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On the one hand, silver is deflated to 7% and year so far accumulated a total collapse of 30%, gloomy figures for this metal and assume that the beach is the most precious metal drops. As for gold, now in its eighth consecutive day of falls, which means it reaches its worst run since 2009. The bears have detected the reef in these precious metals and the number of short positions on gold increases and already reached record levels since the start of the series in 2006. Copyright © 2012 Walter Finance and Investment, All trademarks are the property of the respective trademark owners. When you invest directly, you have made a decision to buy into specific companies that are listed on the exchange.  You will either use professional advice or have done your own evaluation as to why you would like to invest in these companies.
As I said earlier, as an investor you have still made a decision to invest in the stock market. In Portugal, where they also use euros, the property market likewise remains down in the dumps, just beginning to show signs of recovery from its real estate crisis of the last seven years. Those two factors—a weak euro and a down-and-out property market—mean that ocean-side condos along Portugal’s coast can be a screaming bargain. With US$200,000, you could buy a two-bedroom apartment of 900 to 1,000 square feet in Portugal’s Algarve region, within walking distance of the beach and close to a golf course.
While the euro has gained a bit on the Greenback recently, pundits continue to call for euro-dollar parity perhaps before year-end. Second, I never recommend trying to time currency movements when planning a real estate purchase. When you identify a market of interest, you want to position yourself in that market so you can be ready to take action when a property that fits your needs presents itself… regardless (well, within parameters) of where exchange rates stand at that moment. Whether you’re looking for a vacation home or thinking about a permanent move overseas, in retirement or earlier on, with a business or a family, this country has an awful lot to offer, especially along its southern coast.

In Spain, the transfer tax starts at a flat 7% and can go up to 10% in some of the autonomous areas.
One final advantage of buying property in the Algarve is the large English-speaking infrastructure thanks to centuries of connections between Portugal and Britain.
We’ll have our preferred resources on hand when we convene in the Algarve in July for our Live and Invest in Portugal Conference.
Live and Invest Overseas is the world's savviest source for top opportunities to live better, retire in style, invest for profit, do business, and own real estate overseas. What is the difference (or similarity) between investing in stocks or investing in an Equity Fund?
Remember at the end of the day it is a business so you have to understand what will make that specific business work, continue making profits etc. It uses the same principle of pooling resources like investment groups do.  An Equity fund is managed by professional investment managers who oversee the day- to- day decision making. And the important point to keep front and center in your thinking is that prices in this charming, sunny region may never again in our lifetimes be as attractive in U.S. You’ll have no trouble finding English-speaking real estate agents, bankers, attorneys, and other service providers. These short positions go hand falls in the price of gold has fallen from $ 1,340 an ounce, which means that it has reached its lowest levels in a month.
You will only consider either of these options if you have already made a decision to invest in shares, also known as equities.
Depending on the amount of money you are investing, you will be allocated a certain number of shares in your personal name.  To invest you have to open a share trading account known as a CDS account (Central Depository System Account). It has pooled (or collected) funds from various investors and then those funds are invested in the Stock Market.

Remember either way investing in the stock market is not for money you need in the short term.  You must be prepared to ride out the volatility that is characteristic of the stock market. With property prices still trying to recover in many parts of Europe, particularly in Portugal, the time to buy is now. This means you have evaluated the risks and rewards of the stock market and with that knowledge, have made a decision to invest.
Contrary to popular belief, the equity fund itself is not the investment.  It is simply a vehicle that investors can choose to use to invest in the stock market. From that price point, the Portuguese impose transfer tax at a rate of 2% of the value over the 92,407-euro base up to 8% for values between 287,213 and 574,323 euros.
The stock market (or Nairobi Securities Exchange as we call it) gives you a platform to become an owner in a variety of businesses. You can invest in the banking industry, telecommunications industry, insurance industry, manufacturing industry etc. Your gains or losses are limited to the companies you chose to invest in.  The most important thing to remember with directly investing in the stock market is that you are the decision maker. The number of companies you are investing in is of course your decision and may be limited by the funds at your disposal. Your job is to select the fund manager, understand their approach to investing and decide to trust them with your money.

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