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Sixteen students from the College of Business Admnistration visited top investment firms and the New York Stock Exchange in May to learn more about landing a job in investment banking.
The students had the opportunity to tour and be involved in panel discussions with employees of the New York Stock Exchange, JPMorgan Chase and Co. Erica Holland, another CoBA alum in her second year of employment with JP Morgan Chase, provided the students with helpful details on adjusting to life in a different city, guidance on moving from being a student at UTEP to an employee at JP Morgan, and advice about how to best ensure a smooth transition. At Goldman Sachs, the students spoke with three investment bankers working in different sectors – research, sales and training. The students also spoke with Erika Dunn, a Goldman Sachs recruiter, who gave them advice on networking and the best things to do when applying for a job with the company.
The last major career-related excursion for the students was a visit to the New York Stock Exchange, and for many, it was the highlight of the trip.
The company is submitting plans to develop four sites in Mountain View’s North Bayshore. With bike paths and beautiful landscaping weaved throughout, Google wants its new buildings to blend in with nature. Google promises the campus will also have retail opportunities for local businesses, like restaurants.
Microsoft and Salesforce led the most recent round of investments in Helpshift, a company that helps software companies build a chat service between their mobile app users and their customer service teams, according to TechCrunch. The latest round of investment will allow Helpshift to continue building out its mobile app chat business, which now boasts roughly 1.3 billion unique devices. Furthermore, it will help the company expand its offerings into new territories beyond its chat feature. In order to maintain their share in the market, CRM companies like Microsoft and Salesforce must ensure they're reaching consumers where they're spending their time: in apps.
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The dealers on the West Coast that import from China have large inventory of stock in a variety of colors, species and door styles. The Colors, finishes and styles vary a lot, spend a few hours in Home Depot shopping for a kitchen. If I were you, I'd surely want to see his books and learn about his business plan long before I would consider investing six figures with him.
Regardless, your friend will never be able to beat pricing in the entire market without the economies of scale huge manufacturers have at their disposal. Im not sure a domestic shop could compete with mass produced imports but this shop must have a business plan or some tangible projections that would shed some light on the rate of return.
A big part of the reason for the slump in 2007 was demographics, not the only reason but part of it. If you were in my family i would tie you down to prevent you from jumping into this investment. If you want to do it then ask him for a copy of every business deposit for the last 3 years. At the same time the US is going to have some very hard times due to an inability to pay for medicare in 2030 because of the boomers going on medicare.

Since 2008 there have been a lot of cabinet shops go out of business, I don't know how many but I would guess well into double digits. Right now it seems to me it is the guys doing big commercial because of low interest rates and guys do high end residential because of low interest rates.
The BLC says the growth rate of cabinetmakers is going to be around 8% and for carpenters it is going to be around 24%. Always be in very good communication with your customers to find out what they want and what interests them. Remember people buy stuff for their houses when they buy one so go where people are buying houses. Now I am a woodworker and not a cabinet shop so I am just talking, but I would question the tools he is talking about using.
If he is talking about production machines then one of you needs to be skilled with a computer because the biggest cost is programming (not counting the real estate to house the venture).
He sounds like the typical numbskull who has no idea why he's not making money and has decided that if he spends more of someone else's money on his non profitable operation he'll make it up in volume. He set up a panel discussion with investment bankers who are all within the first three years of employment at the company.
The panel members spoke freely with the students, answered their questions in detail, and offered their help with the students’ job searches in investment banking. The employees provided details and examples for the students about the different jobs within the field. She and other employees attributed their excitement for hiring UTEP students to the previous success of UTEP alumni who had been hired, including 2012 Top Ten Senior Diego Rico, who completed internships acquired through SEO at Goldman Sachs during his junior and senior years and ultimately received a full-time job offer when he graduated. They received a tour of the building, saw the main floor of the exchange, and spoke with senior traders who provided them with a detailed description of the day-to-day life of a trader, how they worked their way to their current positions, their successes and failures, and advice for students interested in a job in trading. These will include more analytics services based on recurring themes in chat, as well as a move into voice services, and a desktop version. Helpshifta€™s focus on the mobile chat experience, which is not offered by the two companies, does just that, according to Helpshift CEO Abinash Tripathy. I don't know anything about the industry so before I say yes I wanted to see if I could get some input from other professionals in the business. We have just in time or next day delivery in almost everything a cabinet shop would need, so building inventory of supplies makes little sense.
2-4 weeks lead time is not unusual to get even full custom made and delivered in the US, if you know where to look. That was a changing of the guard which had to occur because of so much money being made available in the housing sector while at the same time the people at the right age to buy houses was at an all time low.
The reason there are so many custom shops and not so many quick standard product shops is cost of tools. Even if neither of you do the programing someone will need a general understanding to deal with problems. Not knowing anything in regards to this industry and feeling lost each and everyone of your answers has really helped me out a lot and made things a whole lot more clear then I thought.
If he's got the profit he says he does, he should have no problem getting financing from a bank.

It's very easy to buy things, the hard part is selling, harder still is getting your money. The Best I'd do for this guy is build him a warehouse and rent it to him or he puts his current operations real estate (if he has any) in your name or you buy that from him.
They also spoke with a recruiter from Sponsors for Educational Opportunity (SEO), a program that helps underserved college students obtain internships and training that can lead to full-time jobs with global companies. The students asked questions and learned about the logistics, difficulties and successes of being a first-, second-, and third-year investment banker. And unless there is a master plan that can reasonably turn over the inventory of finished goods in a warehouse several times over each year (or better yet, several times each month), your friend is setting up what could be a disaster. Custom good in unique niches can be exceptionally profitable, but standard or lower grade cabinets are commodity priced. A custom shop is going to have a sliding table saw, joining, clamping and edge banding equipment.
If we go to a $15 minimum wage you can multiply current wages by three to see what the costs are likely to be. If he is talking about CNC work, you can get your feet wet by renting time on someone else's machine.
I will speak to my friend as I now have some knowledge and can ask better questions in regards to his request. If he doesn't get at least 2-300 grand, his idea won't work anyway, it'll die on the vine before it turns a profit.
Shaving off a week or two might be worth a small premium in price to trade buyers like contractors, builders and designers, but for direct to homeowner buyers, a week or two doesn't make that much difference. Then get his tax returns for the same years and have a business CPA evaluate what you have. We're busy now and have been for many years, but it does seem like the writing is on the wall. A normal stateside cabinet shop will have challenges fighting against this sort of product. His premise for the investment is to be different then all the shops in the area and if he is talking about the same tools he will just be throwing his hat in the ring. Here in Arizona many CNC shops are not running at full capacity and allow people like me to rent time on them so they can make the payment. He explained that he would use the investment to buy material and get a larger warehouse so he could stock up and be able to offer the customer a three to five day turn around since he would already have the cabinets in stock. He also said at this time no company offers that which is way he can guarantee the investment will be a very successful one. If these aren't strong enough warning signs, have your banker or a small business accountant look at the books and working capital before investing. I have not been to the IWF Atlanta show but if it is like the Vegas show it would be worth waiting until the end of August to decide if your friend is steering you in the right direction.

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