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Clean email addresses will ensure your customers receive the communications intended for them. Clean email data will give you the confidence that your marketing messages are going to the right customers. Our real time email address validation tool ensures instant verification of email addresses, meaning only accurate email addresses enter your database. By submitting your information you agree for your data to be used for marketing purposes and in accordance with Experian Privacy policy. Today I thought I’d give a little food for thought on the importance of focused action for achieving success. I found this great quote by Jack Canfield, a renowned motivational speaker and author of Chicken Soup for the Soul. Successful people maintain a positive focus in life no matter what is going on around them.
So the question is: what are you going to do right now to take that next step towards building your affiliate business? Whatever it is you’re going to do, you need to be clear about your objective and think about the small steps it takes to get there. The most important thing is that you set a goal and then take the steps necessary to complete the goal.
We can ensure your email data is fit for purpose, ensuring you keep in contact with your customers and prospects. Whether that is a marketing communication or a confirmation of purchase, having the correct email address will help deliver good customer service.

The tool can be implemented onto your web forms, at the point of sale or in a call centre environment. We'll provide you with a free email address health check so you can understand the current state of your data.
If you would like your data not to be used for any marketing purposes please contact us by calling 0800 197 7920. Life throws us many challenges along the way; job loss, relationship breakups, financial stresses, loss of loved ones, raising children, bad news, the list can go on. He writes about how it isn’t just focus, but positive focus that is an essential ingredient to achieving your objectives and finding success.
They stay focused on their past successes rather than their past failures, and on the next action steps they need to take to get them closer to the fulfillment of their goals rather than all the other distractions that life presents to them. That’s perfectly normal and a healthy part of running any business is being able to pivot when necessary. The truth is that within our lifetime we are going to face many challenges so how do we keep a positive outlook in our lives?AcceptanceAccepting what is happening, rather than fighting against can be difficult, but is necessary in maintaining a positive outlook. However, you can’t let the thought that your goals might change later prevent you from implementing your plan today.
Whatever the situation, it IS happening, and fighting against the reality wastes energy and resources that would be better put to use in moving on with your life.Look at your optionsIn a lot of difficult life situations, it’s the lack of feeling we have any options in our lives that leaves us feeling stuck and wanting to just give up. What we fail to see is there are always options on how we choose to react and behave, even when we feel there aren’t. Once we realize this, we recognize that we have some power in our lives and it creates choices for us to make.

Now I am not saying that these choices are always easy, but they are still there for us to choose from.List the positive things that are in your life right nowYou might be saying, there is nothing positive in my life, but you are reading this right now, which means you have eyesight, you can read, you have access to a computer and the internet, and right there are positives that not everybody in this world has. Stop looking at what is lacking and start looking for what is present in your life and build on that. By focusing our thoughts on the positives we allow more of that feeling into our lives and helps us create a positive outlook.SmileWhen we smile it has the power to reduce the discomfort we may feel in a difficult situation, it makes us feel better, helps us to think clearer, attracts smiles from others and generally creates a more positive feeling within us. So even if you feel like your having a bad day, smile and feel the effects of creating a more positive outlook.Mix with positive peopleIf you have ever spent significant time with a negative person you will know what a drain it is on your energy. Positive people make you feel better and help you to stay on track; they are uplifting and fun to be with. Try to reduce the amount of time spent with the people who are a negative influence in your life.Look after your healthThe way we treat our bodies has a significant effect on our health and our state of mind.
Go for a walk, join the gym or take a yoga class, physical exercise releases endorphins and will make you feel more positive.Focus on the nowStop concerning yourself with what may happen in your future.
By focusing on the present we eliminate these concerns and allow ourselves to just be in the moment.
This can benefit you greatly in maintaining your positive outlook on life.It is unrealistic to expect that every moment of everyday you are going to feel positive.

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