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Maintaining healthy relationships with others is essential for you if you want to fill your life with happiness and make every aspect of your life successful. However, developing and maintaining healthy relationships is tougher than it seems, and here are many vital factors that play a role in maintaining a healthy relationship with your friends, family and partner.
The essence of all relationships, love is vital to keep a relationship with another person growing.
This is one of the most essential factors in maintaining important relationships in your life. Respect: If you dona€™t show respect to others, they dona€™t have respect for you, which makes it impossible to sustain a relationship. Accept difference in religion or cultures: The core of any relationship lies in respecting the differences of two people. Make sure your expectations are viable: While entering into any relationship it is essential to discuss and clear the expectations you have from the relationship. Do not be judgmental: Getting into a relationship with someone from a completely different religion, means a lot of understanding and no judgments. Be ready to fight for it: When in an interracial relationship, things do not just happen easily.
Although we have transformed into a new world, still there are people who do not treat an interracial relationship like a normal one. As the Super Bowl ends, getting relationships back on track beginsSince preseason started in 2015 there were teams playing their hearts out trying to be the ones who would be playing in Super Bowl 50.
Easier said than done, so here are five habits that will help you maintain healthy relationships as you explore life together.
I know we always hear about the importance of compromise, but as relationship gurus know, it isn’t always such a great thing. Having a room (or in my case, just a nightstand) that is yours gives you a certain spacial sanctuary–somewhere you can be tidy or messy, you can keep your private things and reserve that space just for you. This one is huge, and is key for maintaining healthy relationships while engaged in cohabitation.
Yoga, meditation, running–whatever it is, don’t stop just because your lover doesn’t do those things.

I’ll right away grab your rss as I can not to find your email subscription hyperlink or e-newsletter service. Photos from Samuel Eto'o's Star Studded Wedding Nigerian Musician OJB Jezreel Has Died Empress Njamah Post Shirtless Picture Of Herself Meet OJB Jezreel's Wife Who Donated Her Kidney To Him Wife of Man Who Cried On His Wedding Day Reveals Shocking New Details Chinese Supermarket In Abuja Explains Why It Banned Nigerian Shoppers Kemi Olunloyo & Actress Dayo Amusa Fight Dirty For Calling Dayo A 'Prostitute' Kim Kardashian Bares All on the Cover of GQ Magazine CBN Floats The Naira; What It Means For You! If you focus on these particular factors, you are more likely to have rewarding relationships. Without love and affection, it is almost impossible to maintain a lasting and meaningful relationship with another. Try to respect their life goals, habits and values, and also try to support them in achieving their life aims and ambitions. Always try to express your feelings of love or anger in a way that doesna€™t hurt othersa€™ feelings and is easy for the other party to understand.
If you practice the quality of forgiveness, you are well on your way to a happy and successful life.
By maintaining healthy relationships, you have a better chance of a happy and eventful life. What people do to you is rarely about you and is almost always about their unresolved past.
Until you realize that a great relationship is created by who you are, you wona€™t have one. When you find yourself focusing on the other person and what they are doing to take away your happiness you know you need to put the focus back on yourself.
To begin with, people like the thought of falling for someone, but, eventually when there arise hurdles in the way, most give up.
The difference in cultures and thinking often leads up to the differences in the relationship. In an interracial it is quite essential to accept and respect the difference in each other’s religion. This often creates a problem, when both are looking for different things from a relationship. At all points one need to open minded to regard the view point of the other person and understand their state of mind.

At some point of life or the other, issues keep cropping which makes it difficult for the couple to keep things under control and at peace. The need is just to keep faith on the love that brought the two of your together and keep sticking to it no matter come whatever may. He is also a versatile writer who has published numerous articles on dating, relationship, marriage and so on.
When we want to do X, and our lover wants to do Y, it’s sometimes better for each to do what they want.
During cohabitation, it’s so important to set boundaries and hold a space for yourself (mentally and physically) that is truly yours. Sharing those duties and doing them together can make cleaning, or whatever the task is, fun. Butting heads and coming into conflict is normal, and it’s healthy to stay true to your opinions.
This will help you respect yourself and also helps you to avoid making the same mistakes again and again. Once your family and people close to you have accepted your decision, there would only be good times ahead. Once each partner knows the role they have to play and how to handle various issues that might arise, sustaining such a relationship does not seem a difficult task. If sharing duties seems to be an issue during cohabitation, craft a clear plan for who does what in a give situation to help keep resentment out of the picture. But what’s equally important is being able to listen, learn and discuss with each other openly.
When you feed yourself and feel like you truly love you then your self esteem will soar and if this is not the right relationship for you will will know because you have so much self love and would not want to be with a person who does not give you as much love as you give yourself. If the relationship is healthy, you will be able to move through it by being present and frank.

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