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Politricks:  Opposition Leader Andrew Holness says the Jamaica Labour Party will invest in water because it is one of the fundamental steps towards growth.
Portia Simpson Miller deserves to be shamed for the lack of progress, but this was also going on the JLP’s watch when they were in power. Haya Water is planning to invest $2.6bn (OMR 1bn) in Omani sewage projects over the next six years, Times of Oman reports.
Hussain Hassan Ali Abdul Hussain, chief executive of Haya Water, said that as many as 12 projects are under implementation now, which include one each sewage treatment plant in Seeb and Darsait, nine pipeline network projects and other small projects.
Speaking at the Oman Investment Forum, Hussain said Hussain said his company has built 550km of sewerage network and 250km of pipelines for treated water. The company has already invested $1.8bn (OMR 700m) for building various projects, which include sewage treatment plants, pipelines and other facilities.

The Haya Water chief also said that his company is planning to supply treated water for 400 farmers in Barka, who are facing problems due to salinated water entering farms.
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We are confident in our park and build quality because we have aligned ourselves with Canadaa€™s top water park manufacture. It’s a shame that fast forward to 2016 people are still struggling with getting fresh water and are dealing with water restrictions.

This will be increased to 4,000km of sewerage network and 2,000km of treated water network when the project completes in 2018. Materials will be sourced via established firms providing the best materials such as high quality fibre glass needed for some of the apparatus in the park, coupled with speedy delivery. All major aspect of the the park will be ready well before its media marketing campaign and its grand launch.

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