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As we have discussed before, one of the best ways for women over 60 to reduce their risk of dementia and keep their minds sharp is by playing cognitively challenging “brain games.” Even if you are not at high risk for dementia, perhaps you would like to feel more mentally sharp and energized, with faster memory and better attention to detail?
In addition to the traditional crossword puzzles and Sudoku games, there are many online brain games that make it easier to keep training your brain for better mental ability.
Here are a few of the best websites for online brain games: Do you want to increase your flexibility, reduce stiffness and find more energy with gentle yoga?
Lumosity is dedicated to not merely playing “games,” but to improving your brain performance, enhancing memory and attention, and living a better life. Whatever your goals, Lumosity exercises are engineered based on neuroscience research to train a variety of core cognitive functions.
HAPPYneuron is another brain game site that offers a variety of brain training exercises focused on a range of cognitive skills, including memory, attention, language, reasoning, and visual-spatial skills. Fit Brains is another personalized brain training website with a variety of games to improve your cognitive function.
Do you play Sudoku, do crossword puzzles, or participate in other mentally stimulating activities in order to stay sharp? I also love to play Scrabble, and now I play it on my Kindle against the computer almost daily.
I went into this link , but like most of these things they want all your personal details & I resent that, so I backed out of it. I play match 3 games , hangman , hidden objects , quizzes on just about everything , that way i find i’m always challenged !
DSL GAME WHERE YOU WORK WITH SIGNS, MATHS WORDS AND CALENDER AND TIME.It is time friendly so if you are wrong and slow you get a low score.
I’ve given up doing games on the net as there are so many trolls who play them and mess with you. Having fresh fruits is always great, but a pack of dried fruits like prunes, apricots, raisins, bananas and apples are another option. I know I get caught up in all the blog post writing, social media sharing, product building and launch planning that it’s easy to forget those simple, but important things that help keep business running smoothly.
If you sell products, send quick note to past buyers letting them know what’s new and offer a discount on their next purchase.
Use Google Analytic’s In-Page stats (under Behavior) to make sure everything in your navigation, sidebar, post footer, and blog footer is providing value to your audience and they’re actually clicking it! Each month I send money to MailChimp, Buffer, and DPD and each month I double check that all of these expenses are necessary and I’m getting the most out of each service.

Now most of my time is focused on producing content, interacting with people on social media, working with clients, and creating products. The last thing you want to do is wake up in March and realize you never spent any time bookkeeping. I don’t know any businesses that could survive without listening to what their clients and customers want. What’s one thing you could add to your bag of tricks that would help improve you, your business, your blog, or the way you promote.
PRINTABLE DIWALI CARDSfeb 19, 2009 download these free printable eid cards to get print of the same and present my blog list.
Lumosity lets you build a personalized brain training program based on which mental skills you want to get better at, whether it’s remembering names after the first introduction, learning new subjects quickly, or solving problems. HAPPYneuron games include “Around the World in 80 Trips,” a guided itinerary of travel through Paris and other great cities, and “Restaurant,” where you can see if your memory is as good as a busy restaurant waiter.
In this game, Kun’Cha the Panda has to reconstitute words that have been split into fragments. Fit Brains offers a free Fit Brains Trainer app for the iPhone and iPad, and the Fit Brains brain games are designed by neuroscientists to help improve your concentration and cognitive processing speed. Hopefully more women over 60 will start using online brain games to stay mentally sharp and reach their full potential. I do searchawords, jumbles because my vision isn’t good a lot of the games that require following a maze or something are useless for me personally and I imagine others. Drink eight glasses of water each day, exercise at least 30 minutes three times a week, have your teeth cleaned every six months, but what should you be doing on a regular basis to keep your business healthy? Grab the printable checklist at the end of this post & share your most important monthly tasks in the comments! Then create a segment for only those subscribers that haven’t opened a certain number of campaigns. I’m always receiving feedback, images, and reviews from readers that I can use to update my copy and boost sales. Every couple of months you should make sure all your plugins are up-to-date and delete any you’re not using anymore because they can slow down your site.
If I had to manually do everything on that list almost every single day, think of how many hours that would add to my work week!
Whether you’re sending out a survey once a year, saving tweets, or just asking for opinions via blog post or email once a month, gathering this information should be a big part of what you create and sell.

It can be a skill that helps the way you run your business or a skill that adds value for your clients. I love challenging people to embrace their inner badass by showing them how to grow passion­-fueled blogs and businesses.
It’s easy to forget that past clients are a great source of extra work even after completing a project. I usually clean out my Mailchimp subscribers manually and didn’t know you could create a filter and do it so easily. Training our brains can help us think faster, concentrate better, and do more with our minds and with our lives.
Scan through your product pages every single month to make sure your sales team is doing its job! I also use this time to add in fees and expenses AND file my receipts so I can find them in the future if need be. I also take time to create a plan for the coming month, so I know how and when I’ll promote.
And it doesn’t have to be crazy—no one is expecting you to become a Photoshop ninja or learn to code an entire site, but pick one thing that would make a difference. I think they often assume freelancers are busy all the time, so don’t always ask for help on smaller stuff.
I’ve got a similar list like this from another blogger and I need to make my own master list to keep myself on track.
What parts of your workday can you automate or speed up in order to spend your time on more valuable tasks? I highly recommend making this a permanent task in your calendar on the last day of each month. These games are a great example of how to use mobile devices to “procrastinate productively” – instead of playing mindless games or scrolling through your friends’ Facebook updates, you can build a better brain, one game at a time.

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