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Well if so this article should be able to help you out and have you writing rap songs in no time flat. Since I feel that I have some information that others will greatly benefit from I decided to share it with anyone who was willing to learn. In this article I will go over some pretty easy steps that will help anyone who is serious about learning how to write a rap song.

For example if you are feeling happy and in a party mood you may want to write a song along those lines. If you are writing to a beat a good idea is to really feel out the beat and write your hook to really fit the beat you are using. If you are going to use 2 verses they should be somewhat longer then each of your 3 verses would normally be. Your basic rap song structure usually goes intro, verse, hook, verse, hook, verse and hook.
You really want to make sure that your lyrics make since and that your hook is perfect for the song.

Do not hesitate going over your song several times before you actually sell it or record it yourself.

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