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I had so much fun reading all the answers from last week's "Would You Rather!" Plus I didn't feel like a loser since you all played with me.
Ooooh, after only seeing the first one, I thought for sure I'd pick the second no matter what, but now I don't know! I would rather learn to write so I could make sure it was one of the lovely, curvy styles, like my great grandfather used to write.
I would rather learn to write all over again since this day and age, people don't really write that much anymore anyway.
It is a decision that was met with a great deal of prayer and we feel solid in our decision to homeschool Ella. I have some things set aside for Liam to do while Ella and I work on her phonics and math curriculum. I also have quite a few hands-on learning activities that we will do and incorporate her brother as well.

We used Confessions of a Homeschooler's curriculum last year for Ella and I will use it again alongside her Abeka curriculum.
Although I don't like to do a lot of tracing, I know it is important for Ella to learn to write correctly and write well. I have a few other things lined out for her as far as school goes, such as memory verses, Bible reading, sight word work, pen pal letter writing, etc.
I just hope that I can make it all work while nursing my baby, cooking for my crew, cleaning the home, and laundering our clothes.
I could still express myself verbally atleast, whereas with walking I feel your limitations are much greater. Walking is too necessary and at least with learning to write again we could still type, right?
As much as I looove my loopy handwriting, I think I'd rather learn to write again!Hope your Thanksgiving goes swimmingly!

It’s not the EVENTS in our lives that determine our OUTCOMES, it’s how we choose to RESPOND.
I hope you all have a wonderful day spending it with people you love and filling your bellies with amazing food. Let the holiday dysfunction begin!On a side note: I recently shared by top 10 beauty superfoods over at Yummy Mummy Kitchen, which is one of my favorite foodie blogs!

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