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Learn Letters - Free software to learn the letters of the alphabetFree: Pre-schoolers learn the shapes and names of the letters of the alphabet playing an educational alphabet game. Children learned their letters by repeatedly tracing and copying strokes, letters, alphabets, pangrams (sentences that contain all the letters of the alphabet), and aphorisms.
That is, use a graphite pencil to rule a piece of paper with sets of double lines for the child to write between. In two competing pamphlets printed within weeks of each other in 1591, the early writing masters William Panke and Peter Bales provide detailed instructions for learning to write the letters of the alphabets in terms of breaks (the individual strokes that make up each letter) and joins (the strokes required to connect letters to each other if one is writing in secretary hand).
This notebook from a barrister riding on the Midland circuit in 1610 includes alphabet practice by a member of the Jeffreys family of Acton, Denbighshire, ca. Thomas Blakesley’s secretary alphabet, copied in 1613, is slightly more practiced than the previous example.
Jeremiah Milles has added his alphabets and practice sentences to the backs of the front and rear covers and the endleaves of William Gouge’s Panoplia tou Theou.
Another alphabet appears in a Folger copy of the 1605 edition of Sir Philip Sidney’s The Countesse of Pembrokes Arcadia (London, 1605) (Folger STC 22543 copy 4), but in this instance it is acting as a key to a rather unsophisticated cipher. For any of you who have taught young children to write, now is the moment to acknowledge how little has changed in handwriting instruction in the past four hundred years (well, except that early modern children had the added challenges of having to learn to cut a quill nib and make iron gall ink). Worksheets from the Zaner-Bloser handwriting program illustrate the order in which the strokes are made and how the letters are joined together, and provide top, bottom, and middle guide lines. I happen to live with a four year old who is just learning to write her name and the alphabet. Heather Wolfe is Curator of Manuscripts at the Folger Shakespeare Library, and teaches early modern English paleography for the Folger Institute and Rare Book School.

Enter your email address to follow this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Uppercase and lowercase letters are available, but the one font available does not match the D’Nealian style of handwriting I use to teach.
For early modern English children, this meant first learning to read the letters of the alphabet (printed in black letter) from a hornbook. He writes it twenty-one times, and his spacing between words grows larger and larger so that he can no longer fit the last word of the sentence (he appears to be writing one word of the sentence at a time, in columnar format). Penmanship in Print: English Copy-Books and their Makers, 1570-1763 (University of Pennsylvania, 2013), provides an account of the battle for authority between these two writing masters'>3 Breaking and joining instruction disappeared from copybooks in the first half of the seventeenth century, but was revived by Edward Cocker in the 1650s. Most surviving examples of  alphabet practice appear on blank spaces in printed and manuscript books and are usually not noted in catalog records.
He practices in a heavily annotated copy of Girolamo Ruscelli’s The secretes of the reuerende Maister Alexis of Piemount. The vvhole-armor of God or The spirituall furniture which God hath prouided to keepe safe euery Christian souldier from all the assaults of Satan.
Click on this and all other images to enlarge.They then learned to write the letters of the alphabet in one or both of the two main handwritten scripts, secretary and italic. He or she can trace them with an inkless quill in the first instance, and then proceed to use ink. If you look closely at the piece of paper, you can see that it is blind-ruled; that is, guidelines have been made with an inkless quill to help him write in a straight line.

Containyng excellente remedies against diuers diseases, woundes, and other accidents, with the manner to make distillations, parfumes, confitures, diynges, colours, fusions and meltynges.
First preached, and now published for the good of all such as well vse itt (Folger STC 12122 copy 2).
The results are one of those moments when the early modern and modern worlds seem to collide. Once the user completes the letter, an animation appears to let the user know they have successfully completed tracing the letter.
For this, they relied on manuscript or printed copybooks or exemplars, usually supplemented by instruction from a writing master at a writing school, a private tutor or family member, or usher in a grammar school. It is possible that the alphabet of minuscule and majuscule secretary letters was copied and spaced so that a younger learner could practice in between the lines. Now Learning about Alphabets ABCD can be fun for your children with the Learn Series - Kids Animation Learn videos.

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