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With double- and triple-digit gains possible in just one day, it pays to know how to invest in penny stocks.
And some of the top penny stocks profiled in Money Morning last year gave investors gains of 440%, 231%, and 214%. Investing in penny stocks isn’t for everyone, as they operate differently than the typical stock.
Known for wide price spreads, light volume, and reduced reporting standards, penny stocks are typically traded on the over-the-counter market instead of major exchanges such as the New York Stock Exchange. However, there are plenty of legitimate and lucrative penny stocks, if you know how to invest. Before investing in penny stocks, first and foremost, it’s imperative to understand the risks. Verify the Source: Mailboxes and inboxes are frequently flooded with a flurry of penny stock investment opportunities. Find the Financials: Like scores of growth companies, many penny stocks have never turned a profit.
Use a Responsible Brokerage Firm: To invest in any stock, you must have an established trading account.
The post How to Invest in Penny Stocks appeared first on Money Morning – Only the News You Can Profit From. That is according to today’s front page of USA Today: The print edition had a center column, above the fold, screaming green headline “Invest in stocks? Wall Street’s long-running story about how stocks are the best way to build wealth seems tired, dated and less believable to many individual investors. Stocks remain out of fashion even though the stock market has risen more than 100% since the bear market ended three years ago. This is no surprise — between the run of scandals in the 1990s and 2000s, the dot com implosion, analyst scandal, the 2007-09 crash, housing collapse, the flash crash, and HFT, mom and pop have taken their ball and gone home. Most people misunderstand what drives secular bull and bear markets, focusing on prices alone as the defining characteristics. My definition of a Secular Bull Market: An extended period of time, typically lasting 10-20 years, driven by broad economic shifts that create an environment conducive to increasing corporate revenue and earnings. A Secular Bear Market reflects the opposite: Following an extended secular bull, it is a period of time marked by increased volatility, frequent cyclical rallies and corrections, in an economically challenging environment. In an information age are people going to decide on brand, and will the lawyers be able to prove that every new idea is really an infringement on the mega companies ideas?
But if the idea of brand falls apart and real competiion starts then its not that wealth will disapper.

So we know the history of the last hundred years and how brand and financial information has been used to make some people very wealthy.
The genius of Wallstreet today is to make companies with really mediocre products and strong monopolies. In my latest blog entry, I told you how we were sitting at headquarters, purchasing as many equities as we could reasonably afford as Wall Street degenerated into a total meltdown. Today, I’m going to discuss one strategy that we’ve been using lately to generate such high levels of profitability that we joke that we are minting money at headquarters. An Example of The Sell Open Put StrategyOne of my private corporations is a stockholder of Tiffany & Company.
Investors are panicked that the retail environment is going to fall apart and that high end jewelry is going to be one of the first things to go because consumers aren’t going to buy expensive watches, diamond rings, and housewares when they can’t pay their mortgage.
When it comes to financial markets, fear and greed play a large role in determining market prices, says Raghu Kumar.During the 2008 global financial collapse, virtually every well known, large market capitalised company in India (and globally) took a massive fall in market valuation. It implies eventual lower prices (over the intermediate term), but will also help to create that elusive lasting market bottom, as I will explain in a moment.
It explains in great deal how Main Street investor psychology impacts the long secular cycles of bull (green) and bear (red) markets. Its most dominant feature is the increasing willingness of investors to pay more and more for a dollar of earnings.
Total returns were driven partly by earnings improvements, but far more by multiple expansion. The dominant feature is that Investors are willing to pay less and less for that same dollar of earnings. Having seen the greatest slide since the 1933 stock market crash, we were deliriously happy with the bargains we were finding.
Each morning, I show up and bring in massive sums of cash by simply engaging in transactions that I would have, anyway, due to lower stock prices. Yet, what if you had long wanted to own part of the business, and had been waiting for just such an opportunity? For example, it is evident that the banking sector has taken a more severe blow compared to other industries. Remember that whenever a massive selling of shares occurs due to fear, in due time the markets stabilise, just like the markets stabilized after the 2008 financial crisis.In conclusion, it is important to remember that the herd effect is a powerful one in the financial markets. Use a brokerage account that includes access to current and pertinent data such as charts, historical pricing, and headline news. Because it may be difficult to find quotations for certain penny stocks, they may be impossible to accurately price,” explains the SEC.

Since the 2008-09 financial crisis, the buy-now mentality has been replaced by a get-me-out, wait-and-see, bonds-are-safer line of thinking. Throughout the far-flung reaches of my various enterprises, and personal accounts of certain family members, we were acquiring at a furious pace. Given the intellectual curiosity that many of my long-time readers have displayed in their comments and emails, I thought it would be cool to give you a glimpse into how we are earning 30%, 40% and higher returns on unleveraged equity in these extremely volatile markets as pricing for risks in some assets has lost all connection to rationality. Sure, you realize the stock could very well fall another twenty, thirty, fifty percent or more, but you are looking to profit from your equity ownership of the jewelry store for the next ten or twenty years. At these opportune times, value investing can be a powerful tool to determine which stocks are being irrationally under-valued.Generally speaking, large cap stocks that have been around for more than a decade are safe stocks to invest in. Could there be a way to take advantage of the situation and generate higher returns for your portfolio?You could just call or login to your broker and buy the shares outright, pay cash, and let them sit in your account with dividends reinvesting. For your protection, and their own, most big firms require investors to sign a waiver that states the risks involved in penny stock trading are understood. Even if you expect more upside, at least take out what you’ve put in and let the rest ride.
It is simply for your own edification and an understanding of how you can sometimes find extreme values by exploiting the knowledge you’ve built up about various businesses through your years of studying their annual reports, 10k’s, and other SEC filings. Over time, if two hundred years of history has been any guide, you should experience a comparable rate of return to the performance of the underlying business. Thus, if you wanted to buy 1,000 shares, you could take around $29,090 of your own money plus $10 for a commission, and use the $29,100 to buy the stock.There is a more interesting, and perhaps even more profitable, way to put your capital to work.
A savvy investor would look for opportunities to invest in a banking sector company that is financially sound, has fallen more than its industry peers, and has had no company specific news released that caused the downward spiral in prices. In exchange for writing this “insurance” that protects them from a total catastrophe in the price of the jewelry store shares, they are willing to pay you $5.80 per share. This “insurance” premium is yours forever, whether or not the contract is exercised (that is, they force you to buy the stock).It might be easier to understand giving you an actual scenario. It represents the premium the other investors paid me to protect them from a drop in Tiffany’s stock price.If the stock price falls below $20 per share between now and the expiration date, I might be required to purchase 2,000 shares at $20 per share for a total of $40,000.

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