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Each member will be given 8 minutes of floor time to discuss an important topic regarding real estate. No Money Low Money Down Real Estate Investing for Beginners is for aspiring, beginning and intermediate Real Estate Investors interested in learning creative real estate investing techniques which require little to no investment capital or personal credit. Through Group Training Opportunities members and presenters gain a valuable platform for learning, networking and growing with others of like minds.
Our core focus is to provide our group members with quality current Real Estate Investment education pertaining to acquiring properties in today's real estate market using creative investment techniques and OPM.
Group Training Sessions & Webinars are facilitated by group members who are experienced, successful, creative real estate investors empowered with the information, tactics, and industry connections that we all need as beginners to succeed in today's market. Group Training Sessions will provide Mastermind Members with  the specific A-Z tactics that are utilized in successfully investing in real estate with little to no money. As a group we provide free coaching and mentoring for each other with the guidance of experienced presenting members. Our monthly meeting will consist of discussions and learning about various ways to earn passive, secured by real estate.

You can also utilize retirement accounts, 401(k)s, IRAs, etc to invest in these types of deals.
Seattle based Real Estate Wealth Builders is an organization aimed to create value for local investors and working folk through: developing meaningful relationships with like minded people, providing education and knowledge, and making deals happen.
I have also limited this meeting to 15 members as groups beyond that size tend to become impersonal.
Let’s join one of my seminars so I can show you how to use the Investment Property Worksheet to calculate cash flow. These dcf analysis examples are designed to explain discounted cash flow analysis and how it can be used for different types of cash flow series. The Internal Rate of Return in this DCF example is more than 17%!  Click here to see a full-size screen shot of the DCF analysis as calculated by Discounted Cash Flow Analysis Calculator. Of course, you can use the button below to download a fully-functional trial version of Discounted Cash Flow Analysis Calculator and play with real estate DCF calculations. Topics covered in detail are Marketing Tactics For Finding Motivated Sellers, Subject To's, Contract For Deeds, Land Trust, Wraps, Owner Financing, and Wholesaling.

From investing in notes (YOU are the bank), to private lending opportunities, and turn key rentals, there are many options and lots to learn and discuss. We will never pitch a guru's program or try to sell you anything (other than a property or a note :) though many of us can make recommendations for any seeking such advice. Please RSVP to get your spot, and if you have to cancel for any reason give the most notice you can. This group's mission is to educate the retired and retiring members of our community how to create passive "mail box" income in and before retirement. These are exciting times in Real Estate Investing, and we look forward to sharing many success stories! We will discuss how to best utilize your IRA, 401(k), savings, equity, and other resources to invest in both conservative, and non traditional investments.

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