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Now I know the thought of chemically altering the hair in any way always presents some form of a risk (and I’ve learned this the hard way). Getting back to the topic, now although demi-permanent colors can get a little deeper, they still do not have any lifting properties. Now that we’ve gotten all of the science out of the way, which one is actually worth your while and the risk? The only reason I don’t like permanent color is because, well, it’s permanent; however, even though it’s ride or die, the color still didn’t negatively affect my hair health. I could simply say that hair bleach is a weapon of the healthy hair enemy and leave it at that…but I’ll elaborate.
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I forgot to add that the writer looks stunning in the pictures used in this article and I love the three different hair colours that she has on( in the pictures ). I bleached my hair for the first time, using a box kit to lighten the top of my hair on whim. Apparently, honey has some hair lightening properties because of the natural hydrogen peroxide found in honey.
I went from having orange, red, blonde,black and brown and my hair has not been damaged by bleach. One of the things I get asked about more than anything else is my hair and some of the most popular articles I've ever written are about it too. Maybe not, but I got so many questions when I posted about my new pink-blue do, that I figured I'd do a quick Q&A on the blog.
The cost will vary depending on where you are based, the products used, the length of your hair and the expertise of your stylist. I love the idea of having colourful hair but am holding off because I don't want to destroy my locks with bleach.
My hair is naturally very, very dark brown (see!) and it taken a long time to get it light enough to hold the colour that it does.
I think a lot of people think you can just bleach the shit out of your hair and then go back to using you supermarket shampoo and all will be fine. I love the idea of having rainbow hair but I can't be bothered faffing around with dying it every few weeks. I used to but since discovering oVertone I NEVER HAVE TO DYE MY HAIR between root touch-ups!
Your hair looks so shiny, whereas most vibrant crayon coloured hair looks dull, what is your secret? This may be a mass generalisation, but I think a lot of people who dye their hair bright colours, simply don't invest in the products needed to keep the hair healthy and shiny.
I'm no expert, but I'd imagine the reason the dye isn't sticking is because you're not getting your roots light enough, you're not leaving the colour on long enough, or your hair simply doesn't agree with that brand.
In the past I've used and loved Stargazer (the pink I used to use was baby pink and I like their coral and azure blues), Crazy Colour, Special Effects, Rusk and Adore. I hope you've found this helpful and if you still have questions, feel free to pop them in the comments and I'll try my best to help you too.
Download these apps that help you save money on gas, car repairs and more, and pave the way to a cheaper ride. See all the versatile ways you can use vinegar to clean around the house, from freshening up coffee cups to loosening a rusty screw. There are four types of hair dyes: temporary, semi-permanent, demi-permanent, and permanent.
Semi-Permanent Color: This type of color is a little step up from temporary in that it actually does penetrate the cuticle…this is called depositing. Demi-Permanent Color: The only difference between demi permanent colors and semi is the size of the molecule.
So you still can’t lighten your hair with it, but you can enjoy whatever color you have for a significantly longer time. However, it’s a pain to have to reapply every couple weeks and even worse clean the dye out of the tub or sink!
In fact, it would be great for me if I tended to switch hair color rather frequently (yearly is frequent in my book)…but I’d rather not recolor every couple months…nor am I trying to dish out my hard earned money every couple months at the salon either. It was still rather gentle on the hair and just by the time I was getting tired of it, it would begin to fade.

Not only does it strip color from the hair, but it strips out moisture and loosens the curl pattern.
Personally, I would recommend the demi-permanent color option over all of the others, but of course, it is completely subjective.
I have already owned up to the things I can and cannot do regarding my beauty maintenance and coloring hair is one of them.
For a 100% temporary solution, try Maybelline Color Tattoo in Bold Gold or Bad to the Bronze.
Yes, bleach can loosen the curl pattern and strip moisture, but as someone who has bleached kinky-curly hair nothing has changed about my hair at all. I also plan to color my hair like 6 months in advance so that I know to start adding protein to my deep conditioners and I’ll start adding more moisture than normal.
I have bleached kinky curly hair, and my hair has grown as healthy and strong as any other natural with colored treated hair. Unnaturally coloured dyes such as blue, purple, green, pink etc only show up on light bases so the blonder you can get your hair before you add colour, the brighter the result will be.
When it comes to putting bleach on your hair I would always recommend going to a professional. It is a 3-step salon product meaning you need to go to a hairdressers that carries it to have it done. The treatment on hair my length is ?50 on top of the usual cost of having it dyed, and a 100ml bottle of the Step 3 (which you use regularly at home) is ?37. For shampoo I use Redken Extreme and for conditioner I rotate between Redken Extreme Strength Builder and Moroccanoil Intense Hydrating Mask. It's a colour-depositing conditioner that comes in a range of unnatural colours (red, blue, teal, pink, purple, orange, yellow, green, silver) that are made to fight the fade. It's only sold via their own website and they're based in the States so if you're in the UK it it costs around $25 to get it shipped over and you sometimes get stung with customs charges BUT for me, its 100% worth it. However if I have to style it, I leave it until it's almost dry and then give it a quick blast of the hairdryer and a speedy once-over with my straighteners (on the lowest setting) at the end.
I've tried plenty of different colour brands, some of them work super well on my hair, others don't really stick at all, no matter how long I leave them.
However there are so many brands available these days and part of the fun is experimenting, mixing and finding the ones you love the most! These restaurants, retailers and more offer special discounts and freebies on your birthday. On the other hand, there are many of us who actually prefer to experiment with our natural hair. Outside of those dyes, there is another product that will change your hair color which is simply called “hair bleach”. All semi-permanent colors will require a developer that helps to raise the cuticle so that the color can be deposited just underneath it. These colors have a smaller molecule than semi-permanent colors and for this reason, demi-permanent colors are actually able to penetrate all the way to the cortex of the hair.
If these were relationships, temporary color would be the boo that only your best friend knows and permanent would be your husband. I probably got my dyes done twice a year with demi-permanent color, which is perfect for me.
And oh…go ahead and employ a licensed cosmetologist to assist you in whatever hair color goal you may have. I love my natural black hair color but i want to dye the ends of my natural hair blonde just to enjoy the look. Then when I finally do color my hair, I always add a protein treatment after coloring, and every month after a shampoo. I deep condition my hair one to two times a month and be sure to keep it moisturized daily, and my mane is fine.
Elbie is at the top of her game, specialises in unnaturally coloured hair and is based in London, so the price I pay reflects that. If your hair is light brown, some colour MAY take, but you certainly won't get the vibrant results you want.
When your stylist uses it with bleach, it not only enables you to get your hair lighter in way less time, but it also protects it from the bleach's damaging effects and repairs past damage.
I also use Redken One United and Hask Placenta (which are both leave in conditioners) on my hair when its wet and a heat protector spray before I blow dry.

I bleached it myself for years and ravaged the fuck out of it, plus I only ever used cheap shampoo and conditioner.
If your hair is in a really bad state, you should avoid heat at all costs, however if, like mine, its in pretty good condition then using heat on it occasionally isn't a big deal. Take my advice about going to a pro to get your roots bleached and then experiment with different colour brands!
You'll have to bleach it out sloooowly, over a number of different sessions to get it light again. Let me say this, hair bleach is not to be confused with color, because it is actually colorless. This color is only used to mask or cover a pre-existing color and it does this by merely coating the hair cuticle. The ammonia is there to lift the cuticle of the hair and activate the bleaching properties in the peroxide so that any color is lifted out of the cortex of the hair. It wasn’t until I let my completely natural hair grow out that I realized that, in fact, my hair was different.
You may also need to bleach it slowly over time to get it light enough (in order to keep it healthy) before you can get it to the colour you're hoping for. It is truly AMAZING and since using it, my hair is in almost as good condition as it was before bleach came anywhere near my head.
The instant Elbie used Olaplex on my hair it felt softer, smoother and unbelievably silky - and it's stayed like that ever since. So don’t waste your money purchasing Bad Gal Blonde in semi-permanent form when your hair is that of a 1B. Permanent colors, in conjunction with a developer,  are designed to penetrate the through the cuticle and cortex, bond with hydrogen peroxide to produce larger tint molecules, and permanently change the color of the hair from the inside out. Typically once the color is lifted to the desired level, the colorist may opt to leave it as is or deposit another color back into the hair. Now it is a quick way to change your look and give you something drastic and fabulous…however it is not worth it. Now, from what I read in the article; only bleach and permanent hair dyes can lighten black hair and for me, bleach is out of the question.
So now that we know the proper names, how do these differ from one another and which way is the best way to go to maintain healthy hair? Because of these properties, permanent colors have the strength not only to deposit color to the hair but also lighten in depending on the level of the developer used. You will hear women say that their hair is fine and completely healthy after bleaching, and they can feel that way…but that process is stressful on the hair and can cause alterations that you didn’t desire, whether you notice it or not. 3 in between going to your stylist to have your roots done, there's no reason your hair shouldn't stay happy and healthy forever!
You most likely won’t be able to see it in a filterless pic, but maybe hit it with the “Valencia” or “Rise” filters and you’re good to go!
Needless to say, permanent color is there to stay unless you color over it, lift it, or grow it out. Now of all the color altering options for hair, bleach would be the strongest out of any of them and must be used carefully and in moderation.
That is why I’m currently growing out a permanent color as opposed to getting it lifted out with bleach. Does anyone know if there is any other way that I can lighten my natural hair or dye it blonde temporarily?
I just made sure I deep conditioned my hair before getting it colored and after every root touch up which I stretch out to every 3 months.
Any who, because of its characteristics, temporary hair color will likely rinse out during your next two or three shampoos…and it can get messy.
These types of colors typically have a life span of about six to eight weeks and will wash out gradually.
SO if bleaching affects the moisture in the hair and makes the hair MORE suseptible to dryness and breakage…would it NOT be damage to a certain extent?

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