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From job-sponsored savings plans to your own ideas, here are a few ways you can maximize your retirement funds without adding too much risk. You can also start small and change your contribution amounts to suit your current financial situation. Annuities are a financial tool that can also help you manage your money influx and tax situation. Aside from the obvious investments, such as a savings account, consider several of the following investments as well. When you start to see your balances get larger, it can be tempting to make small withdrawals. Enter your name and email below to get INSTANT ACCESS to my free guide, How I Repaid $50,000. Gerald (Gerry) Garrett Garcia, born 16 March 1995 in Salt Lake City Utah is an American actor, writer, athlete, martial-artist and musician. Get my free ebook on how I paid off a $50K debt in less than 2 months.cNo matter what occupation you choose, the ultimate goal is to find a job that you love that also provides you with a means of supporting your lifestyle and impending retirement in the future. To truly gain an advantage in your retirement account, make sure to sign up for these programs if. The best way to make your money work for you is to find a way to reduce your taxes on your retirement accounts. You may ask yourself, “How do different types of annuities work?” Do some research and remember that an annuity calculator can help you see how much you can benefit or earn from the proper annuity. To truly safeguard yourself against the ups and downs of the marketplace, you must place your money in several different investments. These include certificates of deposit, bonds, stocks, mutual funds, treasury bills, and other investments. However, it is imperative that you know the damage that even small withdrawals can cause to your savings. If you own your home you’ll want to have it completely paid for by the time you retire. Please contact an independent financial professional for advice regarding your specific situation.
However, it can sometimes be difficult to pinpoint exactly how much money you need to put away and what you should invest in to reach that goal. In particular, the 401(K) plan is a savings account that is typically matched by your employer. The reason for this, without getting into the time value of money too much, is that compound interest will take effect on your savings and give them more time to grow.
Also, you may need to have liquid assets in case you need quick cash for a purchase or an emergency. Utilizing compound interest principles, a $5,000 withdrawal can end up costing you almost $100,000 over a 35 year period if the interest rate is at 8 percent.
Once you’ve determined this, it then becomes important to maximize your return on these funds.

Try mixing your tax-deferred accounts, such as a 401(K) or traditional IRA, with tax-free accounts such as a Roth IRA. If you manage it correctly, you can avoid taxes draining all of your money and leave more for yourself.
By doing this, you can be set for life’s little bumps in the road and maximize your savings at the same time.
So rather than buying the latest gadgets with your retirement savings, use your expendable income to make those purchases. With just a bit of discipline and a little bit of reading and educating yourself, you can ensure that you won’t have a problem in the future.
The tax-deferred accounts will accumulate money at a faster rate than other accounts because it doesn’t have the burden of taxes.
They trained under big names such as Fumio Demura, Yoshi Yamazaki, Hirokazu Kanazawa, and Osamu Ozawa.
As soon as he started running at 8 months of age, his parents quickly saw his athletic potential and introduced him to soccer and martial arts. By age three, he was showing great promise and he began training karate-do, iaido (drawing a live sword), kendo (sword fencing), and aikido with his parents. At this age, he went to the piano one day and plunked out "twinkle little star" and "Mary had a little lamb" without prior lessons. His parents recognized his many talents at an early age and quickly decided to invest in piano lessons for him despite their unfortunate financial situation due to a special needs sister. Two years before Gerry's birth, his mother was prescribed a harsh medication that damaged his sister Ariel, mentally, before her birth. When the doctors said she only had 24 hours to live, all that was left for them to do was to ask their family and friends to pray for her. His parents did whatever they could to keep her alive which made it difficult for them financially.
With his sister's past and present medical bills, and moving from their custom built house, the family has struggled to make ends meet but still found the money to invest in the betterment of their children. The family believes that it is because of the power of prayer, that Ariel is still alive today. Gerry began his competitive soccer career in 2000 with local recreation teams at the age of five and at the age of seven he became a prospect for Utah's most prestigious teams, Sparta United in Sandy, Utah. He has won several golden boot and MVP awards in his years as a striker and was a proud member of the ODP (Olympic Development Program) team. He has trained internationally with teams such as Real Madrid (Spain), Leeds United and Parsley F.C. Another notable fact about his soccer career was him being clocked at running at an incredible speed of 20 mph at the age of only 14. Shortly after his freshman soccer season, he endured a horrific back injury that almost left him paralyzed.
At that moment I had a sigh of relief but I was still in excruciating pain." Because of this injury, he had to rehab for almost a year without running, juggling or any activity whatsoever.

Surgery for his back was an option, but was highly discouraged by his family and the doctors because of how close to nerve endings in which the injury resided. Despite this almost life-changing obstacle, he recovered miraculously and was able to finish his high school career. He decided, instead of risking his health he would give up playing the game he loved competitively but continue to pursue acting and music, despite being scouted by professional soccer teams in both Spain and England.
During a music class in elementary school, his music teacher, Vikki Maronick asked him to play a song for the class. When he went to the electric keyboard, he noticed the key he played wasn't playing the note it should have. Gerry at the time had no idea how rare this ability is, but his teacher was astounded that she finally had a student with such genius and talent.
He began playing the piano for school church services in third grade and he would play concerts on a weekly basis at a retirement home named St. The events coordinator began paying young Gerry but he was later laid off and the new events coordinator director asked him to stop coming back and playing.
One of his first notable achievements was winning the Chopin Joy Robin competition, held at Juan Diego Catholic High School in 2003. In sixth grade, his school was putting on a production called "The Pirates of Penzance," which was to be directed by the music teacher's brother, Douglas Nagel, who is a renown opera singer for the San Jose Opera.
When it came closer to auditions, his music teacher noticed that he hadn't signed up for them yet. Furiously, she sought out his mother who was waiting to pick him up after school and inquired as to why he hadn't signed up to audition. When Gerry met both of them outside by his mother's car, he got an earful from both of them.
Finally, he decided he would audition anyways after being bribed by his mother, which eventually lead to him landing the lead role as Fredric.
This was a turning point in Gerry's drama and music career because this was his first theatre production because his school had little funding for the arts up until that year. Nagel and the rest of the cast and he said "they were moments that I will never forget and I'm glad I did it." As he got older, he was winning more and more piano competitions and festivals. However, when high school came around, it became more difficult to balance between acting, music and soccer.
To prove people wrong, he competed in the UHSAA State Solo and Ensemble Competition in 2013.
During this competition he scored straight superiors in every round by playing the first movement of Ludwig Von Beethoven's Pathetique Sonate. He is currently writing screenplays and he is collaborating with various producers and actors about his upcoming project.

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