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I’m sure I must have spent endless hours – or at least it felt like that – in elementary school learning to write in cursive. Now as we fast forward into the 21st century, I keep reading articles suggesting that cursive writing is going the way of the manual typewriter, because frankly, who needs it?  Who writes anymore?
So, many states, including Florida, are considering dropping the subject from their curriculum, what with e-signatures and the coming brave new world of thumbprints or eyeball scans. Besides helping students academically, researchers say handwriting can reveal people’s creativity, passion, anger and happiness, among other traits.
The only way to show personality in a text or email is through a limited selection of emoticons or abbreviations LOL.

So, whether you have good, bad, unreadable or beautiful handwriting, at least you know how.
The first way to help you learn to write in cursive is to look at all the letters in the cursive alphabet and study how each letter is formed. Note: Many of our articles have direct quotes from sources you can cite, within the Wikipedia article! The text of the above Wikipedia article is available under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License.
It wasn’t too long after I mastered printing the alphabet letters, that we had to learn it all over again in something called script (never heard the word cursive then) painstakingly trying to get all the loops and swoops within the specially lined paper.

It felt very grown up to be able to have that free flowing writing where one letter attaches to the next. With computers, texting, iPhones and iPads, writing is hardly necessary, never mind devoting time to learn how to operate the antiquated devices (pen or pencil, that is). And though I didn’t think much about it, it actually defined you – not only because that’s how you wrote your signature, but there are experts who actually do analyze who you are through your handwriting.

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