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Germany’s benchmark equity index DAX plunged last month over fears of slow economic growth.
The Top 100 Latin American Multinational Companies for 2014 were published by America Economia earlier this year. A number of keywords come to mind when talking about the UK economy: Brexit, inflation, employment and growth. UK Unemployment rate steady at 11- year low: Unemployment in the UK remains at lows not seen since 2005.
Kiana Danial is an award-winning, internationally recognized personal investing and wealth management expert.

At a young age, she has won numerous awards including Best Financial Education Provider at Shanghai Forex Expo in 2014, New York Business Women of Influence Honoree in 2015, and Pro Bono Humanitarian Award by IA Bar Association in 2013.
Born and raised in Iran to a Jewish family as a religious minority, she was awarded a scholarship from the Japanese government to study Electrical Engineering in Japan, where she obtained two degrees in Electrical Engineering and researched on Quantum Physics in classes conducted in the Japanese language. The list was created based on two criteria: their annual sales must exceed US $250 million in 2013 and they must operate in more than one country in the region. However, as always the speculators saw the glass half empty when the February 17th numbers came out and said "well, I was expecting the unemployment to fall even further.
She is a highly sought-after professional speaker, author and executive coach who delivers inspirational workshops and seminars to corporations, universities and entrepreneurial groups.

All these firms have had at leastA US $250 million in annual sales 2013 and operates in more than one country in the region. She is a frequent expert on many TV and radio stations and has reported on the financial markets directly from the floor of NYSE and NASDAQ.

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