investor or a shorter-term swing trader. This entry was posted in Stock Ideas and tagged how to make money in stocks on February 12, 2014 by Jworthy.
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That along with getting professional help with editing and proof reading you can make an extra 34%. Do you see how much a beautiful cover can change not only your sales, but your identity in the publishing world?
As an author with little or no design experience use world’s best practice to set your standard.
Pretending you know what you’re doing when you don’t have a point of reference or something you’re working off means your end product may be way off base and not what you planned.
80% of the time I see a book cover the reason it screams ‘DIY’ or ‘amateur’ is because they have not spent time on the title. I’m not talking “yeah it’s good” or “nah it doesn’t really work.” I’m talking the critical, constructive critique we all need to go through in order to improve our work. The book provides a relatively easy to follow methodology that can help you find big growth stocks. The first 100 pages of the book are simply annotated long-term stock charts. How to Make Money in Stocks does a great job explaining why the featured stock patterns telegraphed huge stock price gains in the companies they represent. The book argues these companies are cheap for a reason, and instead, you should follow the CAN-SLIM methodology of investing. Instead of worrying too much about the value you are paying for, use the long term chart patterns to guide your buying and selling. In a lot of ways, the book reminded me of Philip Fisher’s Common Stocks and Uncommon Profits. I liked knowing the specific things O’Neil has used to have such a successful career over the last 30 years. And every individual investor can learn something from it (even if you are primarily value-focused like me).
I'm a value investor but, I use swing trading techniques to manage my position sizes and risk. Nothing on this website is a recommendation to buy, sell or otherwise interact with any security. You can opt to print the coupons and handwrite the information or type the details on the coupons in Publisher or Word prior to printing. The body of the coupon is in table format with three individual rows serving as lines onto which you can type the details of your coupon gift. I have seen a great boost in the number of authors who are creating their own covers and producing really impressive quality. Go to your local library, go to Goodreads, to Amazon, to forums and look at other book covers.

It’s not limited to only a certain group of people but everyone from the DIY authors to the best book designers in the world must go through feedback in order to get the best result. Do you want to give yourself every chance of making a name for yourself in your publishing field?
It is one of the most important dimensions of your book because it is what attracts your readers in the first place. While the analysis would have been more convincing in real time, How to Make Money in Stocks does isolate a number of important chart patterns that you should be aware of even if you’re a long term investor. Find companies with current and annual earnings growth that are offering innovative new products. O’Neil really breaks down the growth investing into specific CAN-SLIM criteria that you can look for.
For a complete terms of service please see the privacy policy and terms of use. You can create and print custom coupons good for gifts of time and even tangible items at a future date, and the templates provided here will make it easy to do so!
I believe having a professional book cover enables you to grab hold of that power inside you, inside that author self, inside the writer who is on your heroic publishing adventure, and carve out a magnificent Professional Publishing Identity. And when I’m talking type treatment I’m not just talking about the font face, I’m talking about where the font goes and how it works with the image. The beta readers identify the weak points, the plot holes, the characters who need more filling out. It’s okay to feel anxious about criticism because it’s pointing out things that could be improved but your anxiety will be reduced to nothing when you make the changes and know you’ve made the right decisions. My purpose is to encourage the belief self-publishing is professional publishing, and that we create great quality literature for the hordes of readers to gorge on. If you’re going to put a model on your cover then seek out other book covers that have models and look at how they have done it. A lot of book covers, no matter the genre, can work with the classic font faces and don’t need distorted, playful, or dated font faces.
You can find font faces I recommend, depending on your genre and style, here: What font or type faces should I use on my book cover?

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