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To do this you have to purchase a house that has a combined monthly mortgage payment, home insurance payment, and property tax payment lower than the rent the property commands.
To be a successful flipper you need to hunt down those bargain homes – the less work you have to do the better.
When you decide to flip homes you have to prepare yourself for the possibility that the home may not sell fast – or for much of a profit. If you aren’t sold on the thought of purchasing a home only to recoup your money little by little, you could first test the waters by renting a portion of your house.
The advantages to renting a portion of your house is that you get to watch your tenant closely. Tweet Share Pin Share1 Reddit EmailYou love investing and at this point nearly all of your money is in the stock market.

If you’re wanting to expand your investment horizons here are 4 different ways you can invest in real estate. And, if you do the upfront work of finding those hidden gems you can let a property management service do the rest and rental properties can be a form of semi passive income.
And, since property values are back on the rise this is a good time to get started flipping homes. You take a big chance when flipping homes which is why you have to pay special attention to the homes location, needs, and price. If you’re yet to purchase your first home and like this idea you could even buy a duplex and live in one apartment and rent the next. It’s less likely that a tenant will try to stiff you for the rent payment when you’re in the same household.
You know it’s important to diversify but aren’t sure if real estate investing is right for you.

You’re also bound to hear sob stories at one point or another so you’ll have to learn to be firm with renters. Flipping a house is the sum of purchasing homes under market value, fixing them up, and then selling for a profit. However, if you have the knack for flipping houses you could find this to be one of the best investments you’ve ever made. Renting a portion of your house also gives you the ability to get a feel for what it’s like to be a landlord without making such a huge monetary investment. If you’re the type to easily give in to people you may be better off letting a property management service oversee your rental properties.

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