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Investment Company Knight Knox International and Fortis Developments have revealed a joint venture proposal to redevelop a building which was previously a College, into 39 luxury apartments, aimed at City Professionals.
East Point, a proposed 4 storey building, which is estimated to cost ?2.4m, is the fourteenth project that the two organisations have worked on in partnership.
Leeds property auctions at Auction House, Leeds held a Leeds property auction on the 3rd September. Lot 9, Recreation Place, Leeds, Holbeck, LS11 a two bedroom back to back property with a potential rent of ?6344pa sold for ?43,000. Lot 9a, Low Lane, Horsforth, Leeds,LS18 a 2 bedroom flat with a potential rent of ?6,000pa sold for ?70,000. Lot 17, Tempest Road, Beeston, Leeds, LS11, there is something strange going on with this property. Lot 18, 33 Gledhow Wood Avenue, Leeds, LS8, large family residence in an affluent area of Leeds.
Lot 203 The Former Halton Wine Store, 21-23 Chapel Street, Halton, Leeds, West Yorkshire, LS15 7RN. Semi-Detached Building Arranged As Three Self-Contained Apartment Garden Parking Space Assured Shorthold Tenancy.
Semi-Detached Building Arranged As Three Self-Contained Flat One Vacant Two Assured Shorthold Tenancy Garden Parking Space ?7,440 ?135,000 Plus. Lot 229 New York Studios, New York Road, Leeds, West Yorkshire, LS9 7DW Building Arranged As 9 Flat Let & 6 Room(s) Let ?64,949.
Lot 232 7 Woodview Terrace, Leeds, West Yorkshire, LS11 6LF, Terrace House Three Floor Three Room(s) Assured Shorthold Tenancy ?5,200 with a of ?35,000 to ?45,000 this house sold for ?51,000. Lot 244 46 Linden Avenue, Leeds, West Yorkshire, LS11 6HB, Terrace House Arranged As HMO 4 Bedroom & Self-Contained Basement Flat Assured Shorthold Tenancy. Lot 252 36 Nowell Place, Leeds, West Yorkshire, LS9 6HT, Terrace House Three Floor Arranged As HMO 4 Bedroom & Basement Self-Contained Flat Tenanted with ?15,000 per annum in rent being received.
City Architects have created a ?1 billion archetype which if comes to fruition, will reshape Leeds South Bank over the next 100 years. The One Leeds proposal will consist of a cutting edge World Trade Centre exhibition and conference centre, to include approximately 1,000 apartments, 1million sq ft of office space, 3,000 car parking spaces, hotels, cafes, restaurants and shops.
The complex is earmarked to go ahead on a site once owned by the Tetley Brewery, and now the home of the renowned Tetley Contemporary Art Gallery.
The Developer, who are One Leeds PLC, have been discussing their South Bank plan with city council executives since April 2013, they report to have had “meaningful negotiations” with a primary landowner in the area. Money would be needed from UK and overseas investors, the estimated cost to construct and operate the development is in the region of ?800m.
One Leeds PLC plans to link the development with the Leeds Trolleybus scheme (New Generation Transport), which will have a station adjacent on its link from Stourton in the south of the city to Holt Park in the North. It was announced earlier this year, that Leeds City Council had appointed developer Arup and Gehl Architects to deliver a plan to redevelop the South Bank.
If you are thinking of investing in Leeds property it is very important to understand if a deal is a good one or not.
There are a number of KPI’s (Key performance indicators) used to determine what percentage of return you will likely to achieve each year. You buy the house for ?100,000 with a ?25,000 cash deposit with the other ?75,000 supplied by a buy to let interest only mortgage lender at 4%pa.
Let’s assume that you have spent a further ?5,000 on purchasing costs and repairs to bring the property up to a rentable standard.
To work out the yield on this property you add the ?100,000 purchase price to the purchasing and repair costs which equals ?105,000. You then multiply the rental income ?700 per month by 12 months to give you the rental income for the year. Most investors and investment companies will use this calculation to give you an idea on what returns you are likely to achieve but it’s not the only KPI which is available. To break the figures down further and determine what the true NET yield is simply complete the calculations as above however deduct the following costs from the rental income that you receive throughout the year.
Say the costs above work out to be circa ?450 per month your monthly cashflow would be ?250 per month or ?3,000 per annum. The other advantage of buying investment property in Leeds is prices normally increase over time, subject to market conditions. It is essential to inspect and make sure the central heating boiler is safe and certificated. The boiler is located in the small bedroom which is not ideal but it will be too costly to move.
Downstairs the hallway will be re-decorated with a new door fitted to the kitchen and an additional doorway created so you can access the lounge directly from the hallway instead of going through the kitchen. The bedrooms require re-decorating and smartening up and in the hallway it was agreed to skim the walls to smooth them out which will result in a better finish. The bathroom suite, although slightly dated is usable and as the property is to be used as a rental property we felt there was no need to take it out and replace it with a new one.
Once I have sourced a property for my clients I have to inspect the property to see what condition the property is in and what refurbishment is needed to bring it up to a standard so it can be rented out. It is important to understand that it is my job to undertake the work professionally and at the best possible price for my client. This 3 bedroom semi detached property in Morley, Leeds is going to rented out to a family so we want to make sure the quality of the finish of the property is done to a good and safe standard.
Over the next few weeks I will post you images of the refurbishment as we go through the process….
A site at the junction of Regent Street and Skinner Lane in Mabgate has been earmarked for a 4,000 sq m retail and gym development. The site formerly used for a Car Showroom, has stood empty since 2008 in its prominent position on one of the main routes into Leeds Centre.

The Plans have been opposed by Leeds Civic Trust Heritage Watchdog, and other Retailers including Morrison’s Supermarkets.
Interesting question this, should you invest in a Leeds leasehold flat or would a freehold house in Leeds be a better investment?
A freehold building is owned directly by the owner whose name is registered against the property at the land registry. The reason that leasehold agreements are set up is that the property are normally found within blocks of flats, converted houses and above commercial retail premises. So this brings me on to whether you should buy a leasehold investment property in Leeds or should you buy a freehold house investment in Leeds? For example a 1 bed flat in the Gateway development near Crown Point, Leeds costs to buy circa ?105,000.
If you decide to buy a freehold family home in a nice residential area of Leeds then you will not encounter these services and ground rent charges.
For example a 3 bedroom semi detached house costs to buy ?85,000 with a rental income of ?650 per calendar month.
As you see the gross yield amount on this freehold property is a lot higher than the leasehold example.
Having said all this, whichever type of property you choose over the long term subject to market conditions additional money can be achieved through capital appreciation. Chinese Businessman Charlie Qian has purchased 20:20 House, a block of Apartments on Skinner Lane. The Apartment Block which was previously owned by the former Director of Leeds United, Tycoon Simon Morris, was sold for an eight figure sum.
About AndyI’m an experienced Leeds-based property buyer and investor – and, over the years, I’ve built up a substantial investment portfolio both for myself and for my clients.
Located on West 14th near Sasamat in the location-location location-driven Point Grey neighbourhood, the house had a sale price that reflects a new upper range for land value. Only two blocks away, a brand new four-bedroom, six-bathroom home perched on a slightly smaller lot is currently listed for $4.3 million.
Buy anything you like at Amazon and use our link to enter Amazon and we will get some commission.
This flat is located in Horsforth which is very popular with professional tenants always on the lookout for this type of property. This terrace property in a good location of Leeds had been on the market for a while but did not sell. I had a look around this property the other day and I found it has huge development potential.
A three bedroom semi detached house in a good area of Leeds which needs a bit of tender loving care – refurbishment! Three bedroom back to back house with a rent potential of ?7,800 sold for ?55,000 – yield 14%!!!! Ex local council house which required a full refurbishment sold for ?60,000 at Leeds property auctions. Corner Retail Premises Residential Upper Part 4 Bedroom Workshop Yards Parking Space Vacant. I was aware that the owner or this property had trouble renting the office space as it had been on the market for some time. Interesting lot this one, the property is located in a good area of Leeds and has potential for an extension or a new build of further flats at the rear.
City Centre top floor studio flat, in fact its is a stones throw from the train station so the positioning is fantastic. The scheme is likely to incorporate two City Council aspirations that were set out in The South Bank Planning Statement 2011, to create a city centre park and an urban eco-settlement. Their plans, due to be presented by the end of this year, are intended to incorporate the proposed HS2 rail line and transport interchanges with the trolleybus and buses, to include pedestrian and cycle access.
This means that if this investor buys 12 properties for ?105,000 now in 5 years time they may be worth ?150,000.
We have decided to leave it in the small room but build a air vented cupboard around it so the controls can be hidden. There are some minor repairs to do in the bathroom however with a re-paint and good old fashioned clean the bathroom will come up looking like new. I always look to see if materials or fixtures can be re-used instead of buying new ones as sometimes simply applying some paint or making a repair would make the fixture look like new. Before you decide you must take into consideration that a yearly service charge of ?1061 is payable along with ground rent of ?250. As there are no additional charges with a freehold property a yield of 9.17% is achievable. He writes far into early mornings, after his wearying hours of scrubbing toilets and sweeping floors.
Leeds City Council are spending money to regenerate this area which means the existing stock of properties should be more desirable. Horsforth train station is in walking distance to this flat with trains into Leeds taking only 12 minutes. I noticed a month back that in fact it had been sold through another auction to a undisclosed buyer. At the back there is a large garden with plenty of room for an extension or you could build garages at the back.
Elapsed planning permission to build six flats, four x two bed flats and two x one bed flats. Rental income of ?122 per week (14% yield) is achievable as a two bedroom property however if you could add another bedroom the rent and yield would increase.
Probably needs a lick of paint and an odd repair here and there but other than that a good buy.

Good rental income possible – ?150-?170 per week if you get the right type of tenant. The guide price was set at ?190,000 and eventually sold for ?290,000 with a ?21,000pa rental income. This house a corner terrace has three bedrooms so if you could find a DSS tenant you can potentially achieve a rent of ?150 per WEEK. I have nothing against fish and chip shops but the smell of frying everyday would annoy me. The electric wiring turned out to be fine however there was some remedial work to do and a number of light fittings to be replaced.
The freeholder will be ultimately responsible for all the bills associated with the property too. Timescales differ but most leasehold agreements are initially set up from anywhere between 99 and 125 years.
However this flat is located above a fish and chip shop so you will always get a whiff of fried fish. It appears that this buyer purchased the property for around ?65,000 and is looking to flip it to make a profit.
The flat is a freehold and not a leasehold so some issues with maintenance and communal areas may arise. Watch out when buying around this area as the council are operating an additional landlord licensing scheme – another tax in other words!!
I haven’t been inside but from the outside it looks quite small so I wonder what sizes the bed sits are. The property is conveniently located close to Leeds City Centre but one thing to bare in mind is when you open the curtains each day you will have a nice view of the busy A64 carriage way!! There is a huge chimney extraction at the back near the entrance for the flat which would make any visitor think twice about entering it. While the point where the two aircraft touched down was not specified, it was believed to be somewhere on the Islamabad-Lahore motorway or that linking the capital with Peshawar. I would assume a cash buyer at Leeds property auctions would have bought this flat because of its freehold status.
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