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The liver is a multifunctional organ that plays a role in digestion, blood sugar control, blood clotting factors for healing, making amino acids, increasing red blood cell growth, fat and cholesterol transport and the removal of waste, especially toxic exposures and the metabolization of medications into their active ingredients. Acute liver failure may be life threatening and at one time it was deemed non reversible; however, stem cell regeneration has proven most effective. The liver is a regenerative organ, but it is limited in this ability depending on the energy reserve needed to heal and the host of responsibilities that must be attended to daily regardless of this central organ's ability to keep up the pace. Reinforcing therapies can transfer us from a condition of day-to-day survival to ones in which we feel a better quality of life.
Although the liver can be recovered, there are no warning signs it is failing until it is too late. Although dozens of patients with acute liver failure have received hepatocyte transplants from cadaveric donors, with some improvement in liver function, the effects were short lived and there was no overall survival benefit. As far back as 2000, researchers showed that hepatocytes could grow in the body on non-liver cell sources.
Mesenchymal stem cells are found throughout the adult body in tissues such as bone, muscle, cartilage and fat.
Mesenchymal stem cells are among the most 'multipotent' stem cells that remain in our bodies after birth.
Many trials have shown that patients with liver cirrhosis have benefitted from autologous adipose tissue derived mesenchymal stem cells.
Small quantity of fat tissue is needed (that is why after activation process the stem cells can be at once injected to patient without necessity of growing them on substances. In Swiss Medica Clinic we deliver treatment with proven results supported by the assistance of highly qualified professionals who realize the importance of personalized care, quality and confidence and that leads to top standards of treatment.
Swiss Medica Clinic is an excellent centre that offers patients the most innovative therapies.

For me, since I got back after my 2 weeks of having my treatment, within 2 days of being home speaking to friends and family around the world, they all noticed the difference in my speaking, cognitively and I was able to listen and integrate with conversations with my family at home. It`s unbelievable how our life has changed since we had stem cell treatment it`s been nine months.
I don't think that anyone could fail to be impressed by the level of service and treatments and expertise everyone seems to have here, and, obviously, having medical treatment is not something that people want to have, but at the same time it's been as enjoyable as it could be to do that.
He asked another Pfizer chemist, Willard Welch, to synthesize some previously unexplored tametraline derivatives. Welch then prepared stereoisomers of this compound, which were tested in vivo by animal behavioral scientist Albert Weissman. When a serious damage occurs, the liver loses the ability to repair itself which becomes a life-threatening condition. These cells have an average lifespan of 150 days, which means that the liver is constantly renewing itself under normal conditions. Associated complications include increased risk of bleeding and infection, malnutrition and weight loss, decreased cognitive function over time and an increased risk of cancer.
Once the line is crossed between the chronic liver disease and the final stage or liver failure, there are fewer options. The major challenges with this approach a€“ shortage of cadaveric donors and immune suppression of patients a€“ are essentially the same as for whole organ transplants. We have proven results reversing the effects of hepatitis, cirrhosis and liver damage due to chemo and other drug therapies. In principle in our medical centres we use the unique technology of application of autologous photo activated stem cells previously extracted from fat cells using mini liposuction. We use advanced technology to activate dormant cells (adipose mesenchymal stem cells) to differentiate into the cells we need, and then they replace the damaged cells.

It is the only organ in the body that can easily replace damaged cells, but if enough cells are lost, the liver may not be able to meet the needs of the body that leads to liver failure.
Up to now, there is no "liver dialysis" that can rehabilitate liver function in the way that kidney failure is treated. Today, autologous (from the patient) adipose tissue stem cells are the only stem cells that have been used clinically for treating liver disease.
Arch Gen Psychiatry -- Early Coadministration of Clonazepam With Sertraline for Panic Disorder, July 2001, Goddard et al. Transplantation is currently the only effective treatment for liver failure, but it has many drawbacks, including the risk of rejection, risks associated with surgery, and a shortage of donors. The major advantage with using these cells is that because they come from the patient, there is no risk of rejection when they are transplanted back. It is estimated that for every donor organ there are 30 patients on a waiting list, and many people die from end-stage liver disease waiting for a donor organ. The stem cells are transdifferentiating into hepatocytes as as well as producing soluble factors that promote regeneration and repair.
There is also the possibility that the stem cells may be fusing with resident hepatocytes to direct their regeneration.

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