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Practical Oral Care for People With Developmental Disabilities – This booklet presents an overview of physical, mental, and behavioral challenges common in patients with developmental disabilities and offers strategies for providing oral care. Fluoride (said like floor-eyed) protects teeth from tooth decay.It can even heal early decay.
At about age 2 (or sooner if a dentist or doctor suggests it) you should start putting fluoride toothpaste on your child’s toothbrush. What’s one of the most important things you can do to keep your baby from getting cavities? Between feedings, don’t give your baby a bottle or sippy cup filledwith sweet drinks to carry around. Talk to you about other things such as a healthy diet and fluoride that can keep your child’s mouth healthy.
This external link provides additional information that is consistent with the intended purpose of this site. Linking to a non-federal site does not constitute an endorsement by NIH or any of its employees of the sponsors or the information and products presented on the site. You should always take your dentures out at night and soak them in a denture cleaner or soap to keep them moist and help them retain their shape. While there seem to be a lot of instructions that come along with getting dentures, two of the most important cover a lot of territory: Do take your dentures out overnight for cleaning and don't accept or try to adjust to an ill-fitting set. Some individuals just prefer the extra security of wearing an adhesive, even with properly fit dentures and that is generally fine [source: CUCDM]. Lesson 2 Function of the Teeth Maintaining healthy teeth is important not only for your appearance but also for your overall health. Lesson 2 Parts of a Tooth The structures of the periodontium support the teeth and hold them in place. Lesson 2 The Crown The crown is covered with enamel, a hard substance made of calcium that protects the teeth. Lesson 2 Main Threats to Healthy Teeth As plaque coats a tooth, it prevents your saliva, which contains substances that protect teeth from bacteria, from reaching the tooth surface.plaque In areas where plaque accumulates, bacteria thrive and the acids from the bacteria break down enamel. Lesson 2 Oral Hygiene Brushing teeth after eating removes plaque from the surface of the teeth, before bacteria can produce the acid that harms teeth. Lesson 2 Nutrition and Healthy Teeth Foods containing phosphorus, calcium, and vitamin C help keep your teeth strong and your gums healthy.
Lesson 2 Halitosis, or bad breath, can be caused by eating certain foods, poor oral hygiene, smoking, bacteria on the tongue, decayed teeth, or gum disease. Lesson 2 Malocclusion can lead to decay and disease, and it can affect a persons speech and ability to chew. Lesson 2 The crown is covered with enamel, a hard substance made of calcium that protects the teeth.
Lesson 2 As plaque coats a tooth, it prevents your saliva, which contains substances that protect teeth from bacteria, from reaching the tooth surface.plaque In areas where plaque accumulates, bacteria thrive and the acids from the bacteria break down enamel. Healthy Teeth and Mouth (3:04) Click here to launch video Click here to download print activity.
Section 14.1 Your Teeth and Gums Slide 1 of 25 Objectives List the functions of teeth and gums.
DENTAL JEOPARDY Elevating Oral Health Literacy Oral Health Literacy “the ability to access, process, and use basic oral health information and services. Floss is used to remove plaque and whatever else decides to take refuge on your teeth, both above and below the gum line.

An antibacterial rinse is just that, a rinse that cuts down on the bacteria that causes gum disease and cavities, plus it reduces those bacteria and the bacterial byproducts that cause bad breath. Use a very small amount (you need less than you think) of mouth rinse and swish for 10-15 seconds and spit it out. The first thing you can expect when you go to the dentist with pain is that the dentist ‘s objective is to relieve the pain.   Depending on the problem, there are many ways to diagnose what the problem is and sometimes even which tooth is really causing the problem! 123Dentist LocationsBy being a 123 patient within our network of trusted dental providers you can be seen at any location. 123Dentist with over 58 locations to serve you….AND many locations have late hours and open Saturday and Sunday.
With offices in every community of the lower mainland from UBC to Hope, we offer a variety of convenient locations. She also said to feed my baby healthy foods and not to put my baby to bed with a bottle,” said Maria. If it doesn’t, ask about other kinds of fluoride (such as fluoride varnish or drops) that can help keep your baby’s teeth healthy. Cleaning the teeth -- real and manmade -- and caring for and resting the gums and mouth are essential for denture wearers, and having a proper fit ensures getting the most out of them for the longest amount of time.
While muscles in the tongue and cheeks are adjusting to the new dentures, an adhesive may help prevent the dentures from excess slippage while you re-learn how to chew and talk [source: CUCDM]. Powder adhesives work well if used temporarily, and they may be easier to clean off of appliances than pastes. Dentures don't have the sensations of natural teeth and you may poke and damage soft mouth tissues.Don't practice eating with scalding hot or icy cold foods and beverages.
Your teeth allow you to chew foods properly and help form the shape and structure of your mouth.
Beneath the enamel is dentin, a layer of connective tissue that contributes to the shape and hardness of a tooth and acts as a barrier to protect the pulp.pulp Pulp extends into the root canal and provides nourishment to the tooth.
Flossing between teeth removes plaque in areas that cannot be reached with the bristles of a toothbrush.
Reducing the number of sugary snacks eaten between meals also helps protect your teeth from decay.
If halitosis is caused by tooth decay or disease, treatment by a dental professional is needed. Plaque and tartar cause the gums to become irritated and swollen.tartar Early detection is important since, left untreated, periodontal disease can destroy the bone and tissue that support the teeth. Some malocclusions can be corrected by wearing braces, which reposition teeth by exerting pressure on them. Plaque is a sticky, colorless film that acts on sugar to form acids that destroy tooth enamel.
Plaque coats the teeth, making it difficult for saliva to protect the tooth surface from the acids in bacteria. LESSON 1 – HEALTHY SKIN, HAIR AND NAILS Facts about skin: Largest organ of the body Produces perspiration.
If you are doing it correctly (and at least once a day), your gums will start to heal and the bleeding should stop in no more than 2 weeks. That is a long time, but it will be much more effective than the 20-30 seconds that most people do.
These substances get stuck in the deep crevices of your tongue, and if not removed, the byproducts give you bad breath.

After scraping your tongue, it is recommended that you use a non-alcoholic anti-bacterial rinse, such as BreathRx or Crest Pro Health Rinse.
Should you need to be seen for a dental emergency at another 123Dentist office that is not your home office, you can count on the same office standards. Using adhesives for the long term and to secure improperly fit dentures, however, is considered a bad idea because it can lead to mouth sores and changes in the way facial muscles compensate [source: ADA]. And if you choose to use a paste, use a small amount and clean your dentures very well after removing them to maintain a proper fit and good oral hygiene. However, don't let your dentures dry out overnight or they can lose their shape and become brittle. Getting used to registering hot and cold without natural teeth can be tricky at first.Don't bite and pull with tugging motions and avoid using front dentures on hard foods.
Relate the importance of early detection and warning signs that prompt individuals to seek dental care. Regular visits to a dental care professional will ensure early detection of dental problems. For the inside and outside surfaces, hold the brush at a 45 degree angle to the teeth and gums and use a gentle back-and-forth motion. Since two minutes standing by the sink is much longer than most people think, you may benefit by using a toothbrush timer. After brushing, a tongue scraper followed by a rinse is frequently the best way to control bad breath.
This will significantly decrease the bacteria and volatile sulfur compounds (the substances responsible for bad breath). Your information about your dental information, past history, can be transferred to facilitate your visit. If you feel like you have to use an adhesive to make your dentures fit, it may be time to have them adjusted. A dentist or prosthodondist -- a specialist in dental appliance care and shaping -- can advise you on adhesive usage [source: ACP].
Main Threats to Healthy Teeth Plaque is a sticky, colorless film that acts on sugar to form acids that destroy tooth enamel and irritate gums. Hold about a 1 inch length of this floss between the thumb and forefinger of each hand, keeping it tight.
If you do the following every day, you will significantly increase the likelihood of a lifetime of good oral health.
When you reach the gum line, hold the floss against one tooth and move it into the space between the gum and tooth below the gum line. While keeping the floss in contact with the tooth, move it up and down along the side of the tooth, from just below the contact to as far as you can comfortably get below the gum line. It is important that you get the floss in the space between the gum and tooth, as this is where gum disease begins.
Using a mouth rinse with a high alcohol content may make your mouth smell nice for only a short period of time.
Once the alcohol begins drying the tongue and gums, your breath can actually smell worse than before you used it.

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