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For better understanding and comprehension and basic writing skills in hindi, it is desired that the individual must have some knowledge of basics of hindi grammar and vocabulary. This section covers tools to improve listening and comprehension skills in hindi and tools and worksheets to learn and practice hindi swar ( vowel ).
Next come the cerbrals because the tongue points up to the head , the dentals where the tongue strikes the upper teeth and the labials where the lips are closed.
Again it is important to know these so that one may not be surprised when reading a magazine.
Note the faint arrow line , the tail of the arrow gives you the direction from which the pen starts.The next figure contains the first two lines of the alphabet .

One of them as in the figure above gives the word for war -yudh.Lets have a look in this rather long lesson at some doubled letters.
Enjoy watching Varnamala Geet Hindi Alphabet Song streaming from your seat through PC and mobile such as android phones.
Purchase this package or opt for any of our membership options for customized ( individual ) plans. The first five letters are the Gutturals all produced from the back of the throat and the next five from CH onwards - the palatals-so called because the tongue strikes the hard palate.Note that a very few Hindi letters can be written in more than one way .
These below are the common and a couple of examples are given.Finally lets check we remember all the half letters.

Finally note the two vertical dots which give an ae sound and mostly used in Sanskrit words eg in the word Prataee as above built up from P then adding a r mark in the foot of the P etc. There are about 10 of these although only KSH , TR ,GY, SHR , and Ri are considered as part of the alphabet .

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