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Say that ten times fast, betcha can’t!  lol well tongue twisters aside, being single can seem like a life twister too. With the 88th Oscars now behind us, I got thinking about why we love movies so much and why they are so great for date night. Now that Valentine’s Day is over, however do we get through the rest of this miserable month? If you’re like me then you don’t want to do the same old lame-ass Valentine’s Day as everyone else. I want to receive promos, contests and content from Lavalife and have read and agree to Lavalife's policy. With a new friend you are eager to explore each other's cool stuff and learn about who they are.
Without really getting poetic and into all the differences between a new friend and a best friend, I feel like dating and relationships in the west are about the novelty of meeting someone new. A new friend might seek to earn trust but, with new friends we still want to impress them and make them like us. May I add, the best relationship with one's best friend is when we both include Jesus Christ in ALL our thoughts and our conversations. That's how we know we can trust each other because we KNOW Who is Lord & Master in each other's heart.

Ive always shared the same sentiment, marrying your best friend in Christ is a great blessing when both are looking for that.
As said on OP, new friends are just a new impression the can insite curiosity and will to explore. No matter how close you are with your best friend of the same gender, it's an entirely different kind of intimacy than what you have when you marry your best friend of the opposite gender.
Well, it stands to reason that IF you are going to fall in love and get married, it would be with a man. Cheer up, Maxwell, and look up to the open lovely sky where God dwells, for the Lord does all things beautiful in His time. When we truly believe that Jesus actually loves us and we are able to love Jesus Christ back with all our heart, then our heart is expanded to love others, for the love of God has truly come to abide within us. That's the type of relationship we ought to have with one's best friend, especially when such friend has, over time, become our favorite best friend with whom we'd share more happier thoughts and why not share the rest of life together, of course! Batman and his parent’s night at the opera ruined by a crazy clown asking weird riddles whilst pointing a gun. We’ve gone through our self-assessment, house-cleaning, wardrobe inspection and still we have the rest of February to deal with.
After the holidays are over we can be a bit down, either from the excitement being over or from the bills being a bit high, or both.

Over the years, Lavalife has continued to honor its commitment to its members by providing them with the best tools to find their next relationship.
And if He is there for Us as a body of Believers through thick and thin and not just as an novelty, it will show it all of our relationships with each other too. Christian singles often mention wanting to marry their best friend but I think being able to compare new friends with new dating relationships would be beneficial for many trying to figure out just why it is better to go for a best friend kind of relationship. And we go through everything, fights, deaths in the family, celebrating each others success, etc.
Magoo, falling into a vat of acid….OK, THAT never happened but it would’ve explained his terrible eyesight! In fact to me a great relationship is one in which I feel close to the person and comfortable.

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