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The Swiss Franc Side: In Switzerland, the SNB (Swiss National Bank) has said that negative interest rates are working but that Mr. The US Dollar Side: US rate rises are looking less likely in 2015, as hopes start to fade that the economic data will bounce back in the second half of the year. The Federal reserve kept interest rates unchanged on Wednesday and on the news the USD dropped against most major forex counterparts. UK CPI came in worse than expected but unchanged from last month on Tuesday, while US economic data including retail sales and import prices came in green.
The weather at the beginning of the year and the West Coast port workers strikes have left the country well below expectations on where it should be by now, with the concern that there isn't going to be the momentum to get back to where they wanted to be as quickly. However the US dollar paused to consolidate before reaching our bearish target of 0.9044 at 61% Fibonacci level.
Some people look at it as if it is a very safe and high yield investment because some foreign currency denominated account gives more than 7% interest per annum.In order to post a thorough research for you, I fired some emails to most of the banks in Malaysia. The central bank seems to remains comfortable maintaining this monetary policy for as long as necessary but may have to reconsider their approach to the FX market if they are to keep the Swiss Franc from getting stronger on the forex dance floor. A move by the Fed in June is almost completely priced out of possibility in the futures market and the likelihood of a September hike is also diminishing, according to the same measure.
I'm back from Forex Day Madrid and ready to give you the latest tips on Brexit GBP USD trading strategies.

They have been active in the FX market since removing the currency ceiling in January, but would understandably be reluctant to go back to a ceiling after the fallout of lifting it last time. Amie Heryanie from Internet Service Support replied my email enquiry within 2 working days.
If after reading this report, and you had made up your mind to open a FCA, please consider Citibank as your first choice.What is a foreign currency account?
How it works?Foreign currency account is an account maintained in a bank in another currency than the currency of the country in which the bank is located.
Hedge against exchange rate fluctuations Foreign currency accounts can be a good option for importers and exporters. If you open an account in the currency in which you make the bulk of your transactions you can hedge against exchange rate changes by keeping money in the account until the rate is beneficial to you.2. For non-resident employed in Malaysia to retain foreign currency salary received from overseas.5.
Market Disruptions From time to time, significant events can occur that disrupt the normal operations of financial markets. Such events may reduce the liquidity of a currency or of the foreign exchange markets generally. Market Risk Market risk is the risk that prices including exchange rates and foreign currency interest rates will move adversely.

There is a risk that exchange rates and foreign currency interest rates will change, possibly suddenly and substantially, causing you to incur a significant actual loss as a result of your investment3.
Currency Risk Currency risk is the risk that because of adverse exchange rate movements the value in Ringgit of your FCA may fall. Should you hold an offsetting position in the foreign exchange markets or in a commitment to spend this currency then your loss maybe offset in part or in full by the offsetting position.4. Interest Rate Risk The foreign currency interest rate that you receive on your FCA is determined by the Bank by reference to a variable foreign currency interest rate in the currency of your holdings. Consequently, you may experience a reduction in your interest income should interest rates for that foreign currency fall.There is no interest rate risk if you are investing using Time Deposit Account with fixed tenure. I am working in China, there is a certain amount of money that I need to transfer home every month but I do have some savings in China. As you know, all Chinese yuan need to be converted before getting out of China except for RMB 20,000 cash which everyone is allowed to bring out of China when travel out.
To actually gain something from FCA, I would have to pay attention to exchange rates in order to gain currency difference, yes?

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