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2.Cleaning is simple, easy to store Unique design protected from contaminated water or chlorine.
3.This product material is good elasticity, it can ease the brain fatigue during long wear. To put it in a top of the head in a bun or pony tail and pull the cap closer to your eyebrows and neck. You can also try wetting your hair before as that prevents contaminated water getting thru. We offer 90 day money back guarantee in case you are not 100% satisfied and wish to return the product for ANY reason.
If there is any question please contact us at first,we will reply you and deal with it for you soon within 24 hours. When did you go natural and what made you do it? I fully went natural about two years ago. The reason I went natural is when I got mt hair dyed blond, I noticed my hair breaking off.

What was the most challenging thing about going natural? Transitioning from heat damage, color damage or any type of damage. What is your weekly regimen? I honestly had been doing a twist out for a while and I do that maybe once every two weeks6. You can reduce the space us by putting up your hair, then you won't feel caps small Avoid and sharp objects, really far away from the fire source; 3.
What is your daily night time regimen? Mist hair with waterLeave in conditioner (Cantu Shea leave in Repair)6 Big twist or 6 big braids8. What is your daily night time regimen? I usually like to clip the hair behind my ears to the top of my head since I sleep on the sides of my face8. If so, how often do you do so in a year? Yes, I do braid my hair when I am doing protective styles.
Therefore, you can say as often everyday because with or without the protective style I like to keep my hair hydrated and moisturized. Is your hair normally loose or in a protective-do? I'm a free child so it's usually loose12.

Do you use heat on your hair at all? I've used heat twice since I have been natural, and honestly I don't like the look if straight hair on myself. If we are talking braids as in a protective style, I've had box braids once about 2 years ago.
What's your biggest tip for maintaining healthy or long hair?leave it alone, my hair doesn't like to be pulled into a complete different style everyday.
What's your biggest tip for maintaining healthy or long hair?Ladies and Gentlemen, please hydrate your beautiful hair. Is your hair normally loose or in a protective-do? My hair is loose 90% of the year, if not more.
My hair was already struggling because my colored ends were starting to lose it curl and become limp.

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