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The ability to type quickly, accurately and without seeing at the keyboard is a huge advantage beside the nature of your work at computer system. Having good typing skills is essential in today’s society where almost everything is computer based and hence requires typing on a keyboard to input texts and messages frequently . To become a good typist you have to memorize the keyboard and create a mental map of the associated fingers. Fast touch typing can save a lot of time at school and colleges when taking notes, writing assignments and chatting with friends online.
In the workplace, people who type quick have a natural edge to get more things done and win the acceptance.
If you likes chatting and communicates forums, typing fast will save you a lot of time and allow you to say more. For journalists, blogger and writers, skilled typing abilities will help you in your day to day job. You have to sit straight with a comfortable height of the chair from where you can see to your monitor.

Once you have placed your two indexes on those keys, the other fingers are placed on the keys next to them. Shortcuts keys help provide an easier and usually quicker method of navigating and using computer applications. This is also true for a range of other typing related jobs such as for data entry operators and LDC. Typing Speed is measured in Words Per Minute (WPM), commonly used in typing test examination and recruitment.
Your end of the palm must be grounded to the end of the keyboard or surface where your keyboard is placed. For example if I say 'E' you have to think move the middle finger up and press 'E' instantly.
In initial few days let there be mistakes in typing but don't look towards keyboard, instead try to remember the keys. While writing content you can easily format the text if you make use of shortcut keys, which will save your further time of formatting the document.

For the purposes of WPM measurement a word is standardized to five characters or keystrokes.
Your fingers go from the base position to the key that you want to press and after pressing the key it backs at base position.
Maximize use of keyboard shortcut's instead of using mouse because when you move your hand form keyboard to mouse and again set's to the right key position consumes much time.
IndiaTyping will show you real time accuracy, speed statics and it never allows you go further without type correct character for your typing speed improvement.

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