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Starting investment in your teens will give you considerable income cushion when you grow old. Initially, making a habit of saving will provide you the basic platform from where you can start building a considerable fortune relatively early in your life.
The most popular way of saving and earning money is to invest in stocks, bonds or mutual funds. However, there are other sites such as GiveAShare and OneShare where you can invest relatively lesser amounts before starting to increase it overtime. Mutual Funds will allow youngsters to invest their money in a group of stocks and bonds in order to minimize the risk.
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Finding the marketplace to invest is the biggest constraint, but with little dedication and realization, one can easily find suitable ways to build on savings. However, most young adults just don’t want to hang onto their money as it will not get accumulated over time. The need to invest money will vary from individual to individual as some will want to buy a car etc, or simply want to have some money for paying college fees to ease the burden on their parents.
However, it is important to understand how these three components work so you don’t end up losing what you have.
This is generally the safest route for teenagers due to low default rate as they are backed by government.
The biggest advantage is that the tax will be applied within a year rather than when a gain is realized.

Understanding how companies work and the prevailing market conditions will help you determine the most viable investment for yourself. In most scenarios you need to be able to gauge how the market is performing and whether buying a stock of a particular company is profitable for you.

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