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A worker monitors operations as bottles of Saji brand cooking oil move down the production line at the Delima Oil Products Sdn. Palm oil output in Malaysia is projected to fall by 2 million tons in 2016 due to the effects of El Nino, leading industry analyst Dorab Mistry said Monday.
Prices of the oil will jump to 3,000 ringgit ($730) a ton as supply trails demand, Mistry said, reiterating his earlier prediction. The Borneo Project supports Borneo's rainforest communities fighting to protect their lands, livelihoods, and cultures for generations to come.
After discussions with various NGOs, the palm oil company Wilmar has decided to cut deforestation from it’s practices.
Wilmar, the world’s largest palm oil trader and a long-time target of environmentalists, has signed a landmark policy that commits the company to eliminate deforestation from its supply chain. The policy has three major areas: deforestation, conversion of peatlands, and human rights.
Wilmar says it will not buy or trade palm oil that is produced at the expense of high carbon stock (HCS) forests or high conservation value (HCV) areas. An excavator creates a canal in Riau Province, Indonesia, despite the heavy smoke caused by the forest fires. On human rights, Wilmar commits to zero tolerance on palm oil linked to child labor or forced and bonded labor.

The policy also requires Wilmar to seek Free, Prior and Informed Consent (FPIC) on community lands and to resolve conflicts through a consultative process. Deforestation for oil palm plantations, 1990-2010, in Borneo, Sumatra, New Guinea, and Peninsular Malaysia.
Wilmar’s pledge comes amid a growing trend among major commodity producers who commit to eliminating deforestation from their supply chains.
Bottom up sustainable intensification of oil palm by improving quantity and quality of produce and increasing farmers livelihoods in Thailand. Siriluk Somnuek  assesses the possibilities for improving the quantity and quality of palm oil production and for advancing farmersa€™ livelihoods in Thailand through bottom up sustainable intensification.
However, we have had severe dry weather in Sabah since the second half of January and that is likely to continue until the first half of April.
Palm oil, the world’s most widely used cooking oil, is also used in chocolate, soaps, baked food and even bio fuel. Read more below to find out how the company plans on implementing this decision and the implications for the future.
This would effectively rule out conversion of old-growth forests, most secondary forests, and areas that are habitat for endangered species like orangutans, tigers, rhinos, and elephants. The near absence of land available for expanding the plantation areas forces a strategy of intensification.

It also plans to sell stakes in wooden furniture manufacturing enterprises to workers, while HAG would hold some 20 percent of stakes in the enterprises only.
That eventually led to an agreement on cattle production in the Brazilian Amazon, followed by the Nestle and GAR palm oil deals signed in 2010 and 2011.
This study will identify, based on pilot projects, which social, economic, technical and institutional factors positively affect farmersa€™ choice to invest in sustainable intensification of palm oil production and what is needed for the production system to comply to additional sustainability and equity criteria. Earlier this year Asia Pulp & Paper pledged not to source fiber from newly deforested areas. However, the group later found out that the profitability was unsatisfactory, while better opportunities have come.
These agreements are important because the majority of deforestation today is driven by industrial activities — mostly to supply food, fuel, and fiber for urban populations — rather than subsistence agriculture. In fact, the plan of HAG to quit some business fields is predictable when Duc decided to slash the sale prices of apartments, narrow the business scale and offer to sell a series of hydropower plants.
Meanwhile, Duc has poured big money into rubber, sugar projects and the huge real estate projects in Myanmar.Abandoning a lot of projects when they still can bring profit is the only resort for HAG which owes money from left and right.

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