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Many beginning on their path to financial independence express an interest in globally diversifying their bond purchases by investing in foreign bonds. Investing in Bonds - Money 101, Lesson 7 - Money MagazineMoney's guide to investing in bonds provides top 10 things you need to know . Investing Basics - Money 101, Lesson 4 - Money MagazineLearn the basics of investing your money with these tips on how to make money in stocks, bonds and mutual .
Bond Investment StrategiesWhen considering a bond investment strategy, remember the importance of diversification. Best Stocks for 2012 - Today's Top-Rated Stocks - TheStreet RatingsWhile the risk-adjusted performance of any stock is subject to change, we believe that this fund has proven to be a good investment in the recent past. Is Investing In Bonds Safer Than Stock Investing?Before we look at the pros and cons of investing in bonds over stocks, we . Which investments are best for a tax-deferred accountWhich investments are best for tax-deferred account? The logic is simple: If you shouldn’t hold all your eggs in one stock, sector, mutual fund, bond fund, or other proverbial basket, why have everything invested in your home country and native currency?

As a general rule, it's never a good idea to put all your assets and all your risk in a . That means you should have some of all of the following: stocks, bonds, real estate funds, international .
Simply defined, currency risk is the potential for loss due to fluctuations in exchange rates between the currency you hold and the currency you will require, ultimately, to pay your bills, debts, or other cash outflows. My overall finances are in good shape, so I want to put some of this money into the stock .
Currency risk can literally turn a profit on a foreign investment into a loss or visa versa.An Illustration of Currency RiskAn investor purchased a ?1,000 par value British bond with a 4 ?% bond coupon. The loss of $200 is due to currency risk.(Note that it is possible to profit from currency risk. Currency exchange rates are moved by a number of macroeconomic factors including interest rates, unemployment data and geopolitical events, none of which can be accurately predicted with any reasonable certainty. Furthermore, professional investors and institutions can guard against currency fluctuations by engaging in certain hedging practices that can be prohibitively costly to the small individual investor.

A country may become engaged in a military conflict and prohibit its currency from leaving its borders.
After World War II, investors holding bonds issued in Great Britain were paid interest in pound sterling and forbidden to convert those pound sterling to dollars. Investing in Foreign BondsOn a final note, it is important to highlight the difference between a so-called eurobonds and foreign bonds. A eurobond is a bond issued and traded in a country other than the one in which its currency is denominated. A eurobond does not necessarily have to originate or end up in Europe, although most debt instruments of this type are issued by non-European entities to European investors.Examples of Eurobonds1.

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