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Given the terrifying rates of prostate cancer in men of all ages in the UK, any suggestions for long-term lifestyle changes that could improve a person's chances are urgently welcome.
There are, however, some small steps that can be taken to help prevent the cancer – or to at least keep your prostate fit, healthy and under control.
A review of 67 research studies, published in the journal Oncology and Cancer Case Reports, has reiterated previous research by extolling the virtues of a tomato-rich diet in slowing the enlargement of the prostate, to the extent that choosing the red fruits could equally aid sufferers of late-night bladder problems (an enlarged prostate constricts the urinary tract, which makes men want to visit the loo more and increases the chance of discomfort during urination).
In an American study published in 2014, a sample of men were given a diet of green and black tea extracts each day for 12 weeks, while others received a placebo. The benefits of tomatoes in relation to prostate health have been known for years, with various studies around the world corroborating their effectiveness in controlling the rapid growth of the prostate during a man's later years. It's all because tomatoes are rich in the nutrient lycopene, which, incidentally, is what makes them red. Lycopene, which is also found in watermelons and apricots, is not easily absorbed into the blood, meaning an over-indulgence in tomatoes will not necessarily help.
While the connection is debated, it has been noted that countries with higher than average soy intakes (such in Asia) tend to have far lower rates of prostate cancer. It won't come as groundbreaking news to learn that green vegetables are a good idea if you wish to avoid ill health, but some are especially beneficial to maintaining a healthy prostate.
Vegetables such as broccoli, kale, cabbage, and sprouts naturally contain the compound sulforaphane, said to fight cancer. According to several studies, even consuming a very small amount of pomegranate juice each day could slow the progression of prostate cancer. Testing 48 men who had received surgery or radiation therapy to treat prostate cancer, the study, which was presented at the American Urological Association's annual meeting in 2009, found that men who drank the juice experienced a growth in prostate-specific antigen that was four times slower than before they started.
Bad news, BBQ lovers: separate studies have linked both red meat and very well done meat to an increased risk of prostate cancer. Cutting down on your meat intake and eating more fruit and veg appears to slow the enlargement of the gland. There's some (disputed) evidence to suggest that excessive calcium intake increases the risk of advanced prostate cancer. Sorry gents, but your favourite brew is off the menu if you want a small and healthy prostate long into your Autumn years. Young Living's newest essential oil supplement, Prostate Health , is uniquely formulated for men concerned with supporting the male glandular system and maintaining healthy, normal prostate function. Here is an interesting perspective on the idea of environmentally consciousness, I read on Facebook. Is it really necessary for men of my age to masturbate to assure prostate health and if so, how often? Well you can do what is good for the flesh or you can do what is right according to the word of God.
The Department of Health said prostate cancer was a key target of its efforts to improve cancer survival rates. John Sheardown, one of the Canadian immigration officers who helped six American diplomats escape from Iran in 1980, died Sunday after suffering from Alzheimer's and cancer. Another 26 percent of adults have completed one to three years of college such as a community college, according to Census Bureau data. I believe everyone has at least one creative bone in their body and it is just a matter of being in a safe, non-judgmental, and super fun space, for that creativity to start pouring out. The next meeting of the Indie Comic Coffee Klatch is on June 22 at Phil & Sebastian in East Village. The format is easy here, order your food, grab an available table whether you want to be inside or out and they’ll bring you your order.
It was hard to decide between pizza or pasta for the main and we ended up with the Orecchiette, little ear like pasta cooked with Italian sausage, broccoli rabe and a bit of chilies. You can never go wrong with any baked goods in my books and Alforno has done a great job of combining savoury and sweet. One of my favourite things about Calgary in the spring and summer is that we celebrate everything. I had a serendipitous Saturday off last weekend and I was thrilled to spend the day with my buddy, Roman. We arrived at the Batlgrounds, filled out the waivers— don’t throw axes at each other, if you drop an axe on your foot we aren’t liable, etc.— and were introduced to our two badass axe throwing coaches, Roach and Erin. If one of our axes hit the target and then fell to the ground, even if we missed the board entirely, Roach would say, “if that board was a zombie, it would be dead, so you’re doing really well.” That being said, there was no better feeling than when the axe stuck right into the bullseye. You know when you walk or drive by certain places and you just think, Man, everyone in there is just so cool. Market Collective was started by two women, Angel Guerra and Angela Dione in 2008, and has become a thriving local event in Calgary. The paintings of bacon, the sassy calligraphy, the handmade leather goods, the beautiful handmade jewellery, the brightly coloured abstract paintings, the handmade wooden calligraphy pens, and the pressed leaf art were just a few of my favourite things. Before I turned 18 and was able to meet my friends and drink at the bar, I would often hang out with friends at one of our parent’s house and play board games.
We started with the light and refreshing Rosemary Gimlet made with gin, limoncello, lemon juice and fresh rosemary. We couldn’t have all these fabulous drinks without some amazing food dishes to accompany them and at the Keg they have a full menu of sharing plates or appetizers to go with their cocktails. For those looking for something more, there’s the Prime Rib Sliders, with housemade prime rib and dipping jus to top everything off.
I can’t wait to go back to the Keg to try some of the other cocktails on their new menu including the Sparkling Peach and the Mango Mojito. Last year the book sale welcomed about 6400 people through the doors, all who walked out with great deals on books.  They come to browse for hours picking up little known titles, they come with lists for English Literature classes and book clubs, they hunt the boxes below the tables to find the one book in a  sci-fi series that they don’t already own. Whenever I travel to a new city, I like to experience everything that city has to offer; I go to museums, I see shows, I walk along the main streets, and check out all the markets and shops. We learned about George Lane, one of the Calgary Stampede’s “Big Four,” who helped fund the first ever Stampede. The Glenbow Museum offers free entry from 5pm-9pm on the first Thursday of every month (this week on May 5!!). They’ve done a great job of using local ingredients to highlight the different flavours of their dishes. Kelowna is one of those unique spots in BC that is home to arts, culture, nature, festivals, and events. After all that eating and drinking, it’s best to get active and enjoy the convenient nature spots located close by. Last week, Alberta celebrated the 100-year anniversary of white women gaining the right to vote.
Arts Commons opens its Centre Court to a few local artists and celebrates the new art being shown in their galleries. After the movie, I met up with my friend to peruse the Centre Court and the various activities. We continued our wander around the court and of course, stopped at the cotton candy making station. There are plenty of pet-related activities to do around Calgary, especially as the Spring season starts to bloom.
Sometimes the best thing to do is curl up on the couch with your pet, or perhaps with a few televised critters! Most Calgarians enjoy getting outdoors and experiencing nature and wildlife as much as their canine companions do. From injured beavers to black bear cubs, Hope will take you through the rescues of all sorts of animals that you won’t find within Stanley Park on the Love Nature channel, part of the TELUS Optik TV Nature & Culture package. Travel around the world with That Guy From The Lord Of The Rings as he seeks out the coolest and most unique animals on this earth. You can find this on the OLN Network in the TELUS Optik TV Adventure & Beyond package, for those who love both adventure travel and animals!
If you enjoy medical dramas, reality television and pets, you’re going to love The Incredible Dr.
Dogtown Abbey is a period drama about a dog named Isis, and the many people who work for her.
Remember: You can pay for what you love by selecting your cat’s favourite… I mean, your favourite channels with TELUS Optik TV packages.
In 2015 a team of scientists from the Texas A&M Health Science Center found that supplements of the compound could be used to treat advanced forms of prostate cancer. We really are talking excessive here – 2000mg, which is about the equivalent of one and a half litres of milk.
The same study also found that men's risk was significantly lower if their diet included more polyunsaturated fats (commonly found in fish and nuts). This applies to the prostate, so if you want to keep your prostate healthy, it's best you turn the other cheek when faced with all the stuff you want to buy at the checkout counter.

The one thing, of course that the piece does not mention is the ecological disaster that artificial contraception has wrought to nature. No one knows how long sexual side effects such as lowered libido, erectile problems, reduced penis size and diminished sensation or pleasure during orgasm may last after finasteride is stopped.
Trevor, the cofounder, offered me a piece of paper and pen immediately, and asked if I wanted to join their table. We decided to go back up to the counter after our meal and order dessert opposed to doing one big order at the very beginning. Let’s face it, the number of festivals in June, July, and August is just absolutely ludicrous — in the best way, of course.
Lilac Festival is one in which Calgary celebrates Lilacs— the beautiful trees, the purple blooms, the delightful smell, and the fact that these delightfully smelly blooms are actually blooming!
When he asked what I wanted to do, I replied, “I am up for anything!” I expected him to suggest going for patio beers at the Ship and Anchor, or eating Made by Marcus ice cream by the Bow river, or something of the like. We were shown the basics, the proper stance, the way to aim, the throwing technique, and then we were each handed an axe. Except of course, for the feeling when the throw was so strong, it was difficult to pull the axe out of the board. Maybe it’s the hip people typing away on their computers in the window of Analog on 17th Ave. There is so much hustle and bustle in the room, people milling about, chatting, introducing themselves to the vendors and fellow shoppers. Settlers of Catan, Cranium, Charades, even the Game of Life, but only if we were really bored.
While Chris read the rules of Taboo aloud, I drooled over the Apple Bacon Cheddar waffle that was placed in front of me. Taboo is a game in which you try to have your team guess the word on the card but can’t say the other associated words listed on the card. I learned that while games night started on Wednesdays, Buttermilk leaves their games out every day so waffle eaters can partake in board game any night of the week! Patios are all officially open and what better time than for the Keg to launch their summer cocktails!
This is definitely my kind of cocktail, not overly sweet with the savory rosemary adding in a nice earthiness to the drink plus it’s just plain delicious. Another winner in my opinion, this screams summer to me with the fresh pineapple garnish and the muddles pineapple and mint. It’s perfect for those who are looking for a few small bites without feeling the need to order a full meal.
There’s also a Blue Cheese crusted Filet for those looking for something more substantial. Everything just screams summer and what a summer we’re going to have if this weather holds up!
They even come to find some beautiful books to adorn a table for a wedding or a special shelf above the fireplace. Come create positive change in the community and support Calgary Reads’ vision to work towards a “thriving community where all children can read with confidence and joy”. I think a lot of people would agree that they do more activities like these in cities they are visiting, than they do in their own city. Under his portrait was the quote, “always keep yourself in a position to look any man straight in the eye and tell him to go to hell.” Good for you, George Lane, and good advice for all of us. We visited the Kaleidoscopic Animalia exhibit, designed and curated by Calgarian, Paul Hardy. People mostly just think poutine when they think Canadian food, but we’re oh so much more than that.
The pasta on the raviolis was paper thin which really allowed the earthiness of the mushrooms to come through. I ordered the Pork Roast served with creamy whipped potatoes, caramelized apples and leeks, drizzled with a screech reduction and topped with fried sage.
Whether you’re planning a trip with pals or looking to get away with someone special, we’re helping you out by picking out some of the best spots to enjoy your time together. A staple since 1926, Hotel Eldorado sits on Okanagan Lake and offers spacious guestrooms and suites with panoramic views. There are several unique ones to choose from like Vintage Wine Tours or Tours 59 Classic Cars Tour who will take you on a tour of local wineries while cruising in the backseat of a 1956 Cadillac Sedan de Ville or a 1959 Chevrolet Bel Air.
Tree Brewing Company, just off of the downtown core, produces a wide variety of beers and ciders.
Just north of Kelowna, in Lake Country you will find the “Lake of many colours” Kalamalka Lake – which is a favourite spot for a hike and a dip. Bursting with beautiful landscapes, a thriving dining scene, world-renowned wineries and limitless outdoor adventures, it’s the perfect spot to enjoy the getaway you deserve.
While the entire population of women in Alberta wouldn’t receive the right to vote until 1960, April 19th marks a very important day in this province’s history; a day when change began and when people realized that anything is possible.
The Happenings events are designed for the public to curate their own evening from the various art activities The button-making table was buzzing with people, scissors, and glue, and so we continued our meandering. The same cotton candy artist from Happenings 3, magically created a beautiful, colourful masterpiece of sugar and air. The film was thought-provoking, the activities and crafts in the Court were rad, and the entire evening was inspiring. Perhaps you’d like to take your canine best friend to one of the city’s beautiful off-leash parks?
With TELUS Optik TV®’ s new, smaller theme packs, you can choose more of what you love to watch, without having to pay for what you don’t.
Hope for Wildlife allows us to leave our prairie habitat for a while and experience the wildlife of eastern Canada.
Pol has become so famous that he even has his own mobile app game where you can rescue tiny animated animals yourself (but please do not confuse your newfound skills for a real veterinary education and attempt to rescue your own pets). Internet celebrity cat Lil’ Bub helps host this televised showdown, where the winner is awarded feline fame and fortune. Join Isis as she walks through her sprawling grounds, visits church bazaars, sits by the fire and eats leftover pie, all while appearing periodically in background shots… wait, BACKGROUND SHOTS? Residents of the lakeside community, located along the Southeastern edge of Calgary, have the Auburn Bay Angels to thank for several daily acts of kindness intended to keep the neighbourhood happy, safe, and connected.
Calcium remains a vital nutrient for your body's health, so you'd be well advised not to do away with that bowl of milky porridge in the morning. The House Made Bread Basket, which I assumed would probably be 4-5 slices of bread was instead a whole assortment of different types of bread they had in house and served with balsamic vinegar and olive oil for dipping. There were so many choices but my eye was drawn to the Dulche de Leche Cream Puff and the Lime Bar. I enjoyed the bright interior and can’t wait to visit their patio over the summer to enjoy more of their delicious baked goods and hopefully with a glass or two of vino!
As any Calgarian will tell you, our winters are cold, and summer often teases us with a short, somewhat wintery spring. Maybe it’s when you drive past a packed Ship and Anchor patio on a Friday afternoon and it’s full of happy, smiling people. Musicians create a soundtrack for the market, snacks and coffee drinks are served, and tables are set up so local artists may sell their creations, including clothing, jewellery, books, paintings, and drawings.
He slowly became an adult in Charlie Brown as I tuned him out and focused on ensuring my every bite had the perfect ratio of homemade apple compote, and freshly chopped bacon bits. Starting May 2nd, their new line up of cocktails will be available for all to enjoy and I was lucky enough to be able to sip my way through some of their delicious offerings! The Ahi Tuna Tacos were fresh and light with a creamy spicy aioli and slaw to compliment the fish. The blue cheese adds extra flavour without overpowering the delicate taste of the filet which is cooked perfectly medium rare. Whether its comic books, novels, or hilarious blog posts written by a spunky Calgarian, reading gives each of us the ability to visit other worlds, imagine the lives of people in other places, and experience adventures we had never dreamed possible.
Book lovers can shop to the musical sounds of Midnight Blue Jazz Society and enjoy a glass of wine from the cash bar. This temporary exhibit showcased window display-like installations with the most extraordinary costumes and props. At the new Klein Harris Chef James Waters has dedicated their menu to showcasing local Canadian ingredients and flavours, everything from fresh oysters to local meats and vegetables.
I thoroughly enjoyed the brown butter sauce, it wasn’t overpowering and I believe the addition of the leeks with all the greens really helped bring those flavours together.
Chef Waters mentioned that they’re going to be updating their menu to reflect the various seasons so I’m looking forward to that, plus we still need to try that duck breast! If wine is a main incentive for your trip then The Cove Lakeside Resort in West Kelowna is a hop and a skip away from the Westside Wine Trail wineries Mission Hill, Quail’s Gate, Mt Boucherie, Volcanic Hills, Grizzli, and many others.

For a bird’s eye view, Valhalla Helicopters offers half and full-day exhilarating heli-wine tours in Kelowna. Around the corner from Waterfront Park, the most recent addition to the scene is BNA Brewing.
Or, head up Knox Mountain for a hike and down to Paul’s Tomb for a swim – the perfect way to enjoy multiple activities on one trip. In celebration of many Alberta women receiving the right to vote 100 years ago, all of the Happenings activities were inspired around women’s rights, empowerment, and equality, including a free screening of She’s Beautiful When She’s Angry!, a documentary showcasing the modern women’s movement from 1966 to 1971. The surprise guest, Lily Bo Pique, a dancer with the Garter Girls, filled the room with beautiful and lyrical dancing.
I am thankful to live in a world where such change can occur and am motivated to continue striving for change. In a cozy 100-year old barn in Nova Scotia, Hope Swinimer operates a wildlife rehabilitation centre, where she nurtures sick, injured and abandoned wildlife back to health before releasing them back into the wild. You mean this show isn’t centered around a charming yellow lab who somehow runs a manor house in the 1930’s using only her four little paws?! The point of the klatch is to provide a fun, safe, and motivating place to create and to overcome the creative blocks we all feel from time to time. Which is probably why I try to always visit a bakery no matter what country I’m in, how could I resist the urge to taste specialty treats such as flaky croissants, cakes and more? Festivals that celebrate both the cooking and eating of food, and the art and majesty of Canadian beer. The colour guard wowed me with their uncanny ability to throw flags in the air, and the Calgary Stetson Show Band, that played Carly Rae Jepsen’s instant hit, Call Me Maybe, had me dancing in the street. The weather app on my phone was being as indecisive as I was, and it couldn’t make up its mind whether it would be a bright, ‘sunshiney’ day, or if we would have a thunderstorm.
I used to be afraid that in the event of a zombie apocalypse, I would be the first to die, but with this new found skill, I’m not nearly as nervous! Or maybe it’s when you bicycle past a super cool art or music happening going on at ContainR in Sunnyside. Made with gosling’s black seal rum, muddled fresh pineapple and mint, brown sugar, lime juice and ginger beer.
The sale is entirely volunteer run and supports Calgary Reads’ children’s reading programs. I am embarrassed to admit this, but Calgary, I can’t remember the last time I went to the Glenbow Museum.
You can tell there is a lot of thought put in to the menu and I just couldn’t wait to taste it all. The scallops were served with farmer’s bacon, braised peppers, napa cabbage and an apple nosh (similar to an apple puree). Apple and pork are a classic combination and found that the chef had a very light hand with seasoning, perfect for those that aren’t looking for a heavy dish. After a day of wine tasting, you can relax at the resort’s pool or head out to their Spa at the Cove.
Or keep it simple and head out on foot or by bike for a bicycle wine tour with a tour operator like Monashee Adventure Tours.
Located in a historic cannery building, the brewery and restaurant features their own brewed beers and eight guest taps on rotation.
The film showcased the stories of multiple women involved in different women’s rights movements in the United States. It includes Animal Planet, where you can find out which cat is America’s Next Cat Star, watch your favourite sporting event (the Puppy Bowl, of course), and enjoy an endless parade of wildlife across your screen. So how excited was I to find out that there was a new bakery in town and not only did they serve delectable treats but also appetizing savory dishes as well.
The cream puff had an unbelievably crispy exterior with a light drizzle of dulche de leche on top and creamy filling.
I don’t know much about axe throwing or its history, other than a few terrifying scenes in Game of Thrones, so I really had no idea what to expect. Market Collective at the Chinese Cultural Centre is definitely another one of these places. Honestly, I can’t think of a better way to spend a Wednesday night than with board games, Buttermilk, and my radical friends. Their vision: “A thriving community where all children can read with confidence and joy.” Isn’t that the most amazing vision?
It has been on my list ever since the Kaleidoscopic Animalia exhibit opened in October 2015 and I just kept procrastinating.
Davis, Alberta’s first member of parliament, and Colonel James Macleod, whom you may know as an important RCMP officer, of the time or from that Trail we named after him. The dish had notes of both sweet and sour which really lifted the taste of the perfectly seared scallops. And if you’re looking to immerse yourself in nature then consider camping in one of the many stunning provincial parks in the area. You can’t go wrong with their dishes that include housemade bacon and sausage, organic bread baked daily, and homemade strawberry jam.
A former rail bed turned into a recreational trail, it’s best explored by bike – either on your own or with a tour. Thousands of women all over the country fought for change and this film showed just how fierce, badass, and totally inspired these women were, and still are. Jules was practicing drawing eyes and had a full page filling up with sketches of eyeballs, Erickson was working on hands, and had a page of hands in various poses and positions, Steele was working on vehicular characters for a fictitious world he is creating, Trevor had drawn a ‘peliconstruction’ worker – a pelican mixing concrete in his beak, and Graham had a full page with panels and a comic book in progress! Erickson made his cyclops into a “cycl-optometrist.” I am not so good at drawing realistic things, and so I stuck with absurd characters. I couldn’t wait to stop in at Alforno Bakery and lucky for me it was a beautiful day to do.
I was afraid that it would be too sweet with the dulche de leche on top but it was very much the opposite.
We have comedy festivals that make us laugh, science festivals that make us think, and cultural festivals that open our minds.
What I found on the internet, is that axe throwing comes from the Middle Ages, and what was once a very necessary battle skill, has become a fun pastime for the most hardcore Calgarians. The hesitation I felt before, thinking I might look like a fool, the fear of pulling a muscle, totally disappeared. Shoppers of all ages and ethnicities, from all walks of life, who have brought their family or their friends, sporting different hairstyles, fashion ideas, and various body art, all take an hour out of their totally unique lives to come together in this one place.
So, you can imagine my excitement when, in January 2016, the Glenbow Museum began offering free entry on the first Thursday evening of every month!
Paul Hardy said, “my desire in creating this exhibition was to startle the viewer,” and startle me he did!
We recommend Bear Creek or Fintry Provincial Parks, both of which are located on the west side of Okanagan Lake – the perfect spot to relax and enjoy a lakeside picnic.
Our favourites include Mission Hill, Summerhill, JoieFarm, Quail’s Gate, Tantalus and 8th Generation. The highlight of the trail is the famous Myra Canyon, consisting of two tunnels and a series of 18 trestles, restored after a wildfire burned through them years ago.
I drew a bucket, proclaiming the fact it is a bucket, a jellyfish wearing a hat, and I wrote the theme of our evening, the word “portmanteau,” in big, blocky script. Just talking about how velvety and delicious it is now makes me want another one this minute. Featured on Food Network’s “You Gotta Eat Here” this spot has the most delicious homemade jams to complement their breakfast items. That’s a lot of festivals—so many, in fact, that ‘festival’ is looking less and less like a real word. I perused the books at Shelf Life Books, I ate a few delicious, and irresistible mini donuts, I fell in love with the art at Rural Creative and Paperlove Co., and I am the proud new owner of a beautiful kimono from Lost in Layers! With a menu featuring seasonal and local fare, we suggest digging into the mussels from the Gulf Islands or devouring the RJB – the ultimate steak burger with grilled beef tenderloin, poached crab, bacon, onion jam in a brioche bun with roasted potatoes and duck fat mayonnaise. Pair with their drink menu – inspired by and featuring almost exclusively local fruit & produce and you’re set for a satisfying evening.
And if you’re looking to refine your baking skills, Sandrine offers deliciously fun classes with a focus on creating work of art French pastries and chocolate.

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