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According to investopedia, a capital loss is the difference between the purchase price and the price at which an asset is sold.
Realized gains and losses occur when a stock investor completes a round-trip transaction: a buy and a sell. Unrealized gains and losses occur when a stock investor has already bought a stock, but has yet to sell. Most people that save for retirement invest a percentage of their paycheck each pay period.
FIrst thing I do is to load the packages tseries and zoo, which make it easier to work with financial time series data. Inside the for loop, we are using monthly prices, so we extract  end-of-month price price.m from the daily price data.
If this had been run back on September 18th at the market peak, most of the investments would have shown about 5% higher value. Download the R script to compute the gains and losses from periodic investing and run it yourself. The Ministry of Knowledge Economy (MKE) last month reported a plan to the Presidential Transition Committee to establish foreigneronly casinos in Yeongjong Island, Incheon, as well as a plan to promote a complex resort investment in the area’s free economic zone. In its plan, the MKE reported multiple ideas for invigorating the economy and creating jobs through establishing casinos in Incheon World City (IWC), the International Airport Business Center (IBC-II) and Midan City.
The company, which invested 116 billion won in advance, plans to build a casino, hotel, shopping malls and other facilities within a 2.5km2 area of IWC by 2017.

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Sheridan media - sports, Now here's sheridan media's look back in time, to 100 years ago, by reporter pat blair as published in the sheridan enterprise newspaper on june 12, 1916..
2012 phenomenon - wikipedia, free encyclopedia, The 2012 phenomenon range eschatological beliefs cataclysmic transformative events occur 21 december 2012.. Discussions about the state of the Tanzania industry took place last week in Dar es Salaam on the occasion of the 19th Africa Industrialization Day…. Many investors focus on the -5.23% off the peak and believe that they have lost money in the market. For example, if you buy a house for $150,000 and later sell it for $100,000, the investor realized a capital loss of $50,000.
We need to consider three kinds of gains and losses: realized, unrealized and hypothetical. There is one result from the round trip and it was either a realized gain or a realized loss. Suppose a worker is paid monthly, saves and invests $1,000 each month for his ultimate retirement in 2033. Choose the stock ticker symbols to look up, and then download the prices for each symbol in a for loop. Calculate a monthly continuously-compounded return series r.m using the diff() function, which computes the lagged difference.

The portfolio cumulative return is calculated by multiplying the weight vector x cumulative return matrix.
Basically, we are building vector that has the latest total return of each monthly investment. For IBC-II, Universal Entertainment plans to build a casino, hotel and other facilities in a 0.77km2 area.
But unless an investor bought the day before and sold yesterday, this is hypothetical loss. Let’s say that he began his plan in January 2003, and they diligently invested every month since then. Each investment was made at a different time when the stock market and interest rates were at different levels.
All 140 stock investments combined are worth $251,095; all 140 bond investments are worth $185,553.
Other examples of hypothetical gains and losses are the 1, 3, 5, 10-year returns reported by Morningstar or Vanguard.

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