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It is a little known fact - poor oral health affects more than just your mouth; it affects every area of your body also! Support admin and quality maintenance supervisor to ensure submitted posts, blogs, photos, and listings maintain site standards for professional and high quality content, and don't contain any content in violation of our terms of use or privacy standards. So Many People Spend Their Health Gaining Wealth, and Then Have To Spend Their Wealth To Regain Their Health, By A.J. We are a few short weeks away from completing this breakthrough website and getting all services ready. For every molecule of hydrochloric acid the stomach produces, 1 sodium bicarbonate molecule (alkaline buffer) is produced also. As we become older, some of us will lose the ability to produce hydrochloric acid in the stomach.  In those instances, alkaline liquid (NaOH) will go in the intestine and will be sucked into the blood. What is depreciating, as we age, is the alkaline buffer.  To maintain this alkaline–acid balance in the blood, then we must recharge alkaline buffer, in the blood. With the birth of the Internet, plus the ever growing popularity of Facebook, Twitter, blogs, and social media, the world is more a global village than ever before.

The plus for budding entrepreneurs like yourself, is that Enagic® is a business perfectly put together to take full advantage of this new and exciting 21st Century World! It is the water of choice for eco green-friendly buyers who also want to save money, on an ever decreasing household budget, (seeing as how using an Enagic® machine to produce a continual flow of our revitalizing Kangen Water® is a far more affordable option than buying bottled water!). Our business model is predominantly built on word of mouth and the power of establishing a strong and coherent distributor network – which are the perfect associates of modern social media!  Imagine the enormous possibilities: using social media and the Internet to propel a fast-growing, ground-level, grassroots business like Enagic®! With Enagic®, you join a modern company, at the leading edge of technology, thrusting forward at the speed of light. Do you want crisp, refreshing, great-tasting alkaline water that is far healthier for you and your family than any other water machine on the market… but you’re finances are on a tight budget?
It’s called the DXII, and it delivers great power for a great price, providing you with fantastic performance and value. With the DXII, you receive all the health benefits of drinking pure, ionized alkaline water. It alsoh has a complete auto-cleaning system, an electrolysis enhancer, a water filter that will remove 95% + of the chlorine in your water, and a fantastic 3year warranty.

Oral disease itself is a pain, causing tooth loss and chronic bad breath, affecting people of all ages.
The relationship is reciprocal, people with diabetes are more at risk for gum diseases, and gum diseases in turn, aggravate diabetes. Add a purpose to live far healthier lives, in a more eco-friendly way and you have the start of  a new and exciting world! Plus, you have all the other benefits of being your own boss and in charge of you and your family’s own future. You and your family  can still gain from the enormous health benefits of alkaline water in your own home, all thanks to the  power of the Enagic® DXII.

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