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According to a statement issued by Sonja Danburg, the Program Manager for US Currency Education of the Federal Reserve, the same year, about 3.5 billion of the Benjamins were stockpiled, and $900 billion worth of $100 notes were in circulation.
More popularly known as “Benjamins” because of its imprinted image of Benjamin Franklin, the new features now instituted in the most recent designs of the bill are designed to thwart the efforts of counterfeiters and money launderers. In the new Benjamins, the process called “raised printing” has been done, giving the bill a different feel. There is now a ghostly watermark on the right side of the bill when held against a light source.
The Federal Reserve has reassured the public that the old  $100 banknotes remain as a legal tender. The Federal Reserve has reassured the public that the old $100 banknotes remain as a legal tender. With a service life of about 15 years, only then would the $100 note be withdrawn from the market. says that when you tilt it from side to side, the bells and 100s move up and down, not side to side.
Two things happen when you tilt it back and forth: the bells change to 100s, the bells and 100s move side to side.

Puoi metterti in proprio anche hai poche risorse in quanto esistono franchisor con formule di affiliazione molto economiche e vantaggiose!!! Se vuoi diventare un imprenditore di successo chiamaci e noi ti proporremo la soluzione migliore per te in questo momento!!!
Se è questo è quello che desideri ti proponiamo dei business di sicuro successo!!! Potrai usufruire di tutta  l’assistenza di cui hai bisogno per arrivare al successo!! L'autore di questa pagina è responsabile per il contenuto in modo esclusivo! Per contattarlo utilizza questo form! This security ribbon, which is woven into the paper, has a visual security feature embedded in it.
When the note is tilted, the color of the bell embedded in the note would change color from copper to green. On the right part of the bill, an image of the Quill used by the Founding Fathers in signing the Declaration of Independence is imprinted.
With the raised prints throughout the note, there is a distinctive texture provided on the new bill to counteract simple printing methodologies.

These include the imprinting of the phrase “The United States of America” on the collar of Dr.
There is no reason to panic as the introduction of the new banknotes does not demonetize the old notes. The Federal Reserve does not need to physically take a hold of these notes but instead receive the notes when returned to them by the banks from circulation.
When the bill is tilted back and forth, two things happen: The bells would change to 100s, and the bells and 100s move side to side. The new strip is a big blue one hidden in the face of the note, through a process that the Federal Reserve would not disclose.
Nor is there a goal of removing all banknotes of that issue from the market, as the new banknotes would not be able to cover the supply requirement.
The said strip is visible only on the frontal portion of the bill and not the dorsal portion.

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