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Hi Done, thanks so much for referring my Hungry Caterpillar Costume…I’m happy you like it!
My advanced bookbinding class last spring took on the big project of coptic stitch books and so to reward them for all their hard work and patience as I worked out the kinks of teaching a group of people a very tricky stitch, I made everyone in the class these fun little accordion books! Illustrated Octopus Miniature BookThis Octopus Miniature Book is one of my most popular posts - here I've polished up the photos, which show the illustration process of adding color to the octopus drawing. 5 Great How-to Books on BookbindingAre you interested in learning bookbinding, and wondering how you can get started binding your own books?

I’m a little late to the party but just have to say how beautiful your work is:) Love, love, love it! I’m about to start making these as inserts for the placeholders at my wedding reception. That was the printer that did that beautiful writing – I just printed it out before I cut up the strips for the insides of the book. For the front cover, put glue on the sheet facing you and then lay the cover on top like you’re putting together a sandwich, keeping the accordion folded (second photo up from the bottom, on the left).

Make sure there’s no glue sticking the pages of your book together before you tie it and leave it to dry.

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