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Take a look at the tricks below with which you can revitalize your hair and make it vibrant and glistening. Hair conditioners make your hair smooth and helps you to untangle it without cutting the ends. It would be perfect if you style your hair without using any heat on it like flat or curling irons, blow dries and so on.
There are women who prefer their hair to be put in a ponytail or in a knot but never put down. When you trim your hair regularly you not only let your hair grow faster and healthier but you also get rid of the split ends.
Your hair can be easily damaged if you don’t take care of it properly no matter the season.
Using always hair masks will nourish your hair the effect of which will be healthy and silky hair.
If you’re ready for a change and a new hair color is what you’re after then go for it! However, if you do choose to take the route of dying your hair let’s say a light blonde color consult a professional. Black hair is already lacking in the moisture department, so you’ll want to make sure you are even more consistent with keeping it moisturized when you decide to color treat your hair.
Regardless of whether you decide to color treat your hair or not, protective styling should be implemented into your regimen, and after dying hair it’s especially important. When you do a retouch to avoid over processing your hair focus your concentration on your roots. Try to extend the time that you go between applying your touch ups to give your hair a much needed break from the chemicals in the dye. Most of us have dry, brittle, hard hair and this guide will make your hair woes a thing of the past. DISCLAIMER: All background wallpapers found here are believed to be in the "public domain". Fast forward four years later and here I’m sitting with locs that look great on the outside but are clearly suffering from some initial abuse. In an experiment gone wrong, I allowed my cousin who was in cosmetology school at the time bleach and color a few of my locs in their early stages. I went to loc rehab and I’m finally taking the time to study what my hair needs, how to manage it and how to get it to glow.
My new routine consists of weekly deep moisturizing conditioners, sometimes with steam and washing only with Eden BodyWorks Jojoba Conditioner. I’ve also limited styling my hair to give it a chance to breathe without being manipulated. I don't have Locs but I do know a thing or two about not taking care of my hair properly. Your hair is beautiful!!I had locs for like 15 years and just took them out in November 2010.I can definitely cosign with the not moisturizing and self-coloring points.
Tips:1)I have locs and I dont suggest going more than a month without washing your scalp, especially if you are used to washing once a week. So glad to see this, im 3 months into locing after being natural for 3 years, and im paranoid about all of this!
I never forget when I cut my locs off, and all the debris that was in them was unbelievable. Start using more natural hair products and avoid any heat on it because you are unknowingly damaging your hair that way. Don’t buy and use brushes with metal bristels just because they will damage your hair, as well as the scalp. Different factors like wind, sun can very badly affect the health of your hair that is why you need to use vitamins, minerals, as well as sun protection products so that to protect your hair in the winter and in the summer.

You can have healthy color treated natural hair, you just have to take precautions to prevent dryness and breakage.
If you already have hair that is fragile and is prone to dryness, you will want to keep your hair protectively styled the majority of the time. Once you have completely covering your roots you can then smooth the dye throughout the rest of your hair. I have had my hair colored for over ten years and I like to look for some good hair colors on this page.
I skipped the beeswax, opted for a cream and washed my hair after 3 months of scratching away dandruff and funk.
While my locs are not a complete disaster I certainly regret not listening to the professionals. I never oiled my scalp and out side of tossing on some Jane Carter Nourish and Shine moisturizer, my locs were ashy and brittle.
When my locs started to thin towards the bottom of the loc I began tying them in knots to keep the length. Olive oil and water are my go-to moisturizers and I have faithfully been rocking that satin scar folks.
My hair broke off because I did not use a heat protectant I wanted to do my hair on my own because I was grown but hard headed. I don't think I would ever loc my hair again because, even with my meticulous hair regimen (which was even more involved than this), there was still so much shed hair and lint compacted into the locs itself.
I too colored my hair myself and it was a mess, the locs thinned, dried out and just looked a mess. I'm new to the loc game (9 months in) and I REALLY WISH there were more loc posts here. I started my loc journey in jan 2008, so now they're past my shoulders and growing strong. I have had my Sisterlocks for the past 12 years and didn't follow the instructions and insisted on putting every product on my locs and scalp. You list a few in the article, but I would like to collect as many brands and names as possible.
I could not imagine that I was walking around with locs that where coils of hair intertwined and in them was a build up of so much dirt, lint and old dead hair. Iv scrubbed my scalp and oiled my scalp but still i feel like i could get a good scrubbing unfortunately my locs will unravel if i do so kindly advice. The healthy and vibrant hair can boost a woman’s self-esteem and make her feel attractive and irresistible. There is a variety of hair-care products and brands which give us the impression that shampoons from a certain brand are almost the same except for the their smell. If can’t do that you can at least think of selecting a heat setting that will not damage your hair. When it comes to the hair bands they shouldn’t be very tight so that to avoid breakage.
Not only does this help protect your hair from damage but they can get the hair color to complement your skin tone better by mixing the colors to find the right blend for you. Click image to get bigger picture, and if you find Silica Long Hair Community interesting, you might pin it to Pinterest. Okay, I admit, maybe one night out of the week I hit the bed sans protection (hair protection that is). I gave in to my hair and BIG chop my bra strap length DAMAGE curls (sometimes I miss the length) so I could restart on a fresh new slate. My mother never let me get a perm I was always natural curly majority of the time pressed on ocassion. I color them myself-I've always colored my hair myself, even when I rocked the creamy crack.

Later with the help of the internet and the FB page, I have learned a lot about the maintenance of Sisterlocks and always receive compliments on how healthy and shiny they look. I am planning on locing my hair by the end of the year and one of my top concerns is pleasant smelling products.
It would be far way better if you buy either a wooden brush with natural boar bristles, or such with plastic bristles. Deep condition your hair frequently; if you can try to aim for every time you wash your hair.
If you just recently dyed your hair and it’s exposed to cold winter air it has the potential to easily become brittle. Thanks to Youtube natural videos and sites like Curlynikki my curls were saved and my hair is growing with shine, thickness, softness, and strength! 3)If you have issues retaining moisture dont shy away from water spritzes and if you must use a conditioner, dilute it to cut down on buildup. Locs can be lovely, but they do not represent true hair growth or hair health - but unlocked, long, thick, abundant natural hair does!
I always used virgin Olive Oil mixed with essential oils, washed my hair weekly, they were never dry or smelled.
It is, of course, highly recommended to change your shampoon regularly so that to see which one is the most effective one on your hair.
Blow out your hair only on a cool setting which is very important for having glistening hair.
Brush your hair twice a day – in the morning and in the evening but never use it on wet hair. Aim for protective styles at least 80% of the time as this will help you retain more moisture and prevent both split ends and breakage.
The color was great and I felt like a new woman but if my hair could talk it probably would have screamed in agony. I'm either at the beach or the pool, I also work out daily as such need to wash my hair frequently. So over the last few months, my hair has grown like crazy, its thick and shiny and I love it.
My hair was always well kept and shiney, I stayed away from waxey products that can build up in the hair.
Wash your hair regularly, skip 2-3 days between washings and do not overwash it because it will lose its vibrancy and beauty.
As my locs began to form I would slowly trim off the ends until all of the added hair was finally gone.
I did it again by myself and though I loved the texture the addition of color to my already dry hair wreaked havoc on my hair’s overall health. None the less when I made the big chop, there was a build up within the locs that I was not happy about. I began watching YouTube to find out ways to wear my natural curls or at least style and manage them.
I found a regiem that helped me protein treatments, prepoos (evoo or evco) moisture treatments, leave ins, stying products and oils above to seal or carols daughter Mimosa hair honey my favorite. I don't prefer locs anymore, but when I had them for eight years it was quite a journey of love, learning and maintaining. I learned that I can wash my hair once every week or two now before I wanted to keep it straight for a month gross to some.

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