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So are you fed up of cheap plastic baby food containers which have terrific chemical smells? Or the dirt and food get stuck up in the seals or the lid of your baby food freezer tray and getting black? This top quality Baby Food Container is made of Food Grade Silicon that is FDA approved BPA free. You can easily pop out the frozen food or ice cubes by squeezing the flexible and non-stick 2.6 Oz pods. Our container is not just made for baby foods, but also for breast milk storage, making cupcakes, popsicles, jelly and ice cubes.

We promise that our Baby Food Container will give you the best and the same results again and again with 100% satisfaction. Questo articolo: Multi-Purpose Baby Food Storage with No Spill Clip-On Silicon Lid - 9 x 2.6 OZ Portions - Best quality Food Grade Silicon - BPA Free & FDA Approved - Best Choice to Keep Your Baby Healthy & Growing!
Throw away all those cheap and dirty Baby Food Containers and start using our premium quality, easy to use Multipurpose Baby Food Storage.
Other than that you can use it as a chocolate mold or a jar to freeze portions of herbs and sauces.
So be hurry and order your lifelong use Baby Food Freezer Tray today with complete peace of mind!

Our Baby Food Freezer Tray is the only one in the Amazon, which is recommended by thousands of happy parents around the world! 75 printable baby shower games baby shower invitations - baby feet: pink - fine moments these fun baby shower invitations will help your even to stand out!

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