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On the other hand, those who think the loonie will hover or rise, should consider hedged mutual funds or ETFs.
When investors believe the sky is falling elsewhere in the world, as is happening right now in emerging markets, they run to the safe haven of the U.S. The automotive giant announced the investment, which includes financial aid from the Ontario government, last week.
About 4,300 employees assemble Civic compact cars and CR-V compact crossover utilities as well as engines at factories in the region. The Honda announcement comes just weeks after the province appeared to lose out to Mexico on a Ford engine plant investment. Ontario and Ottawa typically contribute 10 percent each to automotive projects, although in this case, Ottawa is not participating. You can park cash in a High Interest Savings Account (HISA) in a discount brokerage account by buying it just like you would purchase a mutual fund.
First a note of caution: first check with your broker that no fees of any kind are charged for buying or selling HISAs and no fees are applied for early redemptions. The savings accounts offered through discount brokers have one huge advantage over high interest savings accounts offered by online banks. The following information is presented on a best effort basis based on reader feedback, Canadian Money Forum posts and Rob Carrick’s June 1, 2014 column.
Typically, these accounts are sold without any loads or minimum holding periods or any fees of any kind but as noted earlier, always check first before buying.
If you have a large cash balance, make sure you split your savings in chunks of less than $100,000 between a number of these accounts. All these HISAs are also available as F-series funds that are only available through financial advisors. The Sleepy Mini Portfolio was launched in 2007 to demonstrate how a mechanical investment program can slowly but surely build wealth over the long term. The portfolio kicked off with an initial infusion of $1,000 with a target allocation of 20% bonds, 20% Canadian stocks, 30% US stocks and 30% International stocks. I’m going to add another $1,000 to the portfolio and rebalance it to the original target allocation using this rebalancing spreadsheet. Notice that due to strong recent returns from the US market, we are not adding new money this time around.

If you have just opened a trading account with a new discount broker or you have accounts in different places and want to consolidate, you’ll need to transfer your holdings between brokers.
Star – Canadian gold producer Alamos Gold will invest USD 1.5 billion in Turkey over a period of 10 years for mining precious metals in the country’s Aegean province of Canakkale. The company acquired the two projects, Kirazli and Agi Dagi, in 2010 and plans to start gold production in each by 2014 and 2016, respectively. Although a relative newcomer to gold mining, with production having started in 2001, Turkey is rising fast in the ranks as a producer. It has been very popular with mutual funds and exchange-traded-fund (ETF) providers since the Canadian dollar was a sad-sack 62 cents against the U.S.
The dollar is neither high nor low, but it is approaching an often-stated a€?fair valuea€? mark of 85 cents against the greenback. These HISAs typically pay much higher interest rate than money market funds and are ideal for the cash balance in your Registered Retirement Savings Plan (RRSP), Tax-Free Savings Account (TFSA) and investment accounts. Other funds are available but iTrade charges a fee of 1% (minimum of $38.88) for non-Scotia funds redeemed within 90 days.
Even if you are able to pull up a quote and place an order for a F-Series fund (such as RBF2011) in a discount brokerage account it will be rejected later. They are offered by subsidiaries and can be used to work around the $100,000 CDIC deposit insurance limit. The interest rate published in the table above already takes into account the trailer fees paid to the dealer.
29, 2012): Updated with rates and high-interest savings accounts availability at discount brokers. All you need to implement such an investment program are (1) some initial effort in mapping out an asset allocation strategy (2) a calculator to divvy up your regular contributions and (3) discipline to stick to the strategy through all kinds of market conditions. Another $1,000 was added to the portfolio every quarter since then for a total investment of $26,000 so far. In this post, I have put together a detailed checklist on what you have to do to make this process as painless as possible.
Operating under the name of Kuzey Biga Madencilik in Turkey, the company is in the advanced stages of exploration in Canakkale’s Biga peninsula and has found deposits of gold and silver worth over USD 3 billion, according to Kuzey Biga Madencilik Vice Chairman, Han Ilhan. Some predictions, notably that of San Francisco hedge-fund manager Vijai Mohan, a longtime Canadian-dollar bear, have it crashing all the way down to 70 cents.

If money is needed in the short term, ita€™s probably better to sell now, rather than betting on a continued downward swing.
Like online savings accounts like Tangerine, Investment HISAs are eligible for Canada Deposit Insurance Corporation (CDIC) insurance. A Scotia iTrade client parking $10,000 for 30 days in a TD HISA will earn $10 in interest but pay an early redemption fee of $100.
Therefore, these funds are readily available for your trades and your broker may even automatically sell all or some of your HISA to fund your trade.
TD HISAs have a minimum investment of $100 at TD Direct Investing even though the website says that the minimum is $1,000. For example, TDB8150 is currently listed as paying 1%, which is the interest you’ll earn on your deposits and is net of the trailer fee paid by TD ISA to the broker.
I have personally implemented this portfolio for our kids’ RESPs and if you want a more sophisticated portfolio you may to check out the Sleepy ETF Portfolio that adds a few more asset classes.
Long-term returns from this portfolio can be expected to be much more modest (in the low- to mid- single digits).
Last year’s output reached 29.5 tons, making the country largest producer of gold in Europe.
Honda’s investment will significantly boost the Canadian economy and will position the region for manufacturing growth in the future. If the client had instead parked her cash in the Bank of Nova Scotia HISA, there would have been no early redemption penalty.
In contrast, parking cash in an online savings account is not practical for registered accounts like RRSPs, RRIFs and TFSAs and it may take 3-4 business days to transfer money from (or to) an online bank to (or from) taxable brokerage accounts. The projects will directly or indirectly create 6,000 jobs, a significant contribution to the local economy.
These savings accounts are also a much better alternative to traditional money market accounts because they pay a much higher interest rate.

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