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Start making your most valuable organ your top priority with these five tips to keep your heart healthy for a lifetime.
Clipping is a handy way to collect and organize the most important slides from a presentation. Not only is it the month in which we celebrate love and romance, it’s also American Heart Month. Notonly is it the month in which we celebrate love andromance, it’s also AMERICAN HEART MONTH. Exercise More A 30-MINUTE WALK A DAY, most days of the week will keep your heart in prime pumping shape. Don’t Smoke Smoking or using tobacco is one of the biggest risk factors in developing heart disease.

Stay at a Healthy WeightExtra pounds around your middle can lead to HIGH BLOODPRESSURE, HIGH CHOLESTEROL, and DIABETES -- allconditions that increase your chances of heart disease.HOW DO YOU KNOW IF YOUR WEIGHTIS PUTTING YOU AT RISK?According to the Mayo Clinic, MEN are considered overweight if their waist measures MORE THAN40 INCHES. Get Regular Health ScreeningsIf you have HIGH CHOLESTEROL or HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE, your heartmay be accumulating damage as you read this.
But sadly, many of us give the hearts in our Valentine’s Day cards more thought than we do the hearts in our bodies. Butsadly, many of us give the hearts in our Valentine’s Daycards more thought than we do the hearts in our bodies. If this number seems daunting, start small: TWO 15-MINUTE BRISK WALKS A DAY will bring you up to the correct total. According to the CDC, SMOKING INCREASES YOUR RISK OF STROKE AND HEART DISEASE BY UP TO 4 TIMES. If you don’t know whether youhave these conditions, the damage can occur without you having any idea.WORK WITH YOUR DOCTOR TO GET A HANDLE ON YOURHEART HEALTH AND TO LOWER POTENTIAL RISK FACTORS.

According to the AMERICAN HEART ASSOCIATION, all regular heart health screening tests for those with HIGH CHOLESTEROL or HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE should begin as early as AGE 20, except BLOOD GLUCOSE MEASUREMENTS, which should begin at AGE 45. However, if you quit by AGE 64, you can get 4 YEARS BACK, and by AGE 54, you can get 6 YEARS BACK. RED WINE WILL KILL YOU!Each week, it seems like the media and internet sites reportcontradicting advice on what to eat to keep your heart healthy.STOP WATCHING THE HEADLINES AND START FOLLOWING SIMPLE GUIDELINES The AMERICAN HEART ASSOCIATION suggests eating a variety of nutritious foods such as VEGETABLES, FRUITS, UNREFINED WHOLE GRAINS, AND FISH, and cutting back on NUTRIENT-POOR FOODS HIGH IN FAT, CHOLESTEROL AND SALT.

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